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January, 2019 NAACP Criminal Justice Fact Sheet. Today, the United States makes up about 5% of the world’s population…African Americans are incarcerated at more than 5 times the rate of whites.

December – 2018 What’s in the New Criminal Justice Bill? The New York Times reports on the Trump Administration’s and Congress’ recent steps to address a system many agree has long been broken and therefore untenable.

December, 2018 Our Shared Digital Futures is a publication shaped by leaders from business, government, academia and civil society who collectively acknowledge the need for shared goals and coordinated action to shape an inclusive, sustainable, digital future. Facilitated by the World Economy Forum’s System Initiative on Digital Economy and Society, the publication seeks to serve as a conversation starter, as the world celebrates the milestone of more than half of the world’s population now connected to the internet, and while less than half of those already online trust that technology will make their lives better.

December, 2018 Value in Healthcare: Accelerating the Pace of Health System Transformation. In a world characterized by an ageing population, more and more people suffering from long-term chronic disease, and ever-increasing healthcare costs, improving healthcare value by delivering better health outcomes to patients at lower costs is a critical imperative. We have a long journey ahead in building sustainable heath systems globally that put people at the centre, and we believe we have a collective responsibility to do so.

December, 2018 – Gender parity is fundamental to whether and how economies and societies thrive. Ensuring the full development and appropriate deployment of half of the world’s total talent pool has a vast bearing on the growth, competitiveness and future-readiness of economies and businesses worldwide. The Global Gender Gap Report benchmarks 149 countries on their progress towards gender parity across four thematic dimensions: Economic Participation and Opportunity, Educational Attainment, Health and Survival, and Political Empowerment…Read The Global Gender Gap Report 2018

December, 2018 Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5ºC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. With the adoption of the Paris Agreement, the UNFCCC requested that the IPCC produce a special report on “the impacts of global warming of 1.5°C above pre–industrial levels and related global greenhouse gas emissions pathways”. The report, known as SR1.5, assesses what a 1.5°C warmer world would look like, and also the different pathways by which global temperature rise could be limited to 1.5°C.

November, 2018The National Climate Assessment summarizes the impacts of climate change on the United States, now and in the future. A team of more than 300 experts guided by a 60-member Federal Advisory Committee produced the report, which was extensively reviewed by the public and experts, including federal agencies and a panel of the National Academy of Sciences. Read the National Climate Assessment (NCA).

October, 2018An Academic Examination of Elijah Muhammad’s Contribution to the Ministry of Imam W. Deen Mohammed is a major academic and broad community level conference organized by Fitrah Muhammad, Executive Producer Study Al-Islam, and Executive Director at the Nation’s Mosque in Washington D.C., and hosted at Zaytuna College in Berkeley, California on Saturday October 27, 2018. The conference brought together 14 notable leaders and pioneers in the national community of late Islamic leader and humanitarian Imam Dr. W. D. Mohammed (R).

September, 2018 On the State of Poverty in the U.S. A timely, multidimensional view of poverty-related need in the United States, a report issued by the Salvation Army in partnership with the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy.

September, 2018 – The Fourth Industrial Revolution is interacting with other socio-economic and demographic factors to create a perfect storm of business model change in all industries, resulting in major disruptions to labour markets. New categories of jobs will emerge, partly or wholly displacing others. The skill sets required in both old and new occupations will change in most industries and transform how and where people work. It may also affect female and male workers differently and transform the dynamics of the industry gender gap.

April, 2018Targeted: The CAIR 2018 Civil Rights Report. Freedom of religion is a foundational ideal of our nation. Americans who are Muslim, like all Americans, possess the right to practice their faith according to their sincerely-held religious beliefs. Like any person in America, irrespective of religion or race, American Muslims deserve to be treated with dignity, fairness, and respect.

January, 2018 – NAACP Strategic Plan: Game Changers for the 21st Century. The six NAACP Game Changers address the major areas of inequality facing African Americans…

August, 2016 Muslim Youth: Research & Recommendations. Published by The Family & Youth Institute and the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding in Washington, D.C. ( and authored by Sameera Ahmed (Ph.D.), Sadiq Patel (M.S.W.), and Hanan Hashem (B.A.), This report identifies the nuances and complexities of American Muslim youth’s developmental context and environments. It highlights research on underserved Muslim youth populations—namely young Muslim women, African-American Muslim youth, convert Muslim youth, and refugee Muslim youth. Risk factors and behaviors are also highlighted. Finally, eight youth programming recommendations that can be implemented around three
developmental contexts (families, schools, and communities) are provided.

May, 2016 – The State of Black America, the National Urban League’s seminal annual publication now in its 40th edition, has become one of the most highly-anticipated benchmarks and sources for thought leadership around racial equality in America across economics, employment, education, health, housing, criminal justice and civic participation. We’ve provided  the executive summary. See the full report here.

October 2015 The Black Family in America in the Age of Mass Incarceration by Ta-Nahisi Coates. American politicians are now eager to disown a failed criminal-justice system that’s left the U.S. with the largest incarcerated population in the world. But they’ve failed to reckon with history. Fifty years after Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s report “The Negro Family” tragically helped create this system, it’s time to reclaim his original intent.

December 26, 2014 – Youth Perspectives on Ferguson Unrest and Profiling.  A special Mohammed Schools of Atlanta Network (MSAN) TV video presentation courtesy of Hasan Shakir of Taqwa TV, Atlanta Georgia…enjoy!

October 8, 2014 – Smooth Reminder. Melodic expression courtesy of M.A.M.A. and A New Day for Al-Islam’s President William Kareem of New York.

September 10, 2014 Unrest in Ferguson. Imam Yahya Shabazz of California, member of Coalition for Good Government, on Ferguson, Mo.

August 15, 2014 Inaugural CWSC Town Hall at St. Louis. The Town Hall was not a standalone event, but rather part and parcel and near the very beginning of a visionary undertaking to build a national intelligentsia and sustainable national resource center serving communities nationwide. We’ve kept the pre-Town Hall press and planning tools as a historical record of our Journey. Thank you to the St. Louis Town Hall Session working teams for committing your persons, time, intellect and financial resources to help advance our model community vision. 

June 20, 2014 – The Qur’an & Life of the Prophet (S) Against Domestic Violence.  MALI Students share analysis of Al-Qur’an (4:34) courtesy of Dr. Fowziyyah Ali.

March 2014 – Inheritance of Religiosity Among Muslim Immigrants in a Secular Society. From the research work of Jasper van de Pol University of Amsterdam and Frank van Tubergen Utrecht University, this study examines intergenerational transmission of religiosity within Muslim immigrant families who live in the Netherlands, a rather secular society. Two analyses were carried out on a nationally representative sample of Turkish and Moroccan first- and second-generation immigrants aged 15–45, in the Netherlands. The findings support the hypotheses to some extent: warm family ties are found to facilitate religious transmission but transmission is stronger when parents have different national backgrounds. A stronger transmission is found within families that are stronger embedded in religious communities; however there are large differences between men and women. Our research shows that the influence of parental religiosity cannot be ignored in the study of immigrants’ religiosity.

New Africa Radio Archived Lectures of Imam W. Deen Mohammed (ra). Enjoy a comprehensive online study library featuring speeches and writings of Imam W. Deen Mohammed. African-American Statistics.  Discover a one stop statistical research site on African-Americans. See statistics on culture, geography and income to health, religion, politics and more.

The Hurston/Wright Foundation –  Discovering, Developing & Honoring Black Writers. The Hurston/Wright Foundation has made a career-changing difference in the lives of a national and international community of writers! 

YearUp Empowering Young Adults. YearUp seeks to close the “opportunity divide” by providing urban young adults with the skills, experience, and support that will empower them to reach their potential through professional careers and higher education. 

December 12, 2012 Volunteering and Civic Life in America 2012 by the Numbers. A special report from the National Conference on Citizenship (NCOC) and the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS).

May 30, 2012  Transition From Charismatic Personality-Based Leadership: The End Of A Messianic Era – Part 1, Genesis of New American Leadership: A Muslim Commentary – Online…Faith-based knowledge and tools for institutional and community excellence.

May 15, 2012  Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success, by Napoleon Hill.  A revealing discourse on how fear, procrastination, anger, and jealousy undermine true human potential. (Use promo code CWSC at to save and benefit CWSC.)

April 24, 2012 The Third Alternative: Solving Life’s Most Difficult Problems, Stephen R. Covey. (Use promo code CWSC at to save and benefit CWSC.)

September 18, 2008 – Imam W. Deen Mohammed and the Third Resurrection, Dr. Sherman Abd al-Hakim Jackson.

September 15, 2008 – An Apology: Heartfelt Reflections on the Passing of a Legendary Black American Muslim Leader, Azhar Usman.

February 2001 – The Third Resurrection From Decentralization to Interdependence. Genesis of New American Leadership: Building the Community Life with foreword by Imam Omar Shaheed afterword by Imam Plemon T. El-Amin is now being updated online and shared via the CWSC Building the Community Life Seminar.


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