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CWSC is pleased to assist you in finding the right speaker for your event. Many of our speakers are available for a variety of presentations, including keynote address, panel, seminar and classroom discussion, workshop facilitation, media appearances, or even training & development. Our speakers address diverse audiences from government agencies and corporations to business, civic conferences, and religious forums. Click the hosting organization image above for important guidelines on requesting a CWSC speaker.

Dr. Ameena Ali, professional midwife, maternal educator, reproductive, birth and social justice activist and “lactivist,” is a certified doctor of naturopathic care and host of AM360’s The Birth of Women; she is founder-director of Atlanta-based A Mother’s Peace midwifery outreach attending to the maternal wellness needs of women in crises including indigent, homeless, undocumented, incarcerated, HIV, teen clientele and pregnant domestic violence and sexual assault victims…Read more


Imam Abdul Azeez is CWSC’s Director for Intra-faith Relations including the National Leadership Advisory Council and an AM360 talk show host. He is an imam, Arabic instructor, chaplain, state certified halal trainer and inspector, vice president of Westchester Coalition Against Islamophobia, and president and founder of Ash Shifaa Inc. He is a frequent guest speaker at Islamic institutions and interfaith events…Read more.


Anita L. Collins is founder and CEO of My Children’s Children org. Exploring and resolving issues that adversely affect the educational, health, nutritional, emotional, and spiritual well being of children...Read more.


Imam Wali Furqan is imam at the Pioneers Culture Center in St. Louis Missouri, founder and president of Paying Attention To Our Youth, a volunteer chaplain for the Missouri and Illinois prison systems, a volunteer mentor in the public schools, and author of A Free Mind in the City.  The father of seven is a passionate advocate committed to youth development…Read more.


Dr Aisha KareemDr. Aisha Kareem is CEO and co-founder of AM360 Radio and an educator. She started her teaching career in the midst of mandatory busing in California, allowing her to develop a unique perspective on the diversities between suburban white students and urban students of color. She quickly realized the merits of becoming an equity teacher to help level the playing field for greater student opportunity and advancement…Read more

William Kareem is a former executive producer for AM360 Radio, creative director for “A New Day for Al Islam Community Radio,” and president of Muslim American Media Alliance, a consortium of media and content professionals from newspapers, magazines, and radio, to television and photography committed to communicating the American Muslim perspective. From broadcasting, theater and music to production and promotion, he is a communications visionary…Read more.
TRAVEL ORIGIN: Queens Village, NY

Imam Mujahidden MohammedImam Mujahidden Mohammed is a student of Al-Islam under the leadership of Imam WD Mohammed and has always had a strong desire to share knowledge and guidance to all. An alumnus of Clara Mohammed School, Newark, the Islamic Day School of Philadelphia, and Burlington County Institute of Technology. He resides in Pennsylvania where he is an Imam @Inheritance Guidance Center, New Freedom District. He is an entrepreneur, community activist and organizer…Read more.
TRAVEL ORIGIN: Philadelphia, PA

Mukhtar MuhammadMukhtar Muhammad is the executive director for CWSC, Inc., vice president for FAMACO Publishers, LLC and author of Genesis of New American Leadership, the first socio-political and religious commentary on the tenets of effective leadership based on the principles of Islam, the commentary of contemporary religious scholars and American management philosophy. As a nationally recognized speaker and management consultant, he helps faith-based organizations and others with strategic governance and management issues…Read more.

TRAVEL ORIGIN: Jacksonville, FL

Imam Salahuddin Muhammad comes from rich religious traditions on both sides of his family and is a third generation Muslim American. He was born in Durham, North Carolina to Oliver and Rhonda Muhammad. His maternal grandparents, Kenneth and Margaret Murray Muhammad were instrumental in bringing Islam to North Carolina…Read more.

TRAVEL ORIGIN: Jacksonville, FL


Jamal RasheedH. Daniel Mujahid is a business strategist, change-management consultant, and entrepreneur with 30 years in for-profit, non-profit and government sectors working with the likes of Daimler-Chrysler, Wayne County, MI Government, and Rainbow Push Coalition. Daniel has helped leaders and organizations employ the benefits of supplier diversity, minority business agency, way forward planning, value propositions, 21st-century business re-engineering and consumer marketing all integrated with statistical and managerial aspects of Lean Six Sigma and ISO application…Read more.


Imam Amin Nathari

Imam Amin Nathari is national representative for the Islam in America Movement (IAM) and Executive Director, Muslim Empowerment Institute (MEI). Imam Nathari is widely acknowledged as a critically acclaimed author and lecturer, and one of the leading and most passionate voices of his generation on the contemporary socio-political issues and challenges of our time. An independent scholar and author of seven books, Imam Nathari specializes in analysis and documentation of events and issues that impact Muslims and the Islamic experience in America today…Read more.

Resident Imam Yusuf Ramadan is leader for the historic Masjid Nuriddin in Corona, Queens New York purchased by El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X) and Education Director of Clara Muhammad School of Queens, New York and has held that position since 2001. He previously taught English, Islamic Studies at CMS and was a Chaplain for the New York State Department of  Correctional Services. He has worked as a security consultant on over 300 films and television shows…Read more.

Jamal Rasheed

Jamal Rasheed is an actively engaged retired teacher with 41 years hands-on experience in the educational arena and not just in the classroom. He has counseled prisoners and helped disadvantaged and troubled youth and adults alike find hope and re-examine their lives to become productive citizens. Affectionately called “Dr.” by many who recognize his ability to eloquently capture in the language of faith and psychology, the human condition, “Dr.” Jamal is more than a teacher, he is a passionate speaker to the true identity in us all…Read more.

Imam Yahya Shahbazz

Imam Yahya Shabazz is an author, entrepreneur, activist and AM360 co-host for the weekly program New Evolution of Revolution & Created Purpose. He has long had an interest in religion, business, and politics and how they intertwine to produce either social justice or moral oppression, whether self or society is to blame. He speaks frequently on aspects of the pronounced stagnation of the African American community post civil rights era…Read more.

Ni’mat Shaheed is a special advisor to the CWSC, an author, AM360 talk show host, educator, and restorative justice practitioner. Her calling is education in the fullest sense–not just the three R’s in the classroom, but as an educational change agent empowering youth, strengthening families and building community. As an outreach consultant with the Oakland Unified School District, she’s on the front lines of educational reform specializing in attitude, achievement, and attendance…Read more.

Mark Shakoor Shahid is a member of the CWSC Board of Directors, public relations officer for CWSC and AM360, a talk show host, and commentator. He is known as a relationship expert and advocate for healthy courtship, marriage, and family relationships. He is co-host of the weekly talk show “The Female Solution,” host of the CWSC Roundtable, and co-chair for the Midwest Region Marriage and Family track…Read more.

M. Nailah Abdullah is a member of the CWSC Board of Directors and programming manager for CWSC’s AM360 Broadcasting Network. She is a passionate youth mentor advocate, talk show host and founder of the KNOW ME/no me Institute committed to empowering youth through faith-based education, with an emphasis on personal development and civic pride…Read more.
TRAVEL ORIGIN: St. Petersburg, FL



Latifa Ziyad is a veteran of online and traditional talk radio, a current AM360 host, published author, and social engineer with extensive experience in civic leadership, executive political support, and cultural entrepreneurship. Ziyad is founder of Nurruddeen Development, a social entrepreneurial venture firm that focuses on developing the whole mind, body, and soul of the individual and community. As a public speaker, seasoned moderator, and healing facilitator, Latifa Ziyad offers a unique array of interconnected skills and abilities to harness the synergy of the group…Read more.

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