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“Each one of you will find it easy to do what he was created for.”Prophet Muhammed (S)

[Note: Only remote non-onsite assistance is currently available to registered MCNRD institutions via the VHRN (Volunteer Human Resource Network) until further notice.

Help CWSC increase its capacity to help communities.

You’re invited to help us organize the intellectual resources to make our model community vision all over America a reality. Together, we can leverage the power of the group intellect to solve problems and discover new opportunities to improve our total community life.

Help build a national intelligentsia upon the principles of Amruhum Shuraa Baynahum or faith-based mutual and respectful consultation. Every person has his or her contribution to make in building model communities. Make yours.

INDIVIDUALS click here to begin sharing your knowledge, skills, training and experience. Let’s build our Community!

* If under age 18, but at least age 15, you must have parental consent to register or volunteer.

Non-profits register here                        For-Profits

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