Power of the Pen

“The ink of the scholar is more valuable than the blood of a martyr.”―Prophet Muhammed (S)

Welcome to the CWSC Bookshelf!

Here you will find the scholarly, historical, self-help or popular literature authored by CWSC team members and consultant volunteers. The history and evolution of Al-Islam in America are central themes of many of the works featured as authors passionately seek to preserve a comprehensive historical record rarely captured by main stream press or publishing houses.

Although the body of literature is growing and being penned now by more third and fourth generation American Muslims coming of age with their own experiences and immersed in the stories of their parents and grandparents experiences, there remains an urgent need for American Muslims to tell their own story about their community and its pioneers, freedom fighters, patriots and martyrs who sacrificed much to help establish Islam as a mainstream religion in America, while battling in many cases, the historical evils of racial prejudice and discrimination.

When the story of a people falls outside the “mainstream” the popular view shaped by outsiders, no matter how sincere can form a caricature rather than a true portrait of the times and the people. Join CWSC in recognizing and celebrating our consultant volunteers helping to remake the world, while taking on the urgent task to preserve the historical record and are now helping to shape the future for Al-Islam in America and the world.

If the title is available through our CWSC Store or through our sponsoring partners, we will make every effort to include the title here. When you purchase featured titles through our online store or through our partners, CWSC increases its operating revenues and capacity to carry on the work of remaking the world. Thank you.

The CWSC Bookshelf

If you have registered as a volunteer consultant with CWSC, and you have published a title in print, we want to showcase your work. If your title is out of print and you’re interested in publishing it in an electronic format, then we will try to assist you in working with your publisher to include the title here and to sell it through the CWSC Store.  Click here to submit your work for display on the CWSC Bookshelf.





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