Re-imagining the world as it can be…

“We cannot fight with only faith and good intentions. We have to fight with knowledge.”—Imam Dr. W. Deen Mohammed (R)

NATIONAL — CWSC is seeking writers, researchers, medical and health professionals, community activists, and all affected by COVID-19 and who wish to have their voice represented in a national publication to begin work on the National Think Tank Publication Re-Opening the U.S. Economy, Intellect, Faith and Heart: A Post COVID-19 Path to Resetting the Social and Economic Balance of Justice.

Calendar year 2020 has been certainly an usual year for us all. But for CWSC it’s also been one of our most productive and we’re not even half way through the year!
Those who have been working diligently behind the scenes to plan and execute several CWSC major initiatives, including: Eyes on Our Communities; the Annual AM360 Special Ramadan Daily Programming; CWSC AM360 Ramadan Telethon; the Global Day of PrayerAM360 Food Drive; the 2-day Grand Gala 10th Anniversary Celebration, Town Halls and more, in addition to our regular administrative schedule have earned a much needed break! To say the least, volunteers are getting some much needed rest and time for reflection as the Blessed Month of Ramadan just left us. 
However, the challenges facing all of us are so urgent, especially for our next major task, that we ask you to begin thinking now about making a difference in a more unique way than many may be accustomed. We need everyone reading this, to in some way contribute to the pending intelligentsia project that is underway, namely a Resolution  Paper published by the CWSC National Think Tank that can be shared nationally and globally with institutions, leaders, and opinion makers who are shaping public policy and discourse on one of the most important issues of our time: Getting to a better society in recovering from COVID-19’s devastating impacts on lives and livelihoods.
When we began the preliminary thinking on this project, the murder of Mr. George Floyd had not occurred. Now the world has changed not only due to COVID-19, but also from Mr. Floyd’s tragic death. A pathway has opened to us to help re-imagine the world we want for ourselves future generations to live in. The CWSC National Think Tank has been founded for just such a task, but it requires your participation and we must seize the momentum in capturing the best thinking, the best feeling, and the best intention now while all of us as a group intellect have been reading the Qur’an.
The task is a great one, but not one we have not tackled before using the same methodology of forming an ad hoc team and inviting all to contribute to the best of his or her ability. Results from our prior effort led to the General Assembly of the United Nations asking for presentation of the CWSC Paper that was produced with your help.
We ask for your help again. Those who are in the medical, scientific, political, economic, social justice and community activist arenas, imams, writers, editors, and English teachers…your intellects will be needed. However, make no mistake! This call is not about those with or without degrees. This call is for all believers who have been impacted by the circumstances of COVID-19 and have the heart, mind and concern to want to make a difference right here, right now as the country seeks to open up again! What do you want the country to look like? Do you want to go back to the past, or suggest a new vision for America? The document we produce must reflect not only the group intellect, but also the group sentiment and that means you cannot simply leave the task to someone else. Contribute what you can…indeed what you must!
Now’s your chance to make the type of difference that’s needed to impact decision makers and policy shapers. What is required is a White Paper, Resolution or similar document that can be published and shared with the Brookings Institute or Pew Research or The Center for Strategic and International  Studies and other think tanks and decision makers and leaders. If you want to remake the world, then we ask you to do 3 things as quickly as possible, to take maximum advantage of so many of us completing the reading of the entire Qur’an.
1. Send immediately for compilation and consideration all Ayahs that can be used as references in a document addressing any aspect of COVID-19 whether physical or mental health, economic, political, public safety, freedom, privacy and civil liberties, the balance between science and faith, social-justice or equity related public policy concerns, and how leaders and government ought to make decisions. For our fellow interfaith brethren, do the same using your Scriptures.
Additionally, forward your ideas on what we should do about education and work, and the inequities experienced by the elderly, minority, historically disadvantaged communities, and women that were again glaringly apparent. etc…basically any aspect of how we should as a society move forward that is more fair and just to all citizens.
2. Send an email to with the subject line…YES, I will help. An then enter into the body of the email, Yes, I will contribute my intellect, energy and time to the best of my ability to help produce: Re-Opening the U.S. Economy, Intellect, Faith and Heart: A Post COVID-19 Path to Resetting the Social and Economic Balance of Justice (preliminary title).
Note we will not be delaying the publication and distribution of this document because of primary research methodology. We will use secondary research and statistics which abound plenty. What is needed is for us to put our hearts and minds together right here–right now and get it done, so the world can benefit as quickly as possible.
3. Tune in for the National Town Hall: Black Lives Matter Too.
4. Pray to our Lord for His Help in aiding the group intellect in this effort, just like we prayed for His Aid eradicating the virus during the Global Day of Prayer.
That’s it! Once you reply to item 1 & 2, additional information will be sent on how you can be a part of the Ad hoc group intellect team that will publish what may well be the most important document to date put forth by our national intelligentsia. The Global Day of Prayer was part one of our contribution to the world to recover from COVID-19 pursuant to Al-Qur’an. Now the second part exertion of the intellect pursuant to the Qur’an and the Life Example of Muhammed the Prophet (prayers and peace be upon him) must proceed. “Think for surely thinking profits the thinker”–Prophet Muhammed (pbuh).
Thank you for your consideration. And remember…the global community is waiting on this Group Intellect…and together we can remake the world!