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  • As Salaamu Alaikum
    I just finished listening (3/27/2015 about 30 min prior to end of morning show) to some very helpful to comments shared by Muhktar Muhammad during an AM360 interview regarding the relationship of prayer and shura baynahum. Those comments identified the same benefits and qualities that are in prayer as also being in shuraa baynahum. These comments caused me to review vs 38 in Sura 42. Here in this verse, Allah speaks of both prayer and shura baynahum in the same breath. The same breath! Praise be to Allah.

  • As Salaam Alaikum,
    I am honored to have the opportunity to serve.

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  • Fareedah Sidqui-Muhammad

    ASA! I believe that Imams who are on board and support the CWSC should convey that message to them at the imams’ meetings.

  • Imam Rashad Shabazz

    To rest the fears of some Imams, a CWSC representative should explain to them that the word Shurah in the organization’s title is not aiming at how their Masjid is structured and functions. Then maybe they won’t be so reluctant to promote the CWSC.

  • Fareedah Sidqui-Muhammad

    We Cannot Stop Now! The Time For This Work Is NOW!

  • Martha Nailah Williams

    ASA. ” to know me and really really know me is to know me when there is no me” Allah SWT is The Greater and we have all this will power turned on and ready to engage……vroom vroom vroom! loving the blessed time to invest in this remarkable historic happening!

  • I’m registered and ready to go…TAKBIR!!!

  • ASA The dream builder Walt Disney ran his company for a year after he passed. I believe we have in the same opportunity in videos of Imam W.D. Mohammed, especially the series titled researching our faith. He explains how we are to see and implement our strategy for success in the future. Again thank you for the opportunity to serve.

  • Come-Unity <3 My favorite word, and most sought after vision.

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