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UNGASS - On Global Drug Policy & Mass Incarceration

NEW YORK - CWSC in partnership with the United Nations (U.N.) NGO Samuel Dewitt Proctor Conference, joins the Special Multi-faith Brain Trust Consultant Group in Washington, D.C. in preparation for the U.N. General Assembly Special Session  (UNGASS) on Global Drug Policy and Criminal Justice Reform. CWSC later presented a historic Resolution at U.N. Headquarters.

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20/20 Interfaith Cruise to Cozumel

TAMPA | COZUMEL - CWSC on behalf of its Board of Directors, American Muslim 360™ and all honorary chairs and co-chairs invite you, your family, and institution to an unprecedented gathering of our faith group intellect in honor of our American Muslim Intelligentsia and announce the CWSC AM360 20/20 National Intelligentsia Interfaith Cruise to Cozumel featuring Jumah-at-Sea, National Symposium Conference, Gala & Awards...

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CWS61 - Women's Global Economic Empowerment

NEW YORK - CWSC in partnership with U.N. NGO The GRAIL, presented its position paper to help strengthen implementation of the U.N.'s Millennium Development Goals for Gender Equality at the Women’s Economic Empowerment in the Changing World of Work Conference sponsored by the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), an organ of the United Nations Headquarters.

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CWSC In Central America for Brazilian Research Project


SÃO CARLOS, BRAZIL - At the behest of Brazilian Doctor and researcher Camila Simões Rosa of the Federal University of São Carlos, Mestre em Educação, Brazil, who was inspired by the CWSC Resolution on Criminal Justice and Drug Policy Reform, Dr. Aisha Kareem, Director Emeritus CWSC International Relations and a former chaplain in the California State Department of Corrections, traveled to Brazil in support of an academic study project under the scholarship of Rosa. Dr. Aisha was blessed to contribute to the research publication: Intersectionality and Its Contributions to Understanding the Imprisonment of Black Women (2018). We congratulate another American Muslim intelligentsia contributor to the project, the Muslim American Chaplains Association; and congratulations also to Dr.Camila Simões Rosa on her attainment of her doctoral degree...thank you for helping remake the world! Click here for a special message from Dr. Rosa for the CWSC Respect for Women Campaign. (Photo courtesy of PXfuel)

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Training & Development

Knowledge of how the U.N. and other institutions and international law operate are important to be a successful international volunteer. The OIR is supported by other institutions and several more CWSC Intelligentsia Components including our broadcasting center and National Think Tank...all helping to develop capable international volunteers.

Volunteer Abroad

Connecting hearts and intellects domestically and internationally allows the OIR to expand the group intellect for unprecedented problem solving and outreach that benefits all participants. Check here to see study, cultural enrichment, international aid work, and other outreach opportunities available abroad.

What If

The one thing we can all give is the benefit of our thinking even if we're constrained from volunteering due to our schedule. All begins with an idea. Take the What if Challenge and dare to dream of a world where the ideal is the norm and people are willing to put forth the work and time to make it a reality. The difference between a dream and a vision might just be you and your idea.

International Decade for People of African Descent

The International Decade for People of African Descent, 2015–2024, was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in  Resolution 68/237 adopted on 23 December 2013. The theme of the International Decade is "People of African Descent: Recognition, Justice and Development." Click here to learn more.

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"For mankind to be prepared for global excellence, we have to be universal in our heart, thinking, and aspirations. Allah (SWT) said, 'You are one community brought out for the good of all people.”

~ Imam Dr. W. Deen Mohammed (R)