Prayer Aboard Ship


Guidance on performing Salat during your Cruise

“Allah desires for you ease; He desires not hardship for you “ (Al-Qur’an, 2:185)

And when you travel throughout the land, there is no blame upon you for shortening the prayer.” (Al-Qur’an, 4:101)
Ibn ʿOmar (may Allāh be pleased with him) said, “I accompanied the Prophet (peace and blessings upon him) in travel, he never exceeded two units of prayer. Abū Bakr, ʿOmar and ʿOthmān (may Allah be pleased with them) also did the same.” (Bukhārī, Muslim)

Mu’azh reports the Prophet was at Tabuk and the sun had passed the meridian, the Prophet (peace and blessings upon him) combined Zuhr and Asr before he started his journey. If he started his journey before the sun passed its meridian, he would delay Zuhr until the time when he stopped for Asr. He would do likewise for Maghrib. If the sun set before he began his journey, he would combine Maghrib and Isha [at that time]. If he began a journey before the sun had set, he would then combine them at the time of Isha. Related by Abu Dawud and at-Tirmizhi who call it hasan.*

Dear CWSC National Intelligentsia Cruiser:

Welcome aboard the Paradise and to the CWSC AM360 National Intelligentsia Interfaith Cruise to Cozumel. Herein, we’ve provided guidance for our daily prayers whether underway or in port.

Being aboard ship offers unique opportunities for fun, entertainment, re-creation, networking, and relaxation, but also time for reflection, focus and meditation, especially during the early morning hours. At sea, we’re provided a wonderful chance to see the majesty of the Creator’s Handiwork from a different perspective and to be together with our families and friends while enjoying a wonderful opportunity to learn something new each day about the world and about ourselves.

Whether you’re a veteran cruiser, or it’s your first time, the view underway will offer some breathtaking sunrises, sunsets, and moments in between, and Insha Allah (by His Will), all will experience a renewed appreciation for the Majesty of the One Who created all we shall see. So we’re encouraging our CWSC guests even, if you’re of a different faith to rise early with us before the sun makes it appearance. You’re welcome to observe the Early Morning Prayer or what’s called Fajr Salat just before many of our intelligentsia presentations begin. After prayer is a great time to ask questions you may have always wanted to know about Al-Islam’s most well-known practice.

For performing daily congregational prayers, please note that permissions and allowances granted for praying aboard ship and for the traveler will be in effect including determination of qiblah, shortening and joining of the following prayers in the following prescribed manner:

1. Rakats for Zhur, Asr, and Isha shall be shortened to two instead of four.
2. Zhur will be combined with the Asr Prayer and Maghrib with Isha as follows:

Thursday, March 5 – Zhur and Asr prayed during Asr period. Note that because of safety briefings, prayer assembly will be at the library at 5 p.m. Maghrib and Isha will be prayed during Maghrib period right after Courtship & Marriage Learning Lab.

Friday, March 6 – Asr will be prayed at its normal time. Maghrib and Isha will be prayed at Maghrib.

Saturday, March 7 – Zhur and Asr will be prayed during Asr period for those aboard ship. Makeup for missed prayers for those returning from ashore TBD. Maghrib and Isha will be prayed during Maghrib period.

Sunday, March 8 – Zhur and Asr will be prayed at Asr. Maghrib and Isha will be prayed at Maghrib. Note: Daylight Saving begins 2 a.m. Set clocks ahead one hour.

Monday, March 9 – Fajr will be the final congregational prayer of the Cruise.

For determining the direction of prayer, qiblah apps in the google play store or other similar apps may be helpful. Also check out Muslim Pro App for accurate prayer times. CWSC is not affiliated with any of the Apps mentioned and does not endorse Apps. A compass will be on hand among CWSC volunteers. For Fard prayers, remain in the direction ascertained at the beginning of prayer unless reliable information dictates modifying the direction because the vessel’s direction has changed while praying.

Identical allowances are recommended when performing individual prayers . All sunnah prayers can be foregone aboard ship. Be sure to pack your prayer rug!

*It is permissible to combine two prayers during the time of either one of them while traveling, regardless of whether the person is actually on the road or has stopped at a place for some time.