Propose a New Program or Show for AM360

As an AM360 Listener / Contributor, you’re a valued part of our group intellect—one of the most powerful resources for creative thinking. Thank you for being an engaged listener and taking the time to suggest a new programming idea.

SoundIdeaWe receive many suggestions for new programs. While we can’t guarantee your idea may develop into a new program, we promise to review your suggestion and compare it with our programming needs, current lineup and the overall merits of the idea. If we don’t accept the idea, it doesn’t mean your idea lacks merit.

There are many variables that go into assessing a new show or program idea at including how well it complements the CWSC & AM360 vision or helps address a deficiency in present offerings. We also look for variety in categories of programming and diversity in hosts and of course we’re operating within the limits of our available programming hours; only so many programs can be aired. We also have a preference for prospective broadcasters familiar with CWSC’s culture and and have experience working in another CWSC intelligentsia department.

Your idea may also be picked up for a future broadcast season. In short, approval of a programming idea must fit in with our overall broadcasting network and intelligentsia strategy. You should be aware too that AM360 is just one of many CWSC intelligentsia components. We offer additional mass communication venues such as CWSC National Teleconference Learning Labs that use interviews, panel discussions and forums for dialogue with the group intellect.

If a program cannot be accommodated on AM360, we may find a home for the presentation via one-time or weekly national teleconferences that offer expanded and in-depth discussion opportunities not available on AM360. In turn, pre-recorded and edited national learning labs can be played in segments across the airwaves of AM360.

We also have the CWSC Speakers Bureau aimed at the outer “Four Bird” institutions of society that provides another mass communication opportunity to remake the world. All our intelligentsia components support and feed into one another.

We’re always appreciative of your corresponding and sharing new programming ideas, kudos and criticisms for improvement.

For new programming ideas, be sure to read the mission and vision for AM360 and CWSC, then complete the form below. If you have multiple shows or programs you want to suggest, then submit one idea per form submission and then return to this form to submit the next idea. We need detailed information to make good decisions. Think through your proposal carefully. The form below is designed to help you communicate your proposal as thoroughly as possible to help us figure out how to use your idea, if we can. Give as much information as you have available. We should have a response for you within three weeks.

For questions email

Thank you for your proposal…Together we can remake the world.