We must work to build a better place for ourselves...

One that will benefit all people, regardless of race or religion. Form alliances, firstly among yourselves, but we don't stop there...Leadership is in the resourceful people that represent the productive life of society.Imam W.D. Mohammed (R)


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A National Resource Center serving you.

We connect you with opportunities to serve and benefit society. We're a national resource center helping institutions nationwide increase their capacity to do good. We have the ability to leverage intellectual resources and distribute talent across geographical and institutional boundaries, and across the landscape of challenges and opportunities—that’s what a national intelligentsia can do for us and for the world. To unleash and harness the full capacity inherent in the group intellect, we'll have to make the connections not only inside Scripture, but also with one another…that’s the vision of CWSC!

A focus on people, skills and resources.

CWSC is a faith-based national conference bringing together diverse human resources, knowledge and experience to achieve the highest level of excellence in community life. We're strategically driven to excel in the best design and implementation of a national intelligentsia to serve communities nationwide. Tune in AM360.org, then join the work to help unleash and harness the full capacity inherent in our group intellect. CWSC does not discriminate on the basis of color, race, religion, ethnic or national origin in its community outreach. To explore leadership, community service and volunteer opportunities, email info@cwsc.us or call (910) 317-0297...Together we can remake the world.


Pathway Global is teaming with CWSC to help bring 21st century job & career opportunities in IT & Finance through online accelerated education to communities nationwide.


CWSC is working to help deliver a third faith-based collaborative to help families struggling to find affordable health care options. STAY TUNED.


CWSC is teaming up with NPFF to provide key concepts in money and financial management for strategic wealth building!