MCNRD Network

One of the most powerful tools CWSC will have to help communities is a Volunteer Network of Consultants accessible through the Model Communities National Resource Directory (MCNRD).

MCNRDThe Directory catalogs the knowledge, experience, and skills, of volunteers just like you committed to building model communities and is a vital link in the infrastructure connecting our intelligentsia to its think tank component and an implementation capability.  The best laid plans and creative thinking won’t result in action without talented people contributing time, energy, and expertise to help fulfill the vision.

The Directory practically addresses the need to identify and organize dispersed human resources into a database accessible by any registered institution.  There are only two requirements for individuals to register:

  1. Be committed to our model community vision.
  2. Agree to contribute the prescribed number of volunteer hours annually assisting any institution registered in the MCNRD.

Assistance can be provided remotely or onsite.

Every believer has something special to contribute, including you.  Join the group intellect and create unparalleled opportunities for our Community that no one person, masjid, or school can achieve alone.

Individuals Click here to begin sharing your knowledge, skills, training and experience. Let’s build our Community!

* If under age 18, but at least age 15-17, you must have parental consent to register or volunteer.

If you’re an organization, click on the icons below to register now in the MCNRD and get access to a national network of faith-based volunteers using their expertise to help your institution’s success.

Non-profits register hereFor-Profits

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