While Some Build Walls…CWSC Builds Bridges – Planning Underway for Interfaith Cruise


With Allah’s Name, the Merciful Benefactor, the Merciful Redeemer

“And hold fast all together by the rope which Allah stretches out for you and be not divided among yourselves; and remember with gratitude Allah’s favor on you for you were enemies and He joined your hearts in love so that by His Grace you became brethren; and you were on the brink of the pit of fire and He saved you from it. Thus does Allah make his signs clear to you that you may be guided.” Al Qur’an, 3:103

CRUISE UPDATE #1Click here for Announcement of Keynote & Guest Speakers!

CRUISE UPDATE #2 Click here for Presenters, Awards, Call for Papers and More…


NATIONAL ― Recently the Holy See in the heart of the Middle East issued a sweeping call for religious freedom and condemned the extremism of violence in the name of religion. It is certain that such a call by the Holy Father on the sands of the Arabian Peninsula, the birthplace of Al-Islam, is also meant to bring about greater interfaith understanding and cooperation.

Pope Francis’ call was not missed by Community Wide Shuraa Conference™ (CWSC) leaders who had already begun executing a plan two-years in the making for a national interfaith cruise to the Island of Cozumel, Mexico in the Western Caribbean. Yet the fortuitous timing of the history-making interfaith overtures between Muslims and Christians in the heart of Islam was taken as a sign that it’s time to do something special here in America too as CWSC marks the great progress of building a national American Muslim Intelligentsia that serves the Muslim Community and beyond.

Now by all present, the CWSC on behalf of its Board of Directors, American Muslim 360™, the Mohammed Schools National Alumni Association, Islam in America Movement, Muslim Enterprise Institute, Muslim Women in Action, Muslim Men in Action, Ash Shifa, Inc., Masjid Warithud-Deen Mohammed and Masjid Al-Qur’an in Houston, Texas, Muslim Journal, the Nation’s Mosque Masjid Muhammad in Washington, DC, A New Day for Al Islam In America (AIM) Radio, and all our Honorary Co-chairs and Committee Members, it is our distinct privilege to invite you, your family, and institution to an unprecedented gathering of our faith group intellect in honor of our American Muslim Intelligentsia and announce the … 

CWSC AM360 20/20 National Intelligentsia Interfaith Cruise to Cozumel featuring Jumah-at-Sea, National Symposium Conference, Gala & Awards Celebration



You are invited to leave the cold behind and join us for an unprecedented gathering of our group intellect…5 Days and 4 Nights of a Grand Celebration marking CWSC’s leadership and support for the American Muslim Intelligentsia and recognizing its service to communities nationwide including recognition of its international broadcasting center, American Muslim 360™ Radio Network and its 10th Anniversary, all from the famous Florida Gulf Coast of Tampa and beautiful Cozumel in the Western Caribbean aboard Carnival’s Cruise Ship Paradise and…


  • Early Welcome to Tampa by Local Faith Communities.
  • Bon Voyage…Re-creation Time for the soul, heart, intellect, individual and group spirit!
  • Daily Congregational Salat (Prayer), Halaqa (Reflective Faith Conversation) Circle & Physical Exercise.
  • Jumah-at-Sea (The Weekly Friday Prayer Service).
  • National Symposium with:

 –Panel Discussions.  –Call for and Presentation of Papers & Award.  –Published Authors’ Circle celebrating the scholarship of our group intellect.  –More Groundbreaking Intelligentsia Presentations.

  • Black Tie Gala & Awards Ceremony (including recognizing CWSC Scholarship Recipients). Break out the Tuxes & Ball Gowns!
  • Meet & Greet with the American Muslim 360™ Radio National Talkshow Hosts.
  • The Neighborly Needs Community Service Project.

And of course a wonderful family, friends and community interfaith cruise aboard the Carnival Ship Paradise with spas, 24-hour room service, shopping, shore excursions, and more activities for the whole family.

RESERVE YOUR CABIN NOW! With CWSC Group Discounts, Cruise with the Community aboard the Paradise starting as low as $374 plus taxes and port fees.

Departing from SUNNY TAMPA to BEAUTIFUL COZUMEL, Mexico with pre-cruise activities with our local Tampa Believers!

HURRY and reserve now for best selection of staterooms and to lock in best group rates. The Cruise will fill quickly, so don’t delay. Low $150 Deposit with final payment due January 2020!

Call 800.327.5782 and provide the CWSC Group Booking Rate ID #6DLB36. Limited price protection will expire in just a few weeks, so plan now to reserve your room at the best CWSC price and earliest choice of accommodations.   

Your Intelligentsia Cruise includes accommodations, meals, room service, port visits, and more! Early reservation and price protection deadlines apply, so visit here now for more information and stay tuned to AM360.org.

All are asked to share the 20/20 Cruise with your online and offline intra- and interfaith circles. We’re looking forward to hosting you, your family, and institution. By Allah’s (SWT) Grace, we pray you can be with us in grand celebration on March 5, 2020!

Read more here about the Cruise including planned events, trip tips, frequently asked questions and more!

For the CWSC 20/20 Event Planning Team Dr. Aisha Kareem, AM360 CEO Emeritus & 20/20 Event Chair Priscilla Al-Uqdah, President Mohammed Schools National Alumni Association & CWSC 20/20 Event Vice Chair

* All itineraries, times, ports, programming, performances, appearances, and locations subject to change without notice. Stay tuned for CWSC onboard Intelligentsia Programming Schedule and all access pass details. Port taxes, fees total $81.52 Prices subject to change so make your reservations early as soon as possible for best accommodations and prices. Visit our homepage for more information.

Over 200 National Institutions Given Remaking Our World Calendar 2019

RemakingOurWorld2019 HOPE

NATIONAL – From CNN and Harvard University and the World Council of Religious Leaders to the NAACP, Urban League, Islamic Supreme Council of America and many more organizations, major segments of society including media, government, religious bodies, academic and civic institutions were gifted some 200 plus copies of Remaking Our World Calendar: Tribute to the Leadership of Imam W. Deen Mohammed during the National Dawah Campaign.

This year Remaking Our World marked the 400th Anniversary of African American History. Hailed as one of the most powerful publication on Islamic, American and African American History, the special CWSC 36-page edition Calendar has become an iconic dawah tool and history gift alike. 

The purpose of the CWSC institutional gift was to share with fellow national institutions and leaders a perspective on a topic that has garnered the American people’s and the world’s attention especially after the tragic events of 9/11—Islam and Muslims…it is a topic debated across the airwaves it seems daily. The outcome of such discussions either generate heat or light, and will directly impact the ability of America’s Muslims and others to contribute as citizens in the shared freedom space of American democracy.

Don’t have your copy yet, visit the CWSC Store while a limited inventory remains and make sure yours is on the wall of your home or office all year long. P.S. Listeners can win a copy too during February’s History Challenge Contest for Black History Month.

AM360 Establishes Ombudsman Office for Listenership


NATIONAL ― The #1 Islamic radio station in the nation, the place where your intellect is respected and your voice protected is getting its own Ombudsman. Congratulations to Latifah Hameen, the first AM360 Ombudsman to serve communities nationwide.

Sister Latifah who is also an AM360 Host and the CWSC Human Relations Director will be fulfilling a critical role ensuring our ever expanding listenership’s voice is front and center in the continuous improvement process at American Muslim 360™. Latifah’s office will also act as a liaison between the Station’s Senior Management and a listener who may need a formal feedback process to resolve an inquiry or concern. Most importantly, this change is expected to raise the bar on listener service and support and give us new ideas in a way we’ve never experienced before, by letting us know what you’d like to see more of, or share what we can do better. Just type in “Ombudsman” or “feedback” in the search box at the top right of our home page to connect to the Office of the Ombudsman.

Congratulations and appreciation to Latifah, who by the way just got married!!! Congrats Latifah and may Allah (SWT) bless you in both your new roles!

New Weekly Magazine Program Community Buzz…


NATIONAL ― There’s been a major shift in the way events are shared on AM360…Have you heard? That’s the question every week now being asked on a new weekly magazine show for AM360 called Community Buzz airing each Friday at 8 p.m. EST.

The show is really for communities nationwide to share their planned events and programming including interviews with event planners and organizers.

All interviews conducted on events that are being schedule throughout the country will now be featured exclusively on the new Community Buzz Weekly Magazine. Examples of event interviews include annual conventions, conferences, banquets, fundraisers, etc.

Community Buzz is also formatted to share individual news like births, graduations, promotions, retirements and the like and a du’a or prayer line for those wishing the community’s prayers for illnesses or other challenges.

By this change, American Muslim 360 hopes to bring the community closer together socially and enable a more powerfully structured venue that will be promoted community-wide as The National Radio Venue to announce upcoming events. The change will also assist our listenership with a clear appropriate venue that enables them to mention an event without inappropriately interrupting a scheduled interview and guest already in progress on another program.

The scheduled change places AM360 in the professional category of other quality broadcasters offering a weekly community forum platform that features community events while allowing for an improved podcasting experience.

To schedule an interview or share your news, enter Share the Good News in the search box to connect to Community Buzz. Submit your announcement; then stay tuned to AM360.org. Community Buzz is being planned to be a fun and enlightening weekly program to help bring communities together nationwide in a social context that inspires, encourages, and let’s us appreciate all our accomplishments. Now you’ve heard!

CWSC Now An Amazon Smile Partner!

If and when you’re shopping at Amazon, we hope you’ll always go first to our homepage and click on the Amazon Smile link where a percentage of all your purchases benefit our nonprofit operations.

CWSC Non-Profit Institution Grants Program

“Think for surely thinking profits the thinker”―Prophet Muhammed (S)

CWSCGrantsProgramA new program to encourage institutions toward creative problem solving has been approved by the CWSC Board of Directors and authorized initial funding of $750 for an award to a nonprofit registered in the Model Communities National Resource Directory (MCNRD).

Perhaps you’ve found a way through an after school tutoring or mentors program to reach at risk youth; or maybe you’ve created a clothing or coats program to help those most in need–the homeless and dispossessed. Or maybe you’ve partnered with an agency or other faith-based institution and helped enhance the overall approach that has been more successful in reducing crime, or domestic violence or drug abuse, and you’re able to document your organization’s creative contribution.

CWSC wants to know the results of your creative community development projects so we can share it on Community Buzz, or publish the results through the National Think Tank  or feature you in the Speakers Bureau to share the program with the nation! And finally, maybe your program will be selected for a CWSC Grant. That’s what the power of an integrated intelligentsia and group intellect can do for you and all of us.

The CWSC Grants Program is being designed right now and Insha Allah will roll out this year with selection and award criteria for selecting the best designed community service programs. Nominations can be made by CWSC volunteers consultants or the organization itself. Stay tuned for more information.

MCNRD Volunteer News…

We recognize our outstanding volunteers across the country working diligently to serve you and fellow believers through CWSC’s National Resource Center.

If you’d like to work at a national level helping communities nationwide while contributing your knowledge, skills and experience, then join us at MCNRD…together we can remake the world.

Looking for…

  • A millennial co-host for the CWSC Friday Roundtable. Send interest to info@cwsc.us for any of the responsibilities listed herein.
  • A Director for the CWSC National Speakers Bureau.
  • Interns or students 15-22 years of age to cover international areas of the world weekly and produce news snippets for the AM360 international audience.
  • Grantwriter(s) to identify CWSC Operations eligible for grants and to complete and track applications.

Congratulations to…

Dr. Ameena Ali begins work with the U.N. via Intention: Gambia (IG) an Ethnological Think Tank for Diaspora Plans, Program and Support for The Republic of The Gambia. IG will work on community health, wellness and sustainable programs, projects and In-Residence programs. Read more here

Kariem Hasan has been appointed Assistant Director for CWSC Ambassador Programs and National Leadership Advisory Council. Kariem is concurrently the General Manager for AM360 Radio. In his new role, he will help oversee CWSC’s relations with other organizations and encourage maximum mutual respect, appreciation and appropriate collaboration among national entities serving the same constituency and operating insdie the same shared freedom space as CWSC. He will also help CWSC’s relations with interfaith organizations.

Imam Abdul-Hakim Abdullah has been appointed to Deputy Executive Director for the CWSC. He concurrently serves as CEO for the AM360 Radio Network. As the second highest ranking executive in the CWSC, he will help oversee all CWSC operations and governance and directly assists the Office of CWSC Executive Director.

Darlene Muhammad has been appointed Corporate Advertising & Business Manager and will field all advertising requests on AM360 plus manage corporate sponsorship, in-kind contribution and barter programs.

Debbie Shankman has been appointed CWSC Director for Christian-Muslim Relations and will work to connect CWSC to Christian organizations especially for implementation of Faith-Based Collaboratives.

Latifah Hamin is the new and first AM360 Ombudsman! The Ombudsman is the formal primary communication link between the AM360 Senior Management Team and an AM360 listener who is seeking to provide or receive formal feedback about their listener experience. The Ombudsman keeps the AM360 Senior Management Team informed on how listeners feel about programming and station policy and help listeners understand why the management team makes the decisions it does. The Office of the Ombudsman investigates listener concerns and issues of broadcasting ethics and may interface with CWSC’s public affairs or ethics offices to make suggestions to Senior Management on AM360 policy positions.

Welcome new MCNRD volunteers Imam Delacie Umar, Myreon Michael Smallwood, Zakiyyah Abdul Raheem, Taqiyy Malik, Lorna Sister “L” Lightner, Sultana Ali, and Kamp Khalil! We’re looking forward to sharing, learning and supporting your intellects and/or institutions in helping to remake the world!

We ask Allah’s (SWT) blessings on all those assuming new leadership and management roles and on all our volunteers and leaders inside and outside the CWSC…together we can remake the world!

$1.23 Million in Interfaith Volunteer Time!

NATIONAL –  That’s the cumulative total to date of the volunteer hours contributed through CWSC’s National Resource Center to help our communities.

What portion has gone to your masjid, school, or other nonprofit center?

Register your institution for free and connect with a nationwide group intellect of talented resources willing and able to help your reach your operational, administrative and managerial goals.

Plus when you enter the CWSC Network, your programs and success can be shared in a practical way with others who want to know how you accomplished what you accomplished. Maybe you’ve been able to successfully tackle an issue others are dealing with. Each of us can have an answer to a problem, but if we keep it to ourselves, it’s a great light under a bush. Share through the CWSC national intelligentsia…together we can remake the world! 

New Programming Coming to AM360!

NATIONAL – American Muslim 360 Radio is excited to welcome the following new hosts and programs to the studio:

Imam Hananiah Shabazz, Breaking the Habit and Criminal Justice Reform; Imam Delacie Umar, Making It in the Land of Plenty; Imam Bilal Saleem, Prisoner Reform …

So with all of the wonderful programming at AM360, and especially now that we’ve welcomed the latest intellects aboard, one might ask: “Just what is the goal of AM360? Is it to have a talk radio station? Is it to have a aplace where the common believer’s voice can not only be heard, but where his or her intellect is respected and his voice protected? Is it to help address racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia and violent religious extremism in all its forms? Is it to encourage both interfaith dialogue and collaboration? Or is it to bring us together in townhall fashion to discuss difficult problems, issues and possible solutions, and challenges to reach the goal? Is it to share best practices to help continually improve our model communities across the country? Or is it to share our successes so we can inspire one another to greatness? If you had difficulty choosing one, don’t fret because it’s each one and a whole lot more.

Yet the greatest goal of AM360 is not just being a radio station, but being an intelligentsia component integrated into a wider vision to create the space for dialogue AND action! To move us from out of the cave of darkness and into the society ready to remake the world. So the next time you’re listening to an AM360 program, and your passionate about the subject matter or you’ve called in to share a comment, or the program just concluded and the host has signed off. Don’t think or say we need to do this or we need to do that. Instead say, I will volunteer to do this or I know someone who will likely volunteer to do that, because words make people…but it will take people to remake the world.

Thank you to our new hosts and the AM360 Senior Management Team, M. Nailah Abdullah (Programming Manager), Kariem Hasan (Station General Manager), and Imam Abdul-Hakim Abdullah (CEO) for the tremendous work getting our new hosts ready to help remake the world from the host seat of AM360.org.

Stay connected to the #1 Islamic radio station in the nation, American Muslim 360 at AM360.org or (701) 719-4197…the place where your intellect is respected and your voice protected

CWSC Scholarship Cycle Opens February

Encouraging academic excellence, civic engagement and historic preservation

The WMP Scholarship

Scholarships are another intelligentsia component at CWSC and focuses on the fact that while we’re working on any number of issues at any point in time, we must devote resources simultaneously to secure our next generation intelligentsia leaders. Each February during African American History Month through June, our scholarship cycle opens to qualified matriculating college-bound high school and current college students of all faiths.

In addition to providing cash funds to pay for higher education, our scholarships feature a historical and cultural preservation component that offers families of pioneers the ability to open nationally supported, tax deductible college scholarships in honor of a pioneer.

Through MAP scholarships, CWSC is a national scholarship administrator helping families establish lasting legacies for those who helped make a home for Al-Islam and/or religious freedom and civil rights in America.  In essence, the next generation will learn about our pioneers’ contributions and be inspired to not only get an education, but to also be civically engaged in helping to remake the world.

Because of the generosity of families in the MAP program and donor support, we now offer five (5) scholarships including the Payton Next Generation Scholarship; Taheerah R. Muhammad Educational Excellence Scholarship; Twin Servant of Peace Excellence in Broadcasting & Communication Scholarship; Words Make People Literary Excellence & Scholarship Award honoring Imam W. Deen Mohammed; and the Yahya K. Muhammad Business & Community Leadership Award.

CWSC Scholarships helps us show our students we care about their future and need their voice and intellect at the table of shuraa baynahum for the community’s future. Encouraging our students and making a contribution to higher education through college funding are great blessings for us all.

To apply, contribute to a scholarship or start a scholarship in the name of your loved one, either current or posthumously; visit Scholarships right here at CWSC…their future is our future.

Thank you to Qur’an Shakir, CWSC Scholarships Director for her leadership. Hear a special encore broadcast on CWSC Scholarship Programs on the Power of Educating Our Own. Contact the Director at  sharingourlegacy@gmail.com or info@cwsc.us.


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