Administering MAP Scholarships

WMPStl2CWSC Scholarship Administration

CWSC Scholarships are a great demonstration of how together we can remake the world. Our scholarship management services allow you to easily establish a scholarship in honor of your pioneer, while simultaneously helping a deserving student change his or her life and perhaps our world.

While CWSC provides an online tax-deductible national contribution ability to help family, friends and supporters conveniently and securely fund the scholarship, we don’t stop there. Our comprehensive management and administration services allow you to enjoy a true family legacy, while leaving the heavy lifting to us.  CWSC administration includes:

  • Publication of guidelines for administering scholarships, based on family representative’s input.
  • Annual review and/or updating of guidelines.
  • Online application and promotion right here and on air at AM360.
  • Receipt, processing, and evaluation of applications.
  • Fielding correspondence from applicants, donors, school administrators, etc.
  • Selecting the national scholarship committee who selects the recipient.
  • Notifying the recipient and non-recipient applicants of committee selection.
  • Verifying enrollment and awarding funds and/or gifts.
  • Publishing the notice of selected scholarship recipient along with essay publication (if applicable) and broadcast interview on AM360.
  • Assessing feedback on scholarship program and application process for continuous improvement.
  • Providing limited mentorship and professional references for selected recipients via the national scholarship committee.
  • Providing additional information to recipients on tax or financial aid impact and compliance.

If you have additional questions about starting a scholarship at CWSC, please contact us by email at, by phone at (910) 317-0297, or write us at CWSC, Marina Village, 4905 34th Street S #185, St. Petersburg, FL 33711-4511.

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