In Memoriam to Imam Qasim Ahmed – AM360 Special Live Broadcasts


UPDATE: Click Listen above to hear an encore presentation of this program.

Join American Muslim 360 for a Special Presentation

In Tribute to Imam Qasim Ahmed 

Join AM360 host Mark Shahid for a very special CWSC Friday Roundtable honoring Imam Qasim Ahmed

Friday, June 7, 2019 @ 7 am EST on or at (701) 719-4197

with Special Guests:

Nadirah Ahmed • Tariq El Amin • Omar Ahmed (son) • Karimah Rasheed • Imam Dr. Abdel J. Nuriddin •  Aneesah Dawan • Editor Professor Ayesha Mustafa • Imam Bashir Ali •  Ameenah Muhammad Ahmed • Hajjiddeen Ahmed (son) •  Imam Faheem Shuaibe • Imam Yahyah Abdullah and many more special guests including you!

Join us for a memorable conversation as we say farewell to former AM360 National Talk Show Host Alum, Scholar, Imam, and Community Leader Qasim Ahmed and share as a group intellect what his life and legacy mean for our community.



Community Buzz hosts tribute to Imam Qasim Ahmed

Click here for an encore of Community Buzz’s tribute to Imam Qasim.


“…I don’t know how much time I got; you don’t either…but I got to do what I can, I got to put what’s on my heart, what’s been given to me by our noble leader Imam Mohammed and I have to give it. And we have to give it to our youth and our children, ’cause our time is near…”–Imam Qasim Ahmed

UPDATEClick here for an encore of Not Juz Talk’s tribute to Imam Qasim.


















Imam Qasim Ahmed Janazah Services

Sunday, June 2, 2019 at Masjid Warithud-deen Mohammed, 6641 Bellfort
Avenue, Houston, Texas 77087 (713) 649-7789 at 10 a.m.

Stay tuned to AM360 for Special Coverage on the Life & Legacy of Imam Qasim Ahmed (R)…


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  • aminah muhammad

    As Salaam Alaikum Shuron Abdullah thank you so much for your comments and prayers those prayers has been the vehicle that has given us the most strength May Allah be please with us to continue our service

  • Shuron Abdullah

    May Allah (SWT) grant him Peace and Paradise. As a life-long member of the Masjid Muhammad Community in Washington DC, I recall the numerous times that Imam Ahmed accompanied Imam W. D. Mohammed (R) to the Washington Metropolitan area for various events. He was always he was an excellent and dynamic speaker and educator and always humble and pleasant in his interactions with the community. May Allah (SWT) grant his family and his community, peace, comfort and serenity at this time.

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