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“Each one of you will find it easy to do what he was created for.”Prophet Muhammed (S)

[Note: Only remote non-onsite assistance is currently available to registered MCNRD institutions via the VHRN (Volunteer Human Resource Network) until further notice.

Help CWSC increase its capacity to help communities.

You’re invited to help us organize the intellectual resources to make our model community vision all over America a reality. Together, we can leverage the power of the group intellect to solve problems and discover new opportunities to improve our total community life.

Help build a national intelligentsia upon the principles of Amruhum Shuraa Baynahum or faith-based mutual and respectful consultation. Every person has his or her contribution to make in building model communities. Make yours.

INDIVIDUALS click here to begin sharing your knowledge, skills, training and experience. Let’s build our Community!

* If under age 18, but at least age 15, you must have parental consent to register or volunteer.

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  • We must have houses to house our Islamic spirit. Otherwise one can become spiritually drunk.

    • We must have houses to house our Islamic spirit. Otherwise one can become spiritually “homeless.”

  • Opening up my email and finding an invitation to join the CWSC left me feeling like “finally, the cavalry has come, insha Allah!” May Allah bless our efforts to unite our intellectual capacities in responding to His call to life and the establishment of a righteous community as was the model of His Prophet.

    • Imam W. Deen Mohammed our great leader and teacher have said “as Muslims we should have general concerns for our local community and that we should be aware to what is going on in our community. It is this vision that ignites our enthusiasm to the task of establishing this community organization for women. CWSC is doing magnificent work and is the help we have been asking of Allah swt.
      Thank you kindly,
      Depretha A. Haadee

  • Omar 'Abdul-Khaaliq

    Been ready to build New Africa.

  • ASA. This is truly historical and I would be lost if I did not do my part. I am in the medical field and have a heart for the family, especially the older and younger generations. My life has been in keeping the communication between the two via the middle generation together. I am Founder and Director of The KNOW ME / no me Institute, dedicated to asking the right questions to find out how we are doing as individuals and communities. My concerns of education and health has kept me studying to stay abreast of the current needs and avenues to service the less fortunate. I use funds generated by my immediate income and donations when availed. I’m truly interested in giving my support to this effort til my death physically. Inshaa Allah. I do one on one interviews and group studies here in the state of Florida ( St, Petersburg) in person and via my blog talk show “marthanailahwilliamsblogtalkradio” or knowmenomeinstituteblogtalkradio..
    History is also a must to know in order to go forward in any process, so keeping it altogether now we can only be an asset to humanity in the days to come as ones read of us and our hard work to serve our LORD by being in service to humanity.
    Thanks for listening and or reading. Your sister in and on this prayerful journey,
    Martha Nailah Williams

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