What if?

“…and consult with them upon the conduct of affairs. And when thou art resolved, then put thy trust in Allah. Lo! Allah loveth those who put their trust (in Him).” Al-Quran, 3:159

“Those who hearken to their Lord and establish regular prayer; who conduct their affairs by Mutual Consultation; who spend out of what We bestow on them for Sustenance…” Al-Quran, 42:38

Think for surely thinking profits the thinker[s].”―Prophet Muhammed (S)

“We should have a studious group…studying our history and present circumstances…they should be predicting what we have to face 20, 30, 40 years from now.”—Imam W. Deen Mohammed”

“What if?” The difference between a dream and a vision.

Welcome to “What if?,” the CWSC national brainstorm challenge! In less than a few minutes of creativity and with a desire to change the world into a better place, you can take us on an intellectual journey into the future to see the world as it should or can be. We’re using “What if?” to engage our group intellect and to benefit from it’s inherent capacity in a way we’ve never done before.

We’re capturing intellectual energy that might otherwise lie dormant or be lost because of the passage of time, and we’re recording and placing your ideas front and center before the entire group intellect. Here’s what you need to do participate:

First, take a tour of CWSC. Become familiar with the site’s content, and while you’re touring, take the important step of registering as a valued resource for our entire Community. To read a story on why it’s so important to register your unique skills, talents, knowledge and experience, click here.

Next, submit your “What if” representing your community vision, aspiration, or goal, in the form of a newspaper headline. State your “What if” as though it has already happened. You can stop with just a main headline or go one step better and continue on reporting firsthand on your vision of an accomplishment you’d like to see in our future.

End your headline with “What if.”

Here’s an example:

―American Muslims Study Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
CWSC Issues White Paper to Leading U.S. Think Tanks and U.S. State Department

NATIONAL A progressive faith-based think tank, known as the Community Wide Shuraa Conference or CWSC is preparing its Office of International Relations to lead a delegation to the Middle East and into the heartland of conflict. Why? Its leaders say, to deliver and discuss the organization’s recently released white paper, A Road to Peace: Recognizing our Human Rights First.

…What if? 

Share as many What if’s as you like on any topic or issue national or international anytime.

For now, you don’t have to figure out a plan to make the headline a reality. That’s for all of us to ponder on together as group intellect and national intelligentsia throughout the country. This is your and our chance to envision what the future can be, no matter how far ahead we want to be or where we are now. It doesn’t cost you anything to dream except a little time and a little faith.

So have some fun with this project. Be imaginative and unconstrained by a perceived lack of resources, people, finances, or other obstacles that stand as ghosts blocking the path of achievement. Our Lord is the Most Gracious, Most Merciful and the Owner of everything! So write like you believe it!

The first step to bringing an idea into material reality is when the pen intersects the paper. Go ahead, pick up your pen and take us on your intellectual journey of creativity and model community excellence. Be an architect of our future, because it is only when we’re working together, that we can remake the world.

First select a broad category for your “What if.”

*Not yet working in your passion with CWSC? Click here to get involved.  See expanded demo article here on American Muslims Study Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

All “What if” Comments are subject to moderation. CWSC aims to provide a shared freedom space for the group intellect. Comments and feedback do not necessarily reflect the policies and opinions of CWSC.




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