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CWSC Faith-based Collaboratives

CWSC develops partnerships or what we call Faith-based Collaboratives (FBC) with organizations serving a common constituency or whose focus or mission aligns with CWSC’s mission, vision, objectives, and values. Please read on to see some of the ways CWSC partners with nonprofits. Maybe your organization’s project might be our next FBC.

The Power of FBCs…

More than ever, individuals, families and communities are looking for real and sustainable solutions to issues that may appear insurmountable. We believe however that viable solutions abound with a sufficiently diverse and talented group intellect committed to true problem solving and opportunities realization. A CWSC FBC could provide powerful answers via strategic initiatives in collaboration with you and other intrafaith and interfaith partners. When CWSC is able to join forces through an FBC, here are some of the ways we work with organizations:

Website Listing Link Exchange

Our nonprofit partners receive a listing on our website that links back to their organization.

Special Broadcast Interview Opportunities

Segmented interviews can be conducted on our international broadcasting station American Muslim 360Radio (

Reduced Advertising Rates for Regular Event or Organization Promotion

For year-round or targeted seasonal events, we offer the benefits of advertising via the AM360 Radio Network.

Volunteer Human Resource Network (VHRN) Access

CWSC operates a national human resources network which we can alert for requests from nonprofit partners seeking expertise and volunteers for short-term, intermediate and long-range projects.

Community Buzz Online Events Listing

A listing in Community Buzz online at our website can help promote your events to our website visitors and encourages their support of an organization’s nonprofit activities.

More Opportunities

There may be more opportunities for collaboration through other CWSC intelligentsia operations such as the CWSC National Think Tank and Speakers Bureau. Through FBCs, we help our Nonprofit Partners share their mission and support the efforts of the great work they’re doing. CWSC also benefits from the strengths, community services and public goodwill partners bring.

If you believe you’d like to partner with CWSC, then complete the CWSC Partnership Request below that provides us a preliminary glance at your organization and tells us what you expect a partnership with CWSC will look like in terms of mutual benefit based on opportunities, expectations, and resources. We might be able to team up.

As we only accept a limited number of faith-based collaboratives periodically, it’s only fair we advise that not every partnership request can be accepted due to resource capacity, type of organization or other factors. If we conclude we’re not a match today, it doesn’t mean we may not be a match in the future. Should our objectives, resources, or focus change that make us more effectively aligned with your organization, then we’ll contact you. We encourage you also to monitor what we’re doing periodically.

Be sure to read About Us to understand our mission, vision, ethical guidelines and values. Visit some of our current FBCs.

You must be an officer or official organization representative authorized to act on behalf of your organization.

Please allow 14 days to review your request and send a reply. Our contact number and email: (910) 317-0297 |


Our ability to serve others and meet our mission deliverables partly depend on the success of our partners. Working together we can help improve the quality of life in communities at home and abroad…together we can remake the world.