Rewind Paris Attacks & Syrian Crisis on American Muslim 360 Radio

Paris Attacks & Syrian Crisis on AM360


NATIONAL ― As-Salaam-Alaikum (Peace be with you).

Hear an encore presentation of AM360’s Clear Talk’s panel discussion on the Paris Attacks & Syrian Crisis at American Muslim 360 with hosts Mustafa & Kim Mujahid…featuring special guests Imam Kashif Abdul Karim of Muhammed Islamic Center of Greater Hartford, CT; Mongi Dhaoudi, Executive Director for Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR – Connecticut); Imam Nadim Ali of the West End Community Masjid Atlanta, Ga; Yusuf Burke, Director (CAIR Atlanta); Editor Ayesha K. Mustafaa of the Muslim Journal, and Mohamed Malak of Syria and current community activist in Atlanta, Ga. Recorded November 23, 2015.

CWSC Press Conference on Paris Attacks…


NATIONAL ― As-Salaam-Alaikum (Peace be with you).

[Paris and Syria were two major international events covered on AM360. Here’s an AM360 rewind. Let us keep our fellow global citizens in prayer.]

“Over the last few days we have witnessed yet again, horrific violence committed by extremists allegedly in the name of Islam, and I use the word allegedly because we don’t accept their ideology of ‘by any means necessary’ including the murder of innocent civilians, and other atrocities.” Mukhtar Muhammad, Executive Director, CWSC, Inc.

NATIONAL – The Community Wide Shuraa Conference (CWSC) and American Muslim 360 (AM360) leaders convened a national press conference on November 27, 2015 in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris, France. As a major media influencer in the American Muslim community, AM360 sought to lend its voice as expeditiously as possible in not only expressing condolences and condemning the attacks, but also in supporting the CWSC’s strategic efforts to address a critical weakness hampering our group intellect’s ability to elevate its work to the highest capacity to speak out and to work for greater justice in America and the world. Blessed Jumah. May Allah (SWT) bless us to elevate our work

Connecting Our Group Intellect



NATIONAL― As part of CWSC’s mission to help the Community unleash and harness the full capacity inherent in the group intellect, the national non-profit announces the deployment of the Model Communities National Resource Directory or MCNRD.  CWSC has developed the infrastructure to allow every believer to easily connect to the group intellect nationally and to use their G-d given talents to help every institution in our community.

“MCNRD will be the first national project of its kind designed to comprehensively catalog online the knowledge, skills, experience, training, degrees, and certifications held by believers committed to helping establish model communities and to connect those resources to institutions nationwide who want access to a diverse group intellect. Read more here.


Remaking the World Requires Remaking Ourselves

CWSC Invites 22 Leaders into Special Session to Preview New Online Directory


   Imam Abdul Azeez   NLAC Director

With the facilitation and servant leadership of New York’s Imam Abdul Azeez, a directing officer for CWSC, the NLAC was formed to help fellow national sister organizations periodically participate in a national Shuraa Baynahum on the big issues affecting us all. The National Leadership Advisory Council (NLAC) is a voluntary ad hoc conference hosted by the CWSC to help foster closer ties and mutually supportive relations among national institutions serving the same constituency. Because the CWSC is connected to a broad array of issues, persons and institutions through the Model Communities National Resource Directory (MCNRD)…Read more here.




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Genesis of New American LeadershipGenesis of New American Leadership. written by the Director of the CWSC, featuring a foreword by Imam Omar Shaheed and afterword by Imam Plemon T. El-Amin, Genesis of New American Leadership: Building the Community Life is one of the most powerful books from the American Muslim perspective since The Autobiography of Malcolm X!…It is the text from which organizations in the Association of Imam W. Deen  Mohammed adapted their mission statements.  An examination of how millions of American Muslims moved from theocratic autocracy toward true Islamic democracy and the lessons for today’s leaders. Provocative, yet pragmatic, universal yet specific and one of the most intriguing books ever written by an American author on leadership. For Muslims this book is about the genesis of a new responsibility and for the non-Muslim, it is about the genesis of a new understanding and acceptance.  FPLLC Qalam Books Division, English, hardcover, dust jacket, reference text: 336p.

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