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“What is hurting minority communities more than anything else is that we are not informed enough and we are not aware of what is going on. In order for a community of people that’s deficient or weak to get strong…they have to open communication lines, not so much with the outside community, but within themselves.”
Imam W. Deen Mohammed (ra)

Because CWSC is connected to a broad array of issues, persons and institutions through its human resources network, think tank and AM360 Radio Network operations, we seek to deliberate with the requisite sensitivity and NLACrespect for communication and coordination for other organizations also working for our model community vision. CWSC has formally requested representatives from national organizations to connect with us through CWSC’s National Advisory Council.

An advisory council enables us to quickly confer on a CWSC agenda item that may lie wholly or in part under another organization’s functional interest.  Conversely, CWSC may accommodate a request from another organization.

When a matter presents on CWSC’s agenda that impacts the community’s welfare, whether it’s a significant benefit or emergent problem, we’ll  be able to expedite consultation with fellow national organizations through already established communication channels.  In these post 9-11 times, an incident anywhere could trigger the necessity for urgent shuraa among all national organizations to help protect our community and the broader public.

Collaborating through the National Advisory Council with fellow leaders and organizations working for our community’s excellence is just one way CWSC fulfills its mission according to its core values. Thank you to all advisory council members who share the vision of a national intelligentsia.

Members of the CWSC National Advisory Council are not employees, fiduciaries or corporate officers of CWSC, Inc.

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