Organizing Papers

CWSC Commitment to Transparency…

We strive with a superior commitment to be good stewards of every resource we’re blessed to receive. As part of our commitment to transparency as a public tax-exempt charity and faith-based institution, we’ve provided below information you can use to help support our noble work, including our organizing and governing documents.  If you have additional questions, email and we’ll be happy to assist you.  Thank you for selecting CWSC for your charitable support…together we can remake the world!

Organizing Documents Foundational documents for CWSC. IRS Form 1023 Tax Exempt Application, Articles of Incorporation Nonprofit Corporation, Purpose and Prohibited Activities.

IRS Approval Letter 501(c)(3) Approval.  Letter of official tax exemption shown.

Charitable Deduction Status – Qualified public charities with status code PC means generally an individual who itemizes deductions may deduct contributions to most charitable organizations up to 50% of his or her adjusted gross income computed without regard to net operating loss carrybacks. Confer with your tax advisor.

By-laws CWSC Public Specimen Copy of By-Laws.  Actual copy is approved. Document shown is specimen only.

Operating Guidelines –  Mission, vision, guiding principles and daily operations.  A comprehensive guiding document for directing officers of the board of directors and advisors. 

Participant Information GuideGuide for institutions and individuals participating in CWSC community service outreach.  Introductory information with key concepts, principles and answers to some common questions to help you come up to speed quickly in understanding how CWSC helps our Community, and how each of us fits into the big picture.

EIN Assignment of Employer ID#.  IRS Letter assigning employer identification number used also for tracking contributions to nonproft organizations.

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