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Where your intellect is respected and your voice protected…


To create the shared freedom space where one’s intellect is respected and voice protected, via the highest quality broadcasting medium, best programming and top qualified personnel…helping to connect and encourage the widest group intellect to exchange ideas, engage in intellectual exertion and apply Qur’anic-based problem solving across all societal concerns including education, business, government and culture.


To help remake the world by serving as a major American Muslim intelligentsia media, information and network center delivering high-quality digital and broadcast content that informs, educates, stimulates and entertains according to the best of our model community aspirations.

Join our AM360 Team and the national group intellect daily at or at (701) 719-4197.

Click on the links below to hear important information on AM360 from the Executive Director Emeritus. 

May 1, 2015A special message from Mukhtar Muhammad, CWSC executive director emeritus , on Believer Supported Radio

March 27, 2015American Muslim 360 interviews CWSC’s executive director emeritus Mukhtar Muhammad (Pt. 1).

April 10, 2015American Muslim 360 interviews CWSC’s executive director emeritus Mukhtar Muhammad (Pt. 2).

September 12, 2014, CWSC Interview: An Introduction to CWSC- Service to the Believers!

See and share It Stops Here Right Now, an interfaith message of hope on why AM360 and CWSC are essential for our Christian brethren and all of America. Be inspired!

The American Muslim 360® ( Radio Network is about Al-Islam and being an American Muslim citizen. American Muslims are a socially conscious community, forming the most racially diverse, faith-based community in America. We’re urgently working to more effectively impact the national and international dialogue on the image of Islam and Muslims and on every major issue of our day. We seek to educate, inform and lightly entertain with wholesome programming that serves the best of our Community’s aspirations. We welcome you as an engaged listener and contributor to a powerful group intellect. If you’re interested in training to become a host, connect at is believer supported radio and depends on you for our financial strength. Help us continue to ‘remake the world’ into a better place for all by making a secure tax deductible gift. See the blue donate button at the top right of this page. Corporate sponsors are invited to reach one of the largest national audiences in America at

The content of the American Muslim 360® Broadcasting Network is intended for general information purposes only. Views expressed by hosts or guests are their own and not necessarily the official position of AM360 or the parent corporation, Community Wide Shuraa Conference, Inc. (CWSC) or its Board of Directors. All content is intended as a community service and is not designed to provide specific and personal medical, financial, legal, counseling or other professional advice. No liability, explicit or implied, shall extend to hosts, AM360 or CWSC. We encourage you to consult an advisor for your specific circumstance.


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