“…men who give alms and women who give alms, and men who fast and women who fast, and men who guard their modesty and women who guard their modesty, and men who remember Allah much and women who remember Allah hath prepared for them forgiveness and a vast reward.”  Sura Al-Ahzab, 35

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What fellow supporters are saying:

“This is a noble effort and has my full support.”—Dr. Zakiyyah Muhammad (R), Anaheim, CA

“Our Community needs this!”—Malik Saafir, Atlanta, GA

“I’ll work day and night to help our community realize this vision!”Mukhtar Muhammad, Jacksonville, FL

“It’s time we recognize our success is in thinking together, not separately.”
—Anisah Saleem Harrington, Brooklyn, NY

“We all have a right…no a duty to contribute our best to help our entire community. CWSC’s got it right!”
—Imam Rashad Shahid, Jacksonville, FL

“A powerful idea whose time has definitely come.”—Ronald Abdul Malik, Columbia, SC

“We have our abilities and resources and faith in G-d to remake the we just need faith in one another.”
—Imam Thomas Abdul Salaam (R), Stockton, CA

“…Serious need for this, pray that everyone responds.”―Imam Hatim Hamidullah, FL

“Delighted to see energy towards understanding the needs of the community and ideally
responding to the need for Islamic ethics…”―Coral Qadar, NY

“…Critical need to be of greater service to our community by using the talents that Allah has Blessed us with. Our community has talent beyond our imagination.”―Fleming J. A. El-Amin, NC

“This is a very important event and opportunity to help strengthen this vital media arm of ours.”
―Mustafa Mujahid, GA

“…This is what our Imam needed and definitely what we need. Don’t let nobody turn us around. Praise be to Allah (SWT).”
―Taheerah Muhammad, GA

“Alhamdulilallah!”―Rashid Maalik, PA

“THERE IS NOTHING MORE PRECIOUS THAN TO BE “READY” when OPPORTUNITY PRESENTS ITSELF.”When ALLAH chooses to BLESS a people HE GRANTS them WISDOM…” WISDOM is making the most EFFECTIVE use of KNOWLEDGE. We have used our knowledge for the building and maintenance of a society that has oppressed us. Let us now USE our knowledge to benefit all HUMANITY.” ―Agin Muhammad, Sr., IL

“We are Blessed to be alive and well at this time Mashallah to be a part of this National Think Tank.!!!
We will PASS IT ON.”―Imam Muhammad Abdullah, GA

“Without the painstaking details of connecting with like minds, building bridges, confronting barriers, and making alliances across the country, we’ll remain in the minor leagues. Muslim American 360’s call for wider participation under the planning umbrella raises hope because it’s a step in this direction.”―Mu Octavis Taalib, GA

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