Broadcast your Jumah

AM360ShareJumahEach Friday, for the blessed day of Jumah, American Muslim 360 ( provides one of its most important community services– broadcasting the Salatul Jumah from a masjid or Islamic center.  In fact, AM360 broadcasts more Jumahs from our group intellect throughout the nation than any other resource in America.

For those most vulnerable, like the elderly, disabled, sick and others unable to visit a musella, AM360 offers them a vital link to hear a Jumah khutbah from the comfort of their home or office.  

As an imam or khatib, you’re invited to help us meet this vital community service by sharing your Jumah with the world. AM360 makes it easy with just a simple telephone call, you and your local community  can share the message of Al-Islam with the world.

First check the CWSC Events Calendar for already reserved dates. Then complete the form below to reserve your broadcast date at least 7 work days in advance of your requested date.

Questions? Email us at Note: We share your reservation information with the National Conveners of Imams, a collaborative partner for the Share Your Jumah with the World Program.

Important information for broadcasting before, during and after your Jumah: 

  1. You will receive a confirmation that your Jumah has been scheduled.
  2. Be sure to place the scheduled broadcast date in your smartphone.
  3. You can also visit the CWSC Events Calendar to confirm your broadcast date.
  4. About 48 hours prior to your scheduled broadcast and again on Friday about 9 a.m. your local time, the CWSC Jumah Broadcast Coordinator will call or email you with a confirmation reminder. Please reply to both reminders so we know you’re ready for your Friday Jumah broadcast.
  5. Then on Friday afternoon, call in ten (10) minutes early to the AM360 green room. Press 1 to enter the host cue and the producer or engineer, will know you’re ready to conduct sound checks.
  6. Place the phone as close to the microphone as possible. Blue tooth devices are also excellent for transmitting by phone.
  7. Ensure a second point of contact and telephone number is provided as a back up for the AM360 producer or engineer should there be a problem with the primary broadcast phone.
  8. Let the believers know their Jumah is being broadcast live around the nation and will be available later in the AM360 Podcast at
  9. Do help promote your scheduled broadcast on your social media and web pages and share with your connections via email, so believers nationwide will be encouraged to learn about your institution and local community.
  10. At the conclusion of your Jumah, greet the national audience and if you have time, share what’s happening locally for your community. Your AM360 engineers and producers are appreciative of your greeting and getting to know more about your community.
  11. If you have questions, we’re here to assist. Please email:

Thank you for your request and for serving our community…together we can remake the world. Jumah Mubarak! 

Note: CWSC thanks the National Conveners of Imams for their assistance in helping  publicize and improve Share Your Jumah with the World