Twin Servant of Peace


Remembering AM360’s and CWSC’s Founder…Twin Servant of Peace


Imam Thomas Abdul-Salaam (R)

Imam Thomas Abdul-Salaam (1953-2015 R), was a widely respected pioneer broadcaster and community leader affectionately known as the Twin Servant of Peace and Mr. AM360. He responded to the call of Imam Dr. W. Deen Mohammed (1933-2008 R), who challenged the Muslim community to open up lines of communication within its group intellect. Thomas got busy building an internet radio station in 2010 with the support of his wife, Dr. A’isha Kareem, and with the hope of connecting Muslim voices across the United States.

He undertook a daunting task requiring initial and sustained capital investment and even greater faith. Placing personal finances at risk and working literally from sun up to sun down, Thomas steadily and methodically built a national radio network appealing to an underserved American Muslim community. He would literally create the real-time pathways to not only connect an entire community, but he would indeed give them a national voice and a way to share ideas and engage in productive dialogue as never before. He was named to the list of 50 Inspirational Black Muslim MenRead more

Click on the listen tab above for a special November 24, 2014 interview with Imam Thomas Abdul-Salaam on his health and future of AM360 and transfer of American Muslim 360 to CWSC. See Imam Thomas Abdul-Salaam (R) to learn more about a true broadcasting visionary and learn about the CWSC Founder’s Day Proclamation honoring this extraordinary leader and visit the TSP College Scholarship posthumously recognizing the contributions of Imam Thomas. Visit additional online tributes here.


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