From the Executive Director

M. Nailah Abdullah

With the Creator’s Name
the Merciful Benefactor, the Merciful Redeemer

As-Salaamu-Alaikum (Peace be with you) and welcome to the Community Wide Shuraa Conference (CWSC)!

Whether you received an email or social media invite, spoken to a volunteer, or attended a CWSC event, hopefully you’re inspired by a new energy and plan to realize a long held vision of our group intellect―to build a national working intelligentsia serving Communities for generations to come.

It was ten years ago that a little known radio station called American Muslim (AM) 360 emerged on the scene of community dialogue. The brainchild of AM360 CEO Emeritus, Dr. Aisha Kareem and Executive Producer and broadcaster the late Imam Thomas Abdul-Salaam (R), AM360 has grown to become the #1 Islamic radio station in the nation, garnering recognition as a major media influencer in Muslim America and now spreading beyond.

AM360’s powerful shared freedom space in the virtual airwaves “where your intellect is respected and your voice protected,” emerged on the scene in the material world as the Community Wide Shuraa Conference or CWSC.

CWSC is a response to a groundswell of grass roots support to complement words with action and to help us in more areas, to move from idea to reality, from thought to actualization, from paper to people, and finally to realization of our aspirations that are so eloquently articulated on air.

Our goal is to build a national intelligentsia upon the principles of Shuraa Baynahum or faith-based mutual and respectful consultation and upon the idea that every person has his or her contribution to make in building model communities. CWSC was born in 2013 and now the work has broadened to include a national think tank, volunteer human resource, broadcasting network, and much more and most important, it includes volunteers just like you nationwide, committed to ensuring our community is served more effectively by its group intellect.

I am honored to serve as the second executive director for the Community Wide Shuraa Conference (CWSC) and humbled to follow in the footsteps of my predecessor Imam Thomas in helping advance our model community vision.

From studying some of the toughest issues such as poverty, religious extremism and violence, to designing and implementing outreach programs that focus on education and senior services, to awarding scholarships, and assisting other community service organizations with talented volunteers and re-grant opportunities, we’re unleashing and harnessing the full capacity inherent in the group intellect with a faith-based approach to problem solving.

As executive director, one of my primary responsibilities is to help make CWSC as effective and efficient as possible through outstanding governance, transparency, and excellent financial stewardship.  I am very excited to have assembled our team of fellow directors, staff, and committees to provide the administrative support to our focus teams and the institutions and communities we serve.

With your support and prayers, in the words of my predecessor, “no matter how challenging the issue or complex the solution― the opportunity to make a difference through faith, self-directed collaborative teams and a healthy respect for the group intellect, will far outweigh any challenges, whether at the community, national or global level.”

You’re invited to join us in this noble work…together, we can remake the world!


/s/ M. Nailah Abdullah
Executive Director

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