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Welcome to the CWSC Speakers Bureau! Everyday our fellow Americans are bombarded with negative images or stereotypes about Islam and Muslims. Some of the blame belongs to extremists calling themselves Muslims and masquerading their political aims under the guise of religion through any means they deem necessary, no matter how barbaric the methodology. Sometimes the blame goes to sources that seek to sensationalize extremism by covering only the most aberrant practitioners of hate and violence as “official voices” of Islam.

And admittedly too often, well meaning leaders with the best of intention have not created the communication platform and infrastructure to help media and other institutions connect more easily with legitimate voices of Al-Islam, and so many negative images go unchallenged.  In either case, there is a duty upon sincere Muslims to project the correct image of Muslim life, including encouraging interfaith collaboration…The CWSC Speakers Bureau is established for just such purpose.

Muslim American leaders are ready to contribute alongside our Christian and Jewish brethren and others in intelligent dialogue on the type of world we want to pass on to our children, one with less poverty, prejudice and violence; one with a greater respect for the most vulnerable among us including our children, the elderly and disabled.  We want a world with a greater respect for human rights including women’s rights, family values, education and economic justice; and most importantly, a greater respect for our Creator and the stewardship for which He has entrusted humanity.

American Muslims are a socially conscious community, forming the most racially diverse, faith-based community in America and are urgently working to impact the national and international dialogue, not only on the image of Islam and Muslims, but on every major issue of our day. 

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