Set up a Scholarship in Your Pioneer’s Name!

Muslim American Pioneer Scholarships!

MAPS – Preserving pioneer histories through college scholarships…

Introducing a powerful family and community legacy program that preserves our history and secures our future through higher education financial aid.

The Community Wide Shuraa Conference announces the Muslim American Pioneers Scholarship (MAPS) & History Preservation Program…connecting a powerful leadership and community service legacy with our future!

Scholarships can have a tremendous impact on the future of our students. Without scholarships, many deserving students would simply be unable to go to college or complete their education and that hurts us. We can make a difference.

CWSC now offers families of Muslim American pioneers a college scholarship administration service to preserve our American Muslim pioneers’ history in perpetuity through a scholarship named in a pioneer’s honor that shares their history.

CWSC’s MAPS Program combines higher education and financial aid with the preservation of personal stories in American history that are being quickly lost through the passage of time and lack of greater personal access to cultural preservation projects. Now CWSC makes it easy to:

  • Set up an annual Scholarship in your American Muslim pioneer’s name.
  • Write & publish a pioneer’s history as part of the scholarship award information.
  • Establish the needs or merit based criteria.
  • Promote nationally for maximum tax deductible contributions to complement family funding.
  • Preserve the history of Al-Islam in America and share with the broader American public.
  • Inspire pursuit of higher education with a civic and community service connection.
  • Assist more of our students pursuing a higher education with faith-based financial aid from a potentially broader contribution base.

We help you every step of the way from naming the scholarship to selecting the award category and criteria to accounting, promotion, application and selection to remittance of proceeds to a recipient.

The award’s category is up to you and could include scholarships for academics, athletics, civics & community service, culture & arts, to awards for specific subjects like Arabiyyah, Qur’anic studies, Islamic history, science, math, communications, business, etc. Or maybe your family’s pioneer is or was known for her character, a special talent or contribution to their community’s school, masjid, or general civic life.

Imagine scholarships established in honor of those who helped build a home for Islam in America (illustrative purposes only):

The Salimah Hadiyah Shabazz Scholastic Excellence Award…Award Level: $500

The Earl A. Mahmoud Science & Mathematics Scholarship …Award Level: $2,500

The Kenneth E. Luqman Academic & Athlete  Scholarship Award…Award Level: $5000

The Imam Hassan Muhammad Interfaith Excellence Scholarship…Award Level: $1,000

We’re already a national scholarship administrator for the Words Make People (WMP) Leadership & Community Service Scholarship established in honor  of Imam Dr. W. Deen Mohammed (ra).

Our scholarship administrators have years of experience in higher education, scholarship administration and community service.  Scholarships in the MAPS History Preservation Program come in all shapes and sizes beginning at a minimum award funding level of just $500. Let us help you preserve a powerful history today and connect our past excellence with our future educational achievement. Gift your loved one a powerful legacy and Insha Allah sadaqa jariyah!

MAPS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

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