Fireside Chat following the Thanksgiving Holiday


National Leaders Invited for Fireside Chat

“Those who hearken to their Lord, and establish regular Prayer; who conduct their affairs by mutual consultation; who spend out of what We bestow on them for Sustenance…” Al-Qur’an, 42:38

NATIONAL – [Update: Catch an Encore of this special presentation). While many are off work preparing to be with family and friends for the Thanksgiving break (click on the listen above to hear a holiday greeting from AM360’s Latifah Hameen), CWSC is also planning for a special episode of the weekly CWSC Building the Community Life Seminar. Monday, December 2, 2019 @ 9 a.m. EST on American Muslim 360 Radio, the Seminar will feature a Fireside Chat with the Daughters and Sons of American Muslim Pioneers.

These leaders were among the youngest in 1975. They’ve stayed the course and are now contributing nationally; their experiences in many ways differ from their parents’ generation. They’ll have a distinct perspective that can inform us on Islam in America yesterday, today and tomorrow.

A national panel of guest leaders will convene that will be comprised of persons who were teenagers when Imam Dr. W. Deen Mohammed (R) delivered his first khutbah as national leader in 1975 for an American Muslim Community in transition and evolution. Each panelist was born in the American Muslim community to Muslim parents, and now each of them is working at the national level of an Islamic institution or program.

Host of the Seminar and CWSC’s Executive Director Mukhtar Muhammad states, “I’m honored to host these leaders who are my contemporaries and colleagues with whom I share not only a community history and legacy, but also a passion for the work that continues to advance the aspirations of our pioneers who helped make a home for Al-Islam in America. Moreover, they are witnesses to a historical transition seen through the eyes of those who were among the youngest in the Community in 1975 and who made a challenging transition themselves at perhaps one of the most tumultuous periods in their personal lives; what they experienced is very different in many ways from what their parents’ generation experienced. They are unique and will have a distinct perspective that can inform us on Islam in America yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

The Panelists are:

Enduring educator Qur’an Shakir of Atlanta Georgia’s Mohammed Schools System…she is also engaged at the national level of leadership via the Clara Mohammed Schools National Education Consortium and as Director for the CWSC National Scholarships Program, and national talk show host on AM360 for the weekly Sunday broadcast, The Power of Educating Our Own.

Next is National Representative for the Islam in America Movement and Executive Director for the Muslim Empowerment Institute Imam Qasim Amin Nathari. Imam Nathari hails from the Northeast and specifically the Newark, New Jersey Muslim community. The prolific author has also published on topics of interest to the national community.

And we’ll welcome the West Coast’s Priscilla Al-Uqdah from Los Angeles, founding member and President of the Clara Mohammed Schools & Muhammad University National Alumni Association. She has diligently stayed the course in establishing and sustaining a vital connection and legacy of former students of our academic institutions and contributing incubators for generations of leaders entering the work force and Insha Allah entering as contributing members to our group intellect and intelligentsia.
All panelists and the host are former students of the Community’s schools, grew up in their respective Muslim institutions and communities, followed in the footsteps of their Muslim parents and/or grandparents and have decades of service locally and nationally.
The special episode is being featured on the weekly CWSC Building the Community Life Seminar, part of the CWSC Learning Lab Series designed to help communities nationwide in the areas of leadership and its operational components including systems design, resource identification and management, organization, group decision-making, structure, accountability, responsibility, and more. Visit here to learn more about the Seminar. Click on the image below to share the flyer.

Mark your calendars and set your smartphones and prepare to join the conversation. A Fireside Chat with the Daughters and Sons of Pioneers is only on the #1 Islamic radio station in the nation where your intellect is respected and your voice protected. Stream it live at Dial it in at (701) 719-4197. Listen for your on-air invite to call in and share your comment or question.
You can share comments in advance too at, tweet @CWShuraa. Leave us a comment here on our website, or on our listener comment line at (910) 317-0297. Tune in weekly for the CWSC Building the Community Life Seminar
We look forward to hosting you for the Fireside Chat and wish all a Blessed Salatul Jumah and Happy Thanksgiving Day.

[CWSC aims to provide a shared freedom space for the group intellect. Views expressed in panel discussions and other forums on-air and off do not necessarily reflect the policies and /or opinions of CWSC or AM360.]

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