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Mukhtar Muhammad completes tenure; M. Nailah Abdullah to be named Executive Director


Imam Abdul Azeez
NLAC Director | (910) 317-0297

“Who is he that will loan to Allah a beautiful loan? For Allah will increase it manifold to his credit, and he will have besides a liberal Reward.”Al-Qur’an, 57:11

NORTH CAROLINA[UPDATE: Click here to witness the new Executive Director take the Oath of Office in a historic July 10, 2020 installation ceremony.]

Community Wide Shuraa Conference™, Inc. (CWSC) today announces that its Executive Director, Mukhtar Muhammad, will complete his tenure in office on July 10, 2020, and will become Executive Director Emeritus; he will continue to serve with the CWSC Board of Directors through a brief transition period. Muhammad will be succeeded by M. Nailah Abdullah, CWSC Corporate Secretary, who will assume the title of Executive Director on the same day in a ceremony that will broadcast live 9 a.m. (EST) on the CWSC Friday Roundtable on American Muslim 360® ( Muhammad gives his final or “exit” interview with the Roundtable at 9 a.m. (EST) Friday, July 3rd with national talk show host Michael Hameen of Not Juz Talk.

“I am grateful for Mukhtar’s leadership and vision with which he has led our Board and the entire CWSC Team. He has helped guide the institution through its critical formation period succeeding our founder, Imam Thomas Abdul Salaam (R), and navigated through some challenging times with superb agility, transparency, accountability and always with a commitment to shuraa baynahum or faith-based mutual and respectful consultation,” said Abdullah. Mukhtar’s stewardship that has taken us from the United Nations to Capitol Hill, and his approach to integrating our intelligentsia family to become a leading national resource center for communities across the nation, will be ingrained in our corporate culture for years to come. I look forward to assuming the leadership mantle for our institution that is firmly on a path of achievement and continued progress.”

“It is most appropriate as we enter CWSC’s 6th year of corporate operations and commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of American Muslim 360, that we name a new leader that has distinguished herself not only as an able administrator having served in multiple senior advisory roles for CWSC, but also serving as a leader in senior management at our flagship intelligentsia, American Muslim 360,” said Muhammad. Her extensive knowledge of our administrative and operational systems, ability to problem solve under demanding circumstances, and the temperament to lead in an increasingly complex and growing institutional environment are exactly what CWSC need to continue forward. Nailah is well prepared to lead from this office, and I am confident in her ability to continue the great work of our founder and help us build upon what we have accomplished.” 

Muhammad Background

Mukhtar Muhammad

Muhammad has had a distinguished military career as both an enlisted and commissioned naval officer. After serving as an organization blueprint thought partner with founder Imam Thomas Abdul Salaam, he joined CWSC at its founding in 2013, serving as its first corporate secretary and director for strategic planning. He was elected Executive Director in 2015. He has an extensive history of civic service and leadership as chief of staff, convener masjlis ashuraa, national consultant to faith-based institutions, and Muslim Student Association president. He was appointed to the former Islamic Affairs Council by Imam Dr. W. Deen Mohammed (R) to serve communities nationally.

Muhammad is a principal at and vice president for national retailer FAMACO Publishers, LLC and In addition to serving as CWSC Executive Director, he is a distinguished lecturer in the CWSC Speaker’s Bureau, a national AM360 talk show host for the weekly CWSC Building the Community Life Seminar, and author of the book Genesis of New American Leadership.

Abdullah Background

M. Nailah Abdullah

M. Nailah Abdullah is founder and director of KNOW ME / No Me, LLC, an institute focused on health, education and youth empowerment. She joined CWSC in 2013 at its first national conference held at Masjid Omar Ibn Sayeed in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She has served on the CWSC Board of Directors as Corporate Secretary and Financial Director.

“We have a great team of leaders and supporters at all levels of our institution. We’ve been working diligently over the years, methodically, carefully, and strategically building a national intelligentsia and resource center to serve institutions nationwide. Both Imam Mohammed and our founder Imam Thomas Abdul-Salaam were visionaries; each left some powerful blueprints for construction. And as CWSC continues with Nailah at the helm, I am confident our best days helping communities are ahead, because Allah (SWT) has always been with us guiding our spirit, our intellects, our faith and our hearts. CWSC will continue moving forward because it’s not dependent on any one person or personality, but upon the resourceful people that represent the productive life of society. Nailah has proven to be among the most resourceful persons our group intellect is blessed to have,” said Muhammad.

A long time proponent of civic engagement, Abdullah is passionate about involving youth in their community. As a local community organizer and certified trainer in community development and direct action education strategies in social awareness, she has served in senior strategic planning and development positions in the non-profit sector for other organizations including on the boards of Tampa Bay Area Muslim Association and Florida Conference of Muslim Americans.

Abdullah is also a distinguished lecturer in the CWSC Speakers Bureau and has served as Programming Manager for AM360 and national talk show host for several weekly programs including Community Buzz, A Good Book and Community DevelopMental Stages. She was most recently awarded Volunteer of the Year by the CWSC during its 10th Anniversary Celebration for AM360 in Cozumel, Mexico.

About Community Wide Shuraa Conference, Inc.

Community Wide Shuraa Conference, Inc. (CWSC) is a tax-exempt IRS Section 501(c)(3) public charity and faith-based non-partisan national conference bringing together diverse human resources with the desire, knowledge and experience to help achieve the highest level of excellence in community life. CWSC does not discriminate on the basis of color, race, religion, ethnic or national origin in its community outreach. Through our programs and intelligentsia components including think tank, speakers bureau, broadcasting center, and volunteer resource network, we’re unleashing and harnessing the full capacity inherent in the group intellect. Together we can remake the world. For more information, email or call (910) 317-0297. Stay connected online here and tune in daily to live and podcast programming at


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  • As Salaamu Alaikum
    Thank you brother Mukthar for all your dedication and hard work over the years. Thank you for a successful 10 year celebration of the beautiful Carnival Cruise. Musa and I had a great time and we appreciate you and the recognition you gave us on the cruise. CWSC such a blessing to our community. Our leader Imam W. Deen Muhammad (may Allah forgive his sins and grant him the paradise) would be so proud of the growth and accomplishments of the CWSC. Congrats to you sister Nailah Abdullah. May Allah continue to bless you (us) all.

  • Alhamdulilah, we thank you Mukhtar Muhammad for the guidance you have provided in the building of cwsc and its intelligentsia components and your excellent leadership you have demonstrated as executive director, and mentor. Alhamdullilah, Kudos to you my dear Martha Nailah for your skills and abilities to wear so many hats and be as proficient in all of them, blessings to you and your promotion to executive director you will do great in your new role, Alhamdullilah. Hugs and Love to each of you.

  • Imam Askia Muhammad Aquil

    As Salaam Alaikum, Dear beloved Believers. Allah SWT says never will He allow the good deeds and noble works of those who are sincere to be in vain. He encourages and instructs us to strive with your whole selves — your gifts, talents, skills, wealth, intellect — with firm knowledge and full confidence that the goals of your striving are being actualized moment by moment, day by day,… that you are seeing and making your vision become reality with every step you take. This is the fulfillment of The Promise of G-d The Merciful Benefactor, Merciful Redeemer.

    Taste the rewards made manifest before your/our very eyes, beloved Brother Mukhtar, Sister Nailah and others who have built CWSC to what it is today and who will build it into what it is destined to become in the years ahead masha Allah.

  • Arlene El-Amin

    Salute to Bro. Mukthar for your years of dedication, stepping in and up when the Twin Servant returned to his Lord. Congrats to Sis Abdullah on assuming the top job. CWSC will not skip a beat in this transition.

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