Emancipation and the Days of Celebration


Eid Greetings from CWSC

We pray this Ramadan was our best ever and that our Lord will accept our sacrifices, prayers, charities and other special devotions performed out of love for Him and our fellow man. Thank you to all our team and listeners who brought the Qur’an live on air daily at American Muslim 360 and from the wonderful group intellect that engaged in sharing and discussing the daily reading…may you be rewarded greatly. Thank you to all who purified their wealth through their generosity and support of the Annual Ramadan Telethon and for all acts of faith in unity in the Return to Innocence Campaign.

May Allah (SWT) bless you, your family and community and all the believers globally with Joyous Eid Celebrations.

May this time be a healing benefiting all humanity, especially in lands dominated by sectarianism, violence, war and strife. May men and women of goodwill by their example help restrain even those resigned to hatred, tumult and oppression, to allow Eid-ul-Fitr to be a true pause and cessation of hostilities, that peace may have a chance to bridge the divide.

Eid-Fitr Sayeed Mubarak – The CWSC Team

AM360 Special Broadcast Tribute to Imam Qasim Ahmed

NATIONAL – The Community Wide Shuraa Conference (CWSC) expresses condolences to the family of our Brother, Imam Qasim Ahmed (R).

As people of faith, we believe steadfastly our Lord Who created us and this entire Universe, has easily within grasp His Promise to reward each according to the best of deeds. For Imam Qasim, Al-Qur’an was his compass guiding him to the best in serving the Creator and his fellow man. Now join the AM360 family and our entire CWSC Intelligentsia in hosting a tribute to a family man, scholar and American Muslim leader.with a special CWSC Roundtable Friday, June 7, 2019 at 7 a.m. EST on AM360.org with special guests: the family of Imam Qasim, Imam Faheem Shuaibe, Imam Yahya Abdullah…Continue reading

Service to the Believer Conference w/ Current and Former Resident Imams June 9!

Register on or before June 7, 2019 to attend…

NATIONAL – This second Service to the Believers Teleconference is for all who have served or are currently serving as Resident Imams or Assistant Resident Imams. By Resident, we mean leaders who have been in the leadership role responsible for leading a mosque or Islamic center.

Only a few are selected to hold the honored, respected and yes challenging role as the imam or institutional leader of a masjid. You along with fellow invitees form a unique group intellect. Your advice and opinion are being sought to help design or improve one or more community service initiatives that will help communities and institutions nationwide. Click here to read more and register in advance.


Apply for CWSC Scholarships thru June 20!

Encouraging academic excellence, civic engagement and historic preservation

The WMP Scholarship

NATIONAL – Scholarships are another intelligentsia component at CWSC and focuses on the fact that while we’re working on any number of issues at any point in time, we must devote resources simultaneously to secure our next generation intelligentsia leaders. Each February during African American History Month through June, our scholarship cycle opens to qualified matriculating college-bound high school and current college students of all faiths.

In addition to providing cash funds to pay for higher education, our scholarships feature a historical and cultural preservation component that offers families of pioneers the ability to open nationally supported, tax deductible college scholarships in honor of a pioneer.

Through MAP scholarships, CWSC is a national scholarship administrator helping families establish lasting legacies for those who helped make a home for Al-Islam and/or religious freedom and civil rights in America.  In essence, the next generation will learn about our pioneers’ contributions and be inspired to not only get an education, but to also be civically engaged in helping to remake the world.

Because of the generosity of families in the MAP program and donor support, we now offer five (5) scholarships including the Payton Next Generation Scholarship; Taheerah R. Muhammad Educational Excellence Scholarship; Twin Servant of Peace Excellence in Broadcasting & Communication Scholarship; Words Make People Literary Excellence & Scholarship Award honoring Imam W. Deen Mohammed; and the Yahya K. Muhammad Business & Community Leadership Award.

CWSC Scholarships helps us show our students we care about their future and need their voice and intellect at the table of shuraa baynahum for the community’s future. Encouraging our students and making a contribution to higher education through college funding are great blessings for us all.

To apply, contribute to a scholarship or start a scholarship in the name of your loved one, either current or posthumously; visit Scholarships right here at CWSC…their future is our future.

Thank you to Qur’an Shakir, CWSC Scholarships Director for her leadership. Hear a special encore broadcast on CWSC Scholarship Programs on the Power of Educating Our Own. Contact the Director at  sharingourlegacy@gmail.com or info@cwsc.us.


AM360CorpLogoStay tuned to AM360.org, your electronic townhall and the official CWSC media center promoting the CWSC mission, vision and agenda. The station facilitates access to a shared freedom space where one’s intellect is respected and voice protected, with the goal of providing the highest quality broadcasting. We help connect and encourage the widest group intellect to stay informed, exchange ideas and engage in intellectual exertion, while sharing the message of Al-Islam with the widest audience possible to address faith in the public square, extremism and Islamophobia. We discourage traditional passive listening and instead ask our audience to go beyond dialogue to the actual work of applying Qur’anic-based problem-solving across all societal issues and concerns, by registering as active consultants in the Model Communities National Resource Directory or MCNRD. Thank you for supporting us! Help us spread the word…together we can remake the world!


Help us Get the Job Done. Support the Work of CWSC Broadcasting, Scholarships, Cultural Preservation, National Think Tank, Consulting to Massjid and much more!…

Together we can remake the world

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When you purchase featured titles through our online store or through our partners, you help us fund our operations, promote the intellectual works representing our diverse intelligentsia and encourage greater scholarship for our own education and the broader society’s education. Check out this week’s featured title:

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“Education is the greatest tool for advancing the society.” We do want to advance our society, don’t we? Are you a part of a society or are you just a part of a Masjid?”―Imam W. Deen Mohammed (RA)

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