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Intelligentsia Presentations

Community Wide Shuraa Conference and American Muslim 360 in proud collaboration with the Mohammed Schools National Alumni Association, Islam in America Movement, Muslim Enterprise Institute, Muslim Women in Action, Muslim Men in Action, Ash Shifa, Inc., Masjid Warithud-Deen Mohammed and Masjid Al-Qur’an in Houston, Texas, Muslim Journal, the Nation’s Mosque Masjid Muhammad in Washington, DC, A New Day for Al Islam In America (AIM) Radio, and all our Honorary Co-chairs and Committee Members is honored to host the 20/20 National Intelligentsia Interfaith Cruise to Cozumel.

Intelligentsia Symposium Presentation Guide


The following information is also available in pdf format. See also Pre-Cruise Tampa Events.


Intelligentsia Presentations are only part of your cruise experience. From spas, 24-hour room service, shopping, shore excursions, on board movies and more activities for the whole family, you’ll be on a deluxe vacation. We’ve left time for personal, family and friend moments. From watching a unique sunrise at sea to enjoying cuisine par excellence, the Paradise will offer a unique vacation experience with your friends, family and community…an experience to remember for a lifetime! If you reserve your cabin on or after November 7, then you’ll need to click here for an All Access Intelligentsia Presentation Pass for entry into scheduled CWSC events aboard ship.* Stay tuned to for updates. See homepage for Cruise Tips, FAQs, Itinerary, Award Nominees, Sponsorship & more! CWSC reserves the right to record scheduled events and to use such images in its discretion for educational, promotional or other uses. Click here to see a Profile on 

Guide for Salat

7:04 a.m. Sunrise / Zhur 1:00 p.m. / Asr 4:21 p.m. / Maghrib 6:54 p.m. / Isha 8:03 p.m.

Muezzins & Imams. Each day will have an assigned team of leaders for congregational prayers.

Morning prayers will be followed by Halaqa Sessions.

Dinner Seating

8:15 p.m. is the CWSC Preferred Group Dinner Seating. Note: When you reserve your stateroom, CWSC recommends you select the 2nd or Late Dinner Seating to dine with your fellow CWSC Conferees as much as possible; coordinate your attendance at planned CWSC events; and facilitate dinner around your port visit to Cozumel.

Assigned Muezzins: / Imams: TBD

12 noon Begin Boarding

Cruise Conferees’ Informal Welcome (Meet & Greet) – Distribute Cruise Program Books

4 p.m. – Salaam Bon Voyage

4:30 p.m. Asr

5:15 – 5:45 p.m. Special Meet & Greet AM360 National Radio Talk Show Hosts.

The #1 Islamic radio station in the nation where your intellect is respected and your voice protected is a 24/7 award-winning international broadcasting center and intelligentsia component of the Community Wide Shuraa Conference, bringing quality faith programming on topics addressing criminal justice reform to religious extremism, to healthy marriages, parenting and family relationships. Meet the team behind 70+ programs live and podcast programs, nearly 10,000 episodes, a 600.000 listen level and 10 years of excellence in broadcasting. Facilitators: AM360 Programming Manager, AM360 CEO Emeritus, and AM360 CEO.

6 p.m. – Intelligentsia Presentation #1: Courtship & Marriage Learning Lab with AM360 Host Mark Shahid.

Thousands have tuned in over the years for a national discussion on what it takes to not only find the other half, but to enjoy a blissful relationship with their best half filled with love and faith. What better opportunity for faith-based romance than to be aboard the 20/20 CWSC AM360 Cruise to Cozumel. Don’t miss this Live & In-person CWSC Learning Lab with AM360 Host Mark Shahid. Presentation begins with Salatul Maghrib and conclude with Salatul Isha.

Faith Courtship Cafe begins Thursday evening. Daily Meeting Place for persons seeking their best half. Coordinators. TBD First Evening at sea the Courtship & Marriage Learning Lab will announce the Faith Courtship Café, a daily meeting place for believers to chat and socialize around the theme of Courtship & Marriage and present opportunities for persons desiring marriage to meet one another as early as possible in the Cruise and to be informed as to where the Faith Courtship Cafe is located each day.

8:03 Salatul Isha

8:15 p.m. – CWSC Preferred Group Dinner Seating

10 p.m. CWSC NLAC Meeting with national leaders from other organizations (Location TBD) Group pictures.


5:51a – Fajr Prayer Assigned Muezzins / Imams: (TBD)

Halaqa Session. 

Intelligentsia Presentation #2. Intrafaith Panel Discussion 1.0: On the State of Al-Islam in America – A Discussion Moderated by the “Sons of Pioneers.” Panelists: AM360 National Talk Show Hosts Michael Hameen, Mahasin Abdul Salaam, Qur’an Shakir, and Imam Hananiah Shabazz.

Black Lives Matter, Me Too Movement, the Catholic Church and other erosion of confidence leadership scandals, the rise of a new radical violent extremism and “new racism,” the growing racial divide and polarization, the new terrorism, the new societal gender complexity, the Muslim immigration ban, the womb to prison pipeline and effect on schools, families and communities, mass gun violence, criminal justice system, drug crisis, domestic violence, growing economic inequality, affordable healthcare, the caustic nature of political and other free speech discourse, Trumpism, Pew Research findings on generational faith identity in the West, a debatable decline in American exceptionalism and global leadership and much more, all pose challenges to American Muslims as they do for other faith communities; after all our shared freedom space is not immune to the outer environment. How are we responding and what are we doing to make things better?

At the same time, there are historic gains being made across the spectrum for American Muslims.

So What is the State of Al-Islam in America? A thoughtful discussion must offer a fair and balanced assessment on both the challenges and opportunities facing American Muslims seeking to remake the world.

This Straight to the Point Town Hall panel discussion will be moderated by the Sons of Pioneers author, national community leader and activist Imam Qasim Amin Nathari and author, business and community leader CWSC Executive Director Mukhtar Muhammad.

For maximum group intellect engagement, Cruise Conferees are asked to email in advance questions or comments for panelists at

8:45 a.m. CWSC 20/20 Planning Team Meeting. (Location TBD)

Jumah-at-Sea (Be sure to bring your prayer rug) 1 p.m. Adhan 1:05 p.m. 2nd Adhan

Guest Khatib: Imam Dr. Talib Shareef, President Masjid Muhammad Washington, DC (The Nation’s Mosque)

4:25 p.m. Salatul Asr

7 p.m. Salatul Maghrib

7:30 p.m. CWSC 20/20 Planning Team Meeting (Location TBD)

8:05 p.m. Salatul Isha

8:15 p.m. CWSC Preferred Group Dinner Seating


5:51a.m. Fajr Prayer

Assigned Muezzin / Imams:TBD Halaqa Session. Facilitators: Dr. Ameena Ali & Imam Hananiah Shabazz Breakfast

Intelligentsia Presentation #3: Connecting with the Global Group Intellect: Engaging with the United Nations & NGOs to Help Remake the World…Spotlight On Intention Gambia with Imam Hananiah Shabazz and Dr. Ameena Ali.

Both the Bible and the Qur’an speak of the “Least of Us” and the obligation of those who have more to those who have less. Imam Hananiah Shabazz, Leader of The Zaid Ibn Harith Islamic Center and national AM360 talk show host for Criminal Justice Reform and Breaking the Habit; and Dr. Ameena Ali, Special U.N. Envoy, and  AM360 National Talk Show Host for The Birth of Women present, a special discussion on the why and how of foreign aid and assistance volunteering abroad and how extending our hearts, minds, and hands aid in the mutual benefit of the giver and receiver. Learn how our connections at the global level of the group intellect create new opportunities for problem-solving and leverage the capacity for doing good. Learn about volunteering in a foreign land or supporting such efforts.

8 a.m. Visit in Port Cozumel

Remaking Our World 90-minute On the Ground Neighborly Needs Community Service Project in Cozumel. TBD

1:00 p.m. Salatul Zhur (for those choosing to remain aboard ship)

4:30 p.m. Salatul Asr (for those choosing to remain aboard ship)

6 p.m. Depart Cozumel

6:30 p.m. Asr Prayer Congregational Makeup for Port Visitors

7 p.m. Salatul Maghrib

8:05 Salatul Isha

8:15 p.m. CWSC Preferred Group Dinner Seating

10 p.m. 20/20 Event Planning Team Meeting


5:51 a.m. Fajr Prayer

Assigned Muezzin / Imams: TBD

Halaqa Session. 

Intelligentsia Presentation #5. Estate Planning & Organizing Learning Lab. Facilitator (TBD)

Muslims belong to a religious minority representing less than 5% of the U.S. population and with relatives who may not be Muslim (practicing or otherwise). Such demographic challenges can present significant challenges for individuals, families and institutions left to pick up the pieces when proper estate planning has been neglected. Learn now how to plan and prevent a crisis…not of faith, but of poor planning.

Intelligentsia Presentation #6: Financial Literacy = Financial Liberation with AM360 Host Imam Nazim Pasha.

The owner of NPFF, a financial literacy practice and Director for CWSC Faith-Based Collaboratives, each week Imam Nazim Pasha brings powerful concepts to gain mastery over our financial affairs to get our lives back. Now meet and greet Imam Nazim Pasha & Guests in person for a presentation that can change your family’s life for generations to come. Begins with Salatul Mahgrib (at 6:54 p.m.)

9 a.m. 20/20 Event Planning Team Meeting.

11 a.m. Intelligentsia Presentation #7: Published Authors’ Circle 1.0 Meet & Greet with published authors in the American Muslim Intelligentsia. Get your book autographed! Purchase in advance at the CWSC Site and bring your personal copy on the cruise. Coordinator: M. Nailah Williams, AM360 Host of the weekly show “A Good Book.” Published Authors Register here. Plus Intelligentsia Presentation #8: Published Author’s Circle 2.0 A Self-Publishing Learning Lab Panel Discussion with Lead Facilitator Imam Qasim Amin Nathari. Everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone has one to sell. Learn from a panel of published authors what it takes to go from dream to reality…from manuscript to your own trade publication and beyond. Learn from published authors on what it takes to stick to the task from start to finish. Presentation will pause for Salatul Zhur 1 p.m.. Panelists: TBD.

12 p.m. Intelligentsia Presentation #10, Gala Awards Celebration with:

Special Tribute Presentation & Posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award In Recognition and Honor of the Twin Servant of Peace Imam Thomas Abdul Salaam (R). It was in 2010, that Imam Thomas, founder of AM360 and CWSC courageously took the steps to connect our intellects and our work by officially turning an idea into a reality; moving from paper to people and from thought to action. He would devote his time, energy, intellect and funds and the remainder of his life in the service of Allah (SWT) to establish both a national broadcasting network and a national intelligentsia in service to communities across the country and now beyond. And now by Allah (SWT) what began in one person’s mind has now grown to include all of us and is still growing crossing ethnic, religious, cultural and geographical boundaries. The CWSC, AM360 and the entire community honors his contribution in a special way.

Guest Speaker: Attorney Edward Ahmed Mitchell, Executive Director, Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) Georgia on Diversity & Inclusion: Essential Elements in Respecting & Empowering the Group Intellect to Unleash and Harness Its Full Capacity.

Keynote Speaker: Imam Dr. Talib Shareef, President Masjid Muhammad Washington, DC (The Nation’s Mosque) on The Model of Madinah Munwarah: An Example of Faith and Diversity for Modern Civil Society Today.

Awards Ceremony honoring the contributions of current AM360 and Almuni Hosts and Staff. Special Lifetime Achievement Awards and recognition of Intelligentsia volunteers and supporters. Presiding AM360 CEO(A) Latifah A. Hameen, AM360 CEO Emeritus Dr. Aisha Kareem, AM360 Programming Manager M. Nailah Abdullah, and CWSC Executive Director Mukhtar Muhammad. View Award Nominees here

4 p.m. Intelligentsia Presentation #9: Interfaith Panel Discussion 2.0 Beyond Interfaith Dialogue to Interfaith Collaboration: Leveraging Our Faiths Nationally for the Greatest Social & Economic Justice Impact. Moderated by the Sons of Pioneers.

Faith communities have been on the front lines of problem solving and in the great moral battles for social and economic justice for millennia. Yet what is and should be the place of faith in the public square in the new diversity of modern America? What does it take today for people of faith and their faith-based institutions to practically find common ground to work together for that which is mutually beneficial to all. A Straight to the Point Town Hall panel discussion. Panelists: TBD.

For maximum participation and efficiency, Cruise Conferees are asked to email questions and comments in advance for the panel at

4:30 p.m. Salatul Zhur

7 p.m. Salatul Maghrib

8:05 Salatul Isha

8:15 – CWSC Preferred Group Dinner Seating

Team Meetings

9:40 p.m. CWSC Total Leadership Team Meeting (Group Pictures)

10:10 pm CWSC BOD Meeting Wrap-Up with Event Chairs (Group Pictures)


5:50 a.m. Fajr Prayer

Assigned Muezzin / Imams: TBD

Halaqa Circles 45 min. Facilitator: TBD


8 a.m. Arrive Tampa

Farewell. As-Salaam-Alaikum.

* All itineraries, times, ports, programming, performances, appearances, and locations subject to change without notice. All Access Pass covers additional expenses of hosting events aboard ship.