Help CWSC increase its capacity to help our communities.

You’re invited to help us organize the intellectual resources to make our model community vision all over America a reality. Together, we can leverage the power of the group intellect to solve problems and discover new opportunities to improve our total community life.  As early technology adopters with fresh ideas, you are a critical component in the national resources directory.

Help build a national intelligentsia upon the principles of Amruhum Shuraa Baynahum or faith-based mutual and respectful consultation. Every person has his or her contribution to make in building model communities. And you’re not too young. Make your contribution today.If you’re age 18* or over, CWSC is creating unprecedented opportunities for youth leaders to help build model communities.

•  Take on responsibility at the national level of our community life
•  Build your leadership skills.
•  Apply for CWSC Scholarships.
•  Ask about CWSC Internships.
•  Help your community prepare for succession of leadership.

Together we can remake the world!

Click here to begin sharing your knowledge, skills, training and experience. Let’s build our Community!

* If under age 18, but at least age 15-17, you must have parental consent to register or volunteer.

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