Propose a New Idea, Solution or Opportunity

You’re a valued part of our group intellect—one of the most powerful resources for creative thinking. Whether you’re an engaged AM360 listener, CWSC Volunteer or just visiting our wesbite, thank you for taking the time to share an idea with us.

SoundIdeaWe receive many suggestions. While we can’t guarantee your idea may develop into a new program or project, we promise to review your suggestion and compare it with our programming needs, current workload, intended impact and overall merits of the idea. If we don’t accept the idea, it doesn’t mean your idea lacks merit.

Many variables go into assessing a new idea for CWSC including how well it complements the CWSC mission and vision or helps address a deficiency or adds something not in our present program offerings. The degree to which you can be involved in bringing your idea to reality and working with others to “make it happen” or the ability to generate sufficient interest among others can also impact the adoption of an idea.

Your idea even if not studied and implemented immediately, may be taken up in the future. And because you might be the one blessed to think of an idea no one else has thought of, and tomorrow is not promised, by having the CWSC Think Tank along with its Clearing House, we’re now able to capture gems from the group intellect that might otherwise be lost. We ask you to also take the What If Challenge for your idea and project it into the present and future as if your idea was already off the ground and working. The Challenge is a great method for helping others understand what is inside your mind.

We’re always appreciative of your feedback including sharing new ideas, kudos and criticisms for improvement.

Be sure to read the mission and vision for CWSC, then complete the form below. If you have multiple ideas you want to suggest, then submit one idea per form submission and then return to this form to submit the next idea. We need detailed information to make good decisions. Think through your proposal carefully. The form below is designed to help you communicate your proposal as thoroughly as possible to help us figure out how what’s inside your “synapses.” Give as much information as you have available. We should have a response for you within three weeks or less.

Finally even if CWSC is unable to immediately take up the idea due to operating tempo and limited resources, if you’re very committed to working on your idea and still willing to get started, there is the option of networking with others via the MCNRD yourself. CWSC maintains a database of volunteers around the nation who may have the interest and availability to work directly with you on your idea. You must be registered in the MCNRD to access its services. Once you’ve researched and developed your idea to the written proposal stage, then consider contacting CWSC to share your researched proposal.

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Thank you for your proposal…Together we can remake the world.