[Note: Only remote non-onsite assistance is currently available to registered MCNRD institutions via the VHRN (Volunteer Human Resource Network) until further notice.

CWSC wants to help you and all our communities throughout America achieve the highest level of organizational and operational excellence!


MCNRDHelping nonprofits is an important part of our mission. We exist to help connect institutions and communities with intellectual and material resources that enable them to operate more effectively.

By collaborating and helping others working to build the model community vision, we in turn leverage our capacity and the power of the group intellect to solve problems and explore new opportunities…to remake the world into a better place for all people.

With your help, we’re building a Model Communities National Resource Directory (MCNRD). For the first time, every school, masjid, and other civic institutions, interest group and businesses will have access to a pool of talent more numerous and diverse than any local institution could replicate alone.

No longer would a local community be constrained for lack of available, qualified human resources. The resources in the MCNRD network will enable access to a national human resource databank of persons who value our model communities vision and believe in Qur’anic-based problem solving. Take the next step and register your organization!

Non-profits register here                          For-Profits

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