Vows Renewal & Wali-Walima Registration for Courtship Cafe

You’re already dressed for the ball, so why not renew your vows at the Grand Gala Celebration! Just complete the form below to share in the Vows Renewal Ceremony and make your voyage just that more special.

Plus help out for a few minutes at the Courtship Cafe and maybe you can help another believe complete half their faith by answering questions and giving sage advice on what it takes to build a strong marriage.

Thank you for signing up to help our singles mingle by being a married resource at the Courtship Cafe. Your years of wedding bliss and accumulated wisdom of what it takes to cultivate a loving and faith-filled marriage and family life can be a blessing for that believer searching for their best half.

Each day aboard the Paradise, the Courtship Cafe will be the place where our singles can meet other singles and also consult with believers like you on what you have found are the best practices and your recommended “do’s and don’ts” for a successful marriage and family beginning all the way from intention to marry to courtship, the perfect wedding and most important, after the wedding day, and even becoming a parent and grandparent.

Please consider volunteering for just 45 minutes from 3:00-3:45 p.m. on one day of the Cruise to help the singles mingle and entertain questions too as you share with them your knowledge and wisdom on courtship and marriage. It can be a  fun and a knowledge-sharing experience for all. Just complete the form below and you might help someone complete half their faith aboard Paradise!



Thank you for your submission and we’re looking forward to hosting you aboard the Paradise. Salaam Bon Voyage!