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“…So establish regular Prayer, give regular Charity, and hold fast to Allah! He is your Protector – the Best to protect and the Best to help!” —Al-Qur’an, Suratul Hajj, 78

“Think for surely thinking profits the thinker….G-d did not create anything more valuable than intellect.”
—Prophet Muhammed (s)

“G-d made Prophet Muhammed (s) as a light to all the world and in him is the excellent model. As believers, we are supposed to be witnesses with our behavior…the Prophet is not here in one body, but in one billion minds and each of us should have the Prophet in our hearts.”—Imam W. Deen Mohammed (ra)

Getting one’s arms around chronic social, economic, and other problems affecting our families and institutions, and the broader communities we serve is no easy task. There is strength in numbers, especially intellectual strength to face challenges too complex for one person or institution to tackle alone.  


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While an intelligentsia brings us closer with concern and empathy for our families and communities, to apply solutions we must go beyond feeling, to the technical and practical demands of nurturing one’s community—and that requires the power of thinking, and more importantly the power of the group thinking and then the power of work.

Writers, bloggers, published authors, researchers, or statisticians, your skills will be especially needed to help translate the group intellect’s thinking into documents that help inspire change.  Moreover if we want Qur’anic-based problem solving, then we must use our intellectual synergy and leverage our ability to apply the best solutions.

When we come together as an intelligentsia, we’re not just looking for answers; we’re looking for the right answers. Our greatest help always comes from Allah (SWT). We don’t know what portion of His Grace comes to us by way of the group intellect.


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Our greatest help always comes from Allah (SWT). We don’t know what portion of His Grace comes to us by way of the group intellect. Yet if every good act is one of worship, then thinking in a group with faith for the benefit of the community must bring greater reward than thinking alone.

It is important to note too that a think tank doesn’t just solve problems; it’s work can can lead to discovery of untapped opportunities, especially economic opportunities that are urgently needed to help fund the model communities vision.

The CWSC Think Tank serve as an intellectual clearing house researching ideas to improve any aspect of community life. No single institution has the human resources or capital to effectively take on this challenge, yet together we can remake the world. Through CWSC, you’re offered a unique opportunity to bring an idea forward and tap into the group intellect for assistance in getting to the most excellent design, process and implementation. Even if you don’t have the timeor perhaps the skills personally to lead your idea, still submit it. You can find others to network with through the  Model Communities National Resource Directory (MCNRD).

CWSC Publications.

CWSC Document to Comission on the Status of Women U.N. DocumentFeb. 2016, International Resolution on Global Drug Policy & Criminal Justice Reform, United Nations

CWSC Document to Comission on the Status of Women U.N. DocumentMarch 2017, International Statement to Commission on the Status of Women,  United Nations

CWSC Document to Comission on the Status of Women U.N. DocumentComing soon…National White Paper: Focus on Senior Services & Support Guide


See The Position and Significance of Thinking in Islamic Doctrines by M. R. Gowransarab and E. Khademi (Journal of Social Issues & Humanities)


  • ASA, very informative website. [moderated]

  • ASA. continuity is very important to have our thoughts not be like water on rocks. Our best asset within us is our example exemplified through who or what we are influencing to speak to our intent. lovingly committed to working as this is a 24hour human developmental process

  • Michael D. Hameen

    EsSalaamu alaykum Aisha Nasir. My prayers for you & your leading a vital component in the progress of our group intellect. I offer my services in assisting you & your team in this effort. Encouraged & excited by the AM360, National Speakers Bureau, National Think Tank Leadership Teams. I pray Allah Reward us with a near Victory. Ameen.

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