[Note: Only remote non-onsite assistance is currently available to registered MCNRD institutions via the VHRN (Volunteer Human Resource Network) until further notice.

CWSC wants to help your business and all our communities throughout America!

We’re issuing a call for every believer in our Association from seniors in high school to retirees to register in the Model Communities National Resource Directory (MCNRD).

MCNRDThe MCNRD will be the first national project of its kind designed to comprehensively catalog the knowledge, skills, experience, training, degrees, and certifications held by believers committed to helping establish model communities.

The first stage of this project is individual and institutional registration. But it’s just the beginning work of an online system designed to help us as a community reach our highest potential.The next concurrent stage of MCNRD sets up a human resource exchange system whereby any supporter of our model communities vision can be a resource to the national community. This revolutionary concept will enable us to practically tap into the group intellect and request help in any area of community development or expertise via onsite and/or remote assistance.

For the first time, every school, masjid, interest group, other civic institution, and you will have access to a pool of talent more numerous and diverse than what any local institution could ever hope to assemble. No longer would a local community be constrained for lack of available, qualified human resources. The resources in the MCNRD network will enable access to a national human resource databank of persons who value our model communities vision and believe in faith-based support for problem solving.

Your business can benefit too by having access to skilled expertise and at a much lower cost. Imagine corporate leaders and managers working in operations, marketing, internet and social media, finance, lending, strategic planning, human resources or business development helping you with your business plan, organization, or small business development. Businesses are a key component of a community’s financial strength. Strengthen businesses and we strengthen our community. MCNRD enables you to log on and request help directly from a registered believer with expertise in any number of specialties.

What you can do now:

REGISTER in the Model Communities National Resources Directory.
• Tell other business owners about CWSC.
• Register personally too as an individual consultant to share your knowledge.

Together we can remake the world.

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