Qur’an Reading Program

Bringing service through our intellects and voices…

Qur'an Reading Program


CWSC’s AM360 Radio Network serves believers nationwide who are visually impaired. We offer both on-air daily community reading of Al-Qur’an in its entirety during the Month of Ramadan for the whole community and off-air personalized reading of the Qur’an by individual request all year long.

The Qur’an Reading Program (QRP) demonstrates the true power of the group intellect to break down barriers and integrate all, even those who may have felt they couldn’t participate due to a disability.

With QRP believers are making the connections both inside of Scripture and with one another.


Each Ramadan, AM360 hosts, staff, and CWSC volunteers around the country come together for the Blessed Month to share the joy and blessing of Qur’anic reading and national discussion. All can call in and share in the reading or discussion or tune in via AM360.org to listen.

Outside of Ramadan, a believer can call into our offices and request a volunteer to read the Qur’an by telephone; it’s a wonderful opportunity also to meet and converse with a new believer.

CWSC Volunteers are the voice and soul of the AM360 Qur’anic Reading Program. If you wish to volunteer for QRP, first be sure to register with the CWSC and place QRP as a special focus area you’d like to volunteer for. If you’re already a registered volunteer, just send an email to info@cwsc.us with the subject line QRP. Some qualities that make great reading volunteers include: a warm reading voice, excellent elocution, patient reading style, punctuality, dependability, and a concern for helping others.

We’ve expanded our year-round Reading Program to include newspaper or print reading. Check out the Journey Through the Journal broadcast weekly on AM360.org.

QRP is a part of our non-profit intelligentsia services made available at no cost. Please support the work with a contribution and share the services with other believers, especially those with sight impairments and prospective volunteer readers…together we can remake the world.