The Hajja Nuurah Amatuallah Muhammad Qur’an Reading Program


Bringing service through our intellects and voices…

Qur'an Reading Program

CWSC’s AM360 Radio Network serves believers worldwide who are visually impaired. We offer both on-air daily community reading of Al-Qur’an in its entirety during the Month of Ramadan for the whole community and off-air personalized reading of the Qur’an by individual request all year long.

The Hajja Nuurah Amatuallah Muhammad Qur’an Reading Program (QRP) demonstrates the true power of the group intellect to break down barriers and integrate all, even those who may have felt they couldn’t participate due to a disability.

With QRP believers are making the connections both inside of Scripture and with one another.


Each Ramadan, AM360 hosts, staff, and CWSC volunteers around the country come together for the Blessed Month to share the joy and blessing of Qur’anic reading and national discussion. All can share in the reading or discussion each day beginning 7 a.m. EST on

Outside of Ramadan, a believer can call into our offices and request a volunteer to read the Qur’an by telephone; it’s a wonderful opportunity also to meet and converse with a new believer.

CWSC Volunteers are the voice and soul of the AM360 Qur’anic Reading Program. If you wish to volunteer for QRP, first be sure to register with the CWSC and place QRP as a special focus area you’d like to volunteer for. If you’re already a registered volunteer, just send an email to with the subject line QRP. Some qualities that make great reading volunteers include: a warm reading voice, excellent elocution, patient reading style, punctuality, dependability, and a concern for helping others.

We’ve expanded our year-round Reading Program to include newspaper or print reading. Check out the Journey Through the Journal broadcast weekly on

QRP is a part of our non-profit intelligentsia services made available at no cost. Please support the work with a contribution and share the services with other believers, especially those with sight impairments and prospective volunteer readers…together we can remake the world.

In Honor of Hajja Nuurah Amatuallah Muhammad (R)…

Our Qur’an Reading Program is named for American Muslim Pioneer, educator and author, Hajja Nuurah Amatuallah Muhammad (January 3, 1930 – February 24, 2019). She was a contributor here at CWSC via our broadcasting center, American Muslim 360 co-hosting for an Islamic education program along with fellow host Dr. Qadir Abdus Sabur. However, her voice was most recognized for a heart warming public service announcement (PSA) on the QRP and a call to action to support funding of intelligentsia programs like QRP.

She had what some might call a disability in that she was blind. However, she saw blindness only as a challenge to be overcome in accomplishing her goals, for her true vision was indeed piercing.

We’re grateful for Sister Nuurah and for her dedication to education and always thinking of the next generation. She will always be with us here at CWSC and AM360 and her voice, heart and dedication to community life will always stand as a stellar example of faith in action.

We pray that Allah (SWT) will forgive her any sins and bless her with the Paradise and protect her family for succeeding generations. And now an inspiring  tribute from Brother Tariq Najee-ullah.

“Sister Nuurah Muhammad was my Arabic and Islamic Studies teacher from junior high until high school. Without her teaching me as a youngster, I would have never thought about Syria or becoming an Imam. SubhanAllah.

She loved Allah. She loved Quran. And she loved our community. She dedicated her life to education through the Quran and creation. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (R) charged her with learning Arabic in the Sudan so that she could further the development of the University of Islam and the Islamic Studies.

When Imam W D Mohammed (R) took over, she oversaw the development of the Clara Muhammad School curriculum. When community politics prevented her administrative involvement with the community schools, she continued her dedication to students through private tutoring, establishing Islamic Sunday schools, and educating families and communities of all nationalities.

She has impacted Islamic schools all over the world with at least one Eastern European Islamic school being established on her model with her direct involvement. Her specialized educational system was codified in her book Education Through Creation available on Amazon. She is one of the blessed beacons of light from our community. May she be blessed with the highest paradise. May her legacy live on through us.” —Tariq Najee-ullah