What We Do

“[We] must work to build a better place for [ourselves], one that will benefit all people, regardless of race or religion. Form alliances, firstly among yourselves…Leadership is in the resourceful people that represent the productive life of society”Imam W. Deen Mohammed (ra)

CWSC is a nonprofit, non-partisan, faith-based national collaborative and working conference bringing together diverse human resources, knowledge and experience to achieve the highest level of excellence in community life.

We are a community service organization using the power of the group intellect to help its associated institutions and the historically disadvantaged communities they serve:

• assess challenges.
• research, vet and/or implement solutions.
• publish findings for the benefit of direct constituents and broader societal stakeholders.
• marshal skilled volunteers and resources to aid community outreach and development programs through capacity building and technical expertise.

CWSC hosts town halls, conferences, symposiums, workshops and seminars to bring together committed persons who can:

• provide online and offline education, training and leadership development.
• conduct research and consulting.
• publish white papers, articles and opinion pieces and other published media to affect dialogue and perceptions on the major issues of our time.

CWSC also operates the Model Communities National Resource Directory, an online tool cataloging volunteers who support the model communities vision and have pledged to use their expertise assisting any institution registered in the national resource directory.

As a national intelligentsia, CWSC promotes inclusion in the widest possible venue for discourse with all segments of our group intellect including males, females, youth and seniors, to confer on critical matters requiring all to weigh in. The Town Hall for Mutual Consultation, along with other regional or national sessions provide a powerful framework for the group intellect to engage, address concerns, propose and evaluate solutions.

As a national think tank & clearing house, CWSC by and through its volunteers, studies complex and chronic social, economic, and other systemic problems affecting families and communities; proactively researches and vets new ideas to improve any aspect of community life including analyzing group economic solutions and recommending accountable leadership and management with the requisite proven skills and experience to lead initiatives.

As an institution, you’re invited to register in the national resource directory and receive help with your agenda. Individuals are invited to register as volunteer consultants using their expertise to help communities.

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