CWSC Learning Lab Request

CWSC Learning Labs are sponsored by the Community Wide Shuraa Conference (CWSC). You’re invited to engage the group intellect based on your specialized talent, knowledge, skills and experience or an idea you may have. You can help someone in his or her individual, family, civic, business or community life.

Learning Labs are national teleconference “classrooms” where you can share with others the “how to” on getting the job done.  From subjects as diverse as:

healthy cooking • home first aid & safety • small business startup & management • home schooling pros & cons • getting and staying married • helping  a drug abuser stop using • helping with re-entry of an ex-prisoner • becoming a published author and more.

Think about what you’ve done in your work, career, self-study and volunteer life. Then read the Guidelines for Conducting a Learning Lab. Plan your presentation, call in and facilitate your session. We all have unique experience and knowledge to share…share yours with the community. Schedule your Learning Lab by completing the form below. Before selecting a day and time, click here to see dates already reserved. Look for events preceded with “LL-.” Please allow 7-10 days to publicize your learning lab. You’ll need to share the CWSC Learning Lab National Teleconference Line (712) 775-7031 and Access ID 748-942-715.

For questions email

Important information to use before, during and after your Learning Lab: 

  1. You will receive a confirmation that your Learning Lab has been scheduled within 72 hours if submitted during a business day.
  2. Be sure to place the event in your smartphone .
  3. Do help promote your scheduled Roundtable on your social media pages and share with your connections via email. Be sure to use blind carbon (bcc) when sending a group email.
  4. Call in and instruct your guests or panelists to call in three minutes early to the CWSC  Learning Lab National Conference Line (712) 775-7031 and enter Access ID 748-942-715.
  5. Remember to email bios, and if possible, headshots of yourself, guests and panelists, and a promotional flier if you have one to
  6. Near the end of your presentation, be sure to allow sufficient time to thank guests, panelists, co-hosts, CWSC engineers and your audience.
  7. Send a “thank you” to your guests and respond to any feedback received by CWSC. 

Thank you for your request and for serving our community…Together we can remake the world.