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Before completing this application, read Welcome to Muslim American Pioneer Scholarships, Program Highlights & FAQs and Administering MAP Scholarships.

By completing this request form, you agree to all provisions including those contained in Welcome to Muslim American Pioneer Scholarships, Program Highlights & FAQs and Administering MAP Scholarships and further agree that all scholarships are administered under both federal and North Carolina law and no other state, and that program details may be amended from time to time in writing by publishing modifications online. Initial provisions and any changes thereafter are the entire scholarship agreement.

“When a person passes away, then his good deeds stop except for three: a Sadaqa Jariah (continuous charity), a beneficial knowledge, or a righteous child who prays for him.” –Sahih Muslim

“A Muslim does not plant, or sow anything from which a person, animal or anything eats but it is considered as Sadaqah from him.”–Sahih Bukhari

If you have additional questions about starting a scholarship at CWSC, please email, or call (910) 317-0297, or write us at CWSC, Marina Village, 4905 34th Street S #185, St. Petersburg, FL 33711-4511.



Once we receive and approve your completed application and funding, we will contact you to complete scholarship setup. Thank you for sharing in our mission to connect our past, present and future excellence through college scholarships. Your participation and support can help fulfill a student’s dreams, while simultaneously helping fulfill our group intellect’s aspirations to build scholars, leaders and citizens with the desire, civic commitment, and knowledge to help remake the world…all while preserving and sharing the history and stories of our honored pioneers.

*Remitting funds online reduces the amount of your contribution to CWSC by at least 3% due to transaction fees. Contributions by check means funds go to scholarships without incurring transaction processing costs. Do not send cash in the mail. Send checks made payable to CWSC, Inc to:

CWSC, Marina Village, 4905 34th Street S #185, St. Petersburg, FL 33711-4511

Indicate the name of the scholarship on your check’s memo line. CWSC’s federal identification number is: 46-3505809.

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