We’re blessed to have a committed and hardworking team of leaders with significant training and experience in both nonprofit and for-profit environments. Whether in governance or administration, each member brings a wealth of talent to help us continuously improve CWSC’s operations, strategic planning and development and that means better support for our focus teams and improved delivery of services to our entire community. We’re looking for committed, resourceful leaders and managers to join us. 

Email with your interest and resume.


Mukhtar Muhammad (FL)
Executive Director

Imam Abdul Azeez (NY)
Director, CWSC Ambassador Programs

Mark Shahid (MO)
Director, Public Relations

Martha Nailah Williams (FL)
Corporate Secretary


Dr. Aisha Kareem (CA)
Chief Executive Officer, American Muslim 360

Depretha Hadee (MI)
Director, MCNRD

Imam Amin Nathari (FL)
Director, National Speakers Bureau

Qur’an Shakir (GA)
Director, Scholarship Programs

Shakira Abdul-Ali, MSOD (NJ)
Executive Assistant to the Director of CWSC

Dr. Ameena Ali (GA)
Special Advisor to CWSC Director

Imam Adam Beyah (NC)
Accounting Department

Dharr S. Dihaan (NY)
Special Advisor to CWSC Director

Dr. Joyce E. King (GA)
Special Advisor International Relations

Dr. Khalil Marcus Lambert (NY)
Special Advisor to the Office of Executive Director

Ni’mat Shaheed (CA)
Special Advisor to the Office of Executive Director

Dr. Maryam Suluki (CA)
Special Advisor to the Office of Executive Director


American Muslim 360 Strategic Planning

Henry Haseeb (AL)

Grants & Philanthropy
Amani Ali (CA)

Dr. Zakiyyah Muhammad (CA)


  • ASA. a model community starts in the ideas of one, therefore, how wonderful this world will be as free and open minded thinkers diving and surfing the Qur’an and wearing the character of the Prophet Muhammad(prayers and peace be upon him), and speaking with the scientific logic and clearness of Imam Warith D. Mohammed, all by Allah’s leave or permission, and so It Is

  • I have read the above and I concur… May Our Lord Bless our efforts!

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