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“Education is the greatest tool for advancing the society.” We do want to advance our society, don’t we? Are you a part of a society or are you just a part of a Masjid?” Imam W. Deen Mohammed (ra)

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Visit the CWSC Bookshelf too that showcases the literature of CWSC consultant volunteers. Note: If you have registered as a volunteer consultant with CWSC, and you have published a title in print, we want to showcase your work. Click here to submit your work for display on the CWSC Bookshelf.


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Education: Our Number 1 Priority Vision to Reality by Dr. Qadir Abdus-Sabur (Ph.D.) and Beverly Abdus-Sabur (MLIS). With a resurgence of homeschooling in America and parents’ growing cynicism about school safety and declining moral standards, this title is must reading for alert parents, guardians & community leaders. The authors present a summary of the education efforts of the private faith-based Clara Muhammad School System and its predecessor the University of Islam which was one of the early urban, private school efforts started during the Great Depression. Highlights also include a detailed discussion of spiritually-inspired curriculum development and pointers for establishing new 21st century academic models. Kindle Digital Publishing (2019 ) $9.95Buy Now Button


When Hearts Connect by Latifah Hameen. Written by nonprofit leader, life and relationship coach, certified domestic abuse awareness trainer, and motivational speaker Latifah Hameen, this work provides knowledge on how to gain and keep a healthy relationship. It outlines a variety of tips on maintaining a successful relationship as well as mistakes to avoid. A healthy life partnership can open a new sense of love and happiness in two people’s lives; read When Hearts Connect. Create Space & Bookstand Publishing (2019), English, s/c 58 pg. $11.95Buy Now Button


The State of Islam in Black America Examining the Past, Assessing the Present, Looking Towards the Future by Qasim Amin Nathari. From the publisher: The groundbreaking new book from one of America’s foremost authors and scholars on the Islamic…this work offers some insight and understanding of the history, contributions and present state of perhaps the most misunderstood faith tradition in America, and analysis of the challenges and opportunities in the 21st century for the Black American Muslim (Imam Nathari). Pre-order now. Available April 15, 2019.  MEI Publications (2019 ) $19.95Buy Now Button

AfreemindinthecityA Free Mind in the City by Hajji Wali Ahmed Furqan. A successful father of seven shares how even in the inner-city, one can save his family through faith, patience, and hard work. It is possible to teach our children to succeed. iUniverse (2013), s/c 102 pg $21.95   Buy Now Button


BroaderPespectivesOEEAlOUOUT OF STOCK! Broader Perspectives On Effectively Educating All of Us by Jamal Raheem Rasheed. We should welcome this book as a refreshingly clear, critical analysis of modern day culture, with a special emphasis on education. It is refreshing in that it tackles many of the negative influences retarding healthy human development, but does so with an appeal to reason and presentation of usually neglected perspectives.” Clyde Khalil El-Amin, Higher Education Administrator, Chicago, Illinois. JamRasheed Productions, Inc. (2006), s/c 150 pg $14.95

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Spirituality: Cornerstone of African American Education by Imam Dr. Qadir Abdus-Sabur. Historically there’s been a tradition of spirituality in the lives of America’s former slaves and their descendants; this faith in The Almighty has provided a strength enabling endurance in all manner of human oppression before, during and after emancipation. This book briefly traces the roles of spiritualism and argues that its absence in today’s public educational institutions could be contributing to the current malaise of social irresponsibility among many African-Americans youngsters. Kindle Digital Publishing (2019),s/c 51 pg $9.99Buy Now Button

Gamble Street by Dr. Madinah K. WakilGamble Street by Dr. Madinah K. Wakil. Ten blocks long, Gamble Street is integrated and diverse. The Hayes family was one of the first white families to move into the neighborhood; Noah Piedmont’s was the first African American family to arrive. Now Charlotte and Noah, both twelve years old, are best friends, drawing on each other’s strengths to make the most out of life; they’re part of what makes Gamble Street full of possibilities and adventure. Take a will change your heart and mind. iUniverse (2014), s/c 156 pg $21.95   Buy Now Button

Muslim American Journey in Education: Challenges of the 21st Century by Imam Dr Qadir Abdus-Sabur. From The Nation of Islam’s adult FOI and MGT classes, and University of Islam schools to the Sister Clara Muhammad K-12 schools, indigenous Muslim Americans have been committed to elementary and secondary education. But the path to building and sustaining a national school system has not been without obstacles. This work provides a brief history of the successes and opportunities for improvement of these initiatives and offers suggestions for facing 21st century challenges. Kindle Digital Publishing (2019), s/c 104 pg. $9.99Buy Now Button

Genesis of New American LeadershipGenesis of New American Leadership by Mukhtar Muhammad. Examines how millions evolved from theocratic autocracy to true Islamic democracy and lessons for today’s leaders. Now the Muslim Community must examine its philosophical strengths to overcome internal political weakness. Sounds the alarm for leaders while offering cogent analyses and solutions to institutional management issues based on Qur’an, contemporary Islamic thought and American management philosophy. Genesis is the course text for the weekly Building the Community Life Seminar and was consulted in the creation, structuring and operational development of the CWSC. Foreword by Imam Omar Shaheed. Afterword by Imam Plemon T. El-Amin. FPLLC (2001), h/c 336 pg $29.95

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FPLLC Online Gift CardOnline Gift Card to shop at FAMACO. Send the perfect gift instantly for the Holy Days or any occasion. Your gift recipient receives an electronic gift notice and special message. Recipients can purchase thousands of products from Islamic greetings to books, movies and more at $25.00

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Finally a no excuses approach to learning and applying the knowledge and principles of financial discipline to end pay-check to pay-check stress, the burden of unmanageable debt, and the cycle of generational poverty. The Green Box is designed to empower you to increase your financial literacy. Tune in Sundays too @ 12p EST to AM360’s national talk show Financial Literacy Equals Financial Liberation with Imam Nazim Pasha and guests for weekly continuing education on any one of 12 areas of financial literacy including spending, savings, budgeting, credit, taxes, insurance, mortgages and more! $140.00

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Greeting Cards in an Islamic voice designed for all audiences! Be Ready for every occasion with Islamic greeting cards designed for all American audiences! A collection of our most popular greetings to honor a birthday; give get well, graduation, Eid, sympathy, thank You, thinking of you, & more greetings….features Ayah from Al-Qur’an. Box of 12 assorted with envelope. $30.95  Buy Now Button


2020 Remaking Our World 12-Month Wall Calendar. You’re invited to the National Dawah Campaign with Remaking Our World Calendar 2020 that marks the 10th Anniversary of American Muslim 360 Radio®!

Remaking Our World is a beautiful intra- and interfaith keepsake to plan, celebrate milestones, honor a legacy, and help us all at a critical time learn more about ourselves through the eyes of an American leader who dedicated his life building bridges of respect and collaboration–a powerful reminder to all about our responsibilities to the nation and the world. Share Remaking Our World with family, friends and community and help answer the question…Can America’s Muslims help chart a course to a new manifest destiny. Thematic elements include Al-Qur’an and Hadith; Christian, Muslim, and Jewish Holy Days; critically acclaimed contextual biography on America’s Imam; analysis of one of the most intriguing chapters in American, Muslim, and world history and more. Final publisher’s edition may vary in appearance. Offer may end anytime without notice. FPLLC (2020), 40 pg, $17.95 (plus S&H). Printed in the U.S.

Special 3-Volume Set Imam Amin NathariSpecial limited-time CWSC Exclusive offer on three powerful titles 45, 35, Now: The Continuum of Islam in America, Making It Plain: On the Record, and The Friday Prayer and The Two Celebrations Made Simple all by Imam Amin Nathari. From history to analysis to an examination of prayer, only this 3-volume set offer gives you access to 45, 35, Now! Get all three today. $25.00

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Islamic Estate Planner & OrganizerIslamic Estate Planner & Organizer Reference Guide & Workbook (FAMACO Publishers). A publishing breakthrough for managing what simply cannot be left to chance. Powerful planning guide based on the experience of those who have successfully managed real estate and credit, owned businesses, served as personal, jinaazah and estate executors, power-of-attorneys, guardians, and healthcare surrogates. Not preparing now can lead to devastating consequences later. FPLLC (2014), English w/ Arabic dua’s, script and transliteration. FPLLC (2014), s/c, 80 pg $27.95

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He is The Creator To Whom Belongs The Most Beautiful Names by Ni’mat Shaheed. A wonderful conscientious laboring that gives birth to a uniquely genuine display of The Lofty Attributes of Allah (SWT). Every page of this beautiful work has been carefully arranged to invite your heart, mind and soul to the remembrance of Allah (SWT). With the turning of every page is a reminder that every living creature in the earth and in the air forms a community just like us. Thus, we see aspects of ourselves and sparkling aspects of G-d, as He wills. Xlibris (2015), English, s/c 84 pg $49.95

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ItsmandatorytokickshOUT OF STOCK! It’s Mandatory to Identify and Kick Slave Habits by Jamal Raheem Rasheed.  Takes up the sacred task of informing the reader about what matters most in our society today. His illustrations make his ideas and concepts come alive and take flight. the subject matter that he covers is both urgent in nature as well as intriguing.–Imam Faheem Shuaibe, Oakland, CA. JamRasheed Productions (2006), s/c 160 pg $14.95

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Poetic Perspectives on Faith and Healing Paperback by Ameedah AbdullahNew Leadership into the 21st Century by Yahya ibn Shabazz. Only the misinformed say, “I don’t need a leader.” Or “I follow my self; I make my own decisions.” We still need leaders who have the best interest of the people at heart…leaders with the vision, the wisdom, knowledge, and integrity to know when to stay a course or change to help others get to the next level. Xlibris Corp (2003), English, Paperback: 311 pg $29.95

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Poetic Perspectives on Faith and Healing Paperback by Ameedah AbdullahPoetic Perspectives on Faith and Healing by Ameedah Abdullah. Prose has its place. But when delving into some of the deepest inner struggles of the human condition, the container for the healing and soothing words of redemption may best pour from the rhythmic meters of poetry – such is true for the voice of Ameedah Abdullah. Recapture perseverance, love, and hope, while overcoming the voices of negativity to envision the best life G-d intended for you. Rathsi Publishing, LLC (2010), Paperback, 60 pages. $ Coming Soon!

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positivesolutionsOUT OF STOCK! Positive Solutions to Improve Our Lives by Jamal Raheem Rasheed. Jamal Rasheed is determined to dispel myths about African Americans in general and African American males in particular. At times reprimanding African Americans for falling into the snares of the dominate “culture of death,” he gives equal time to how age old, slavery-based habits can be changed. –Ayesha K. Mustaffa, Editor Muslim Journal. JamRasheed Productions, Inc. (2006). $14.95 Buy Now Button




Spectrums: The Color of My Voice by Ni’mat Shaheed.  A poetic collection reflection on life. Each chapter is categorized by “hues” of colors, as life is not just black and white, but filled with the “sounds” of colors. Spectrums gives voice to a woman living and struggling to bear what her soul, mind and heart speak. Hear the color of my voice…black, red, yellow or white…does the tone of my voice give you a clue? Or is it too much to discern for you? Can you see the spectrums? Not the Spectrum of the eyes that we know so clear; But the Spectrum of the ears. Can you hear the color of my voice? Xlibris (2014), English, s/c 180 pg $27.95

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The Language of Revelation by Imam Siddeeq Jihad

The Language of Revelation: Classical Arabic Language Instruction & Exercises w/ Qur’aan Commentary For Beginners & Non-Beginners by Imam Siddeeq Jihad. Classical Arabic instruction made easy in an excellent instructional aid for students interested in learning the the Qur’an’s Arabiyyah and modern standard Arabic. Includes 2 CDs. Endorsed by Imam W. Deen Mohammed (ra) and Ghanian Sheikh Ali S. Ali, Imam/Director – Canton Masjid, Michigan. Qadara Publications (2008), 250 pg $39.95

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The Power 2BU!: The ABCs of Life EnrichmentThe Power 2BU!: The ABCs of Life Enrichment by Thomas Abdul-Salaam (R). Success strategies from the first executive director of the Community Wide Shuraa Conference (CWSC) and pioneering national broadcaster and co-founder of American Muslim 360, shares proven techniques for maximizing personal effectiveness for maximum achievement. The time for excuses is over. You have the power to be more effective, more driven, and yes, a more successful you. TAS (2013 ), s/c 119 pg $21.95

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The Friday Prayer and The Two Celebrations Made Simple by ImamThe Friday Prayer and The Two Celebrations Made Simple  Amin Nathari. In this first title in the Islam Made Simple series, author and imam Amin Nathari presents the essentials and etiquette of performing the Friday Prayer (Salatual Jumu’ah) and the Two Eid Celebrations (Eids). MEI Publications (2017 ), s/c 92 pg $19.95

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The Veiled Voices: Muhajabat in Secular Schools

The Veiled Voices: Muhajabat in Secular Schools by Dr. Jawairriya Abdallah-Shahid. An ethnographic account that examines the experiences of Muslim females that wear hijab or the Islamic headscarf, and attend public schools, ‘Veiled Voices’ provides research and analysis of the challenges, tribulations and effects these females contend with daily. Xlibris Books (2010), s/c 206 pg $34.95 Coming Soon!

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CWSC Souvenir Fine Writing Pen. Displays contact info for our national intelligentsia. Proceeds benefit College Scholarship & History Preservation Programs. With a sleek, gleaming lacquer finish, chrome trim, contemporary styling, and a deluxe ink cartridge in business black ink with silky smooth ballpoint, these fine writing instruments are as pleasing to look at as to write with. Effortlessly glides across the page. Write while funding college scholarships and cultural preservation programs. $9.95 Available while supplies last!

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