The CWSC Respect for Women Campaign


Praise be to Allah (SWT) our support for respect for women via the CWSC Respect for Women Campaign is multi-ethnic, multi-national, and interfaith–going to the global level with the participation of international CWSC collaborator Dr. Camilla Rosa of São Carlos, Brazil who recently joined the Campaign. Click on the “listen” above to get a preview of the new PSA (public service announcements) now airing on Dr. Rosa collaborated on the CWSC Resolution to the United Nations on Mass Incarceration and Criminal Justice Reforms after the CWSC presentation at U.N. Headquarters in New York.

Dr. Camilla joined leaders from around the U.S., from the Council of American Islamic Relations, Georgia to the Convener of Imams, Association of Imam Dr. W. Deen Mohammed (R), in expressing the need to change the conversation on respect for women to include all of us; and to recognize that issues from domestic violence to unfair discrimination all stem from the same root cause…viewing women as unequal and undeserving. The CWSC Campaign asks all of us to take a stand and ends with a question: “What are you willing to do?”  


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