CWSC National Townhall on Shuraa

Interfaith Shuraa Panel Convening

“Those who hearken to their Lord, and establish regular Prayer; who conduct their affairs by mutual consultation; who spend out of what We bestow on them for Sustenance…” Al-Qur’an, 42:38

NATIONAL – Planning is underway for the second of the year National Community Conversation on the 2018 CWSC Calendar. On Saturday, May 12, 2018 @ 10 a.m. EST on American Muslim 360 Radio, CWSC will air a national conversation on Shuraa Baynahum in the 21st Century American Muslim Intelligentsia and you’re invited to the discussion.


Mark your calendars and check your smartphones as CWSC welcomes to the airways: Imam Askia Muhammad Aquil of Florida and Pres. & Chair Board of Directors Collective Empowerment Group of the Tampa Bay Area, Inc.; Imam Amin Nathari, Director CWSC Speaker Bureau and National Representative of the Islam in America Movement, Director Muslim Empowerment Institute, and author of The Friday Prayer and The Two Celebrations Made Simple, et al.; Retired Pastor Rev. Alexis Easton, AM360 Host of the Seerah of the Prophet and The Interfaith Experience; Latifah Hameen, Director CWSC Human Relations and Director for Positive Choices; Imam Abdul Azeez, CWSC Board Member, Director CWSC Ambassador Programs, and AM360 Host; Imam Abdul-Hakim Abdullah, AM360 Programming Manager, Host and a Leader for Muslim Men in Action and the Islam in America Movement; Dr. Baiza Muhammad, CWSC Public Affairs Liaison, AM360 Host, and Director Newlife Horizon House, Inc; and Imam Nazim Pasha, Director AM360 Quality Assurance and Host.
The Townhall’s Moderators  are: Imam Karriem Hameed, Chief Engineer AM360 & Program Host, Team Lead for Share-Your-Jumah Programming; and Mukhtar Muhammad, CWSC Executive Director, AM360 Host, Vice Pres. FAMACO Publishers LLC,  and author, Genesis of New American Leadership (the Book & Blog)

The topic is Shuraa Baynahum and its importance to the group intellect in fulfilling its aspirations. It’s not enough to make Scriptural connections without also making the social and work connections. And it’s not enough to make social and work connections without making the Scriptural connections. If you just do the former you’ll be a ghost. And if you did the latter, you’d be a materialist.

We need connections in the logic of Scripture and we need connections with one another to apply the logic of Scripture in community life…that’s the real balance we need now to make progress and that’s what an Intelligentsia, respect for the group intellect and proper human relations give us. Now a Straight to the Point National Dialogue overdue…On Shuraa Baynahum coming May 12, 2018 @ 10 a.m. EST. Hear the national PSA – public service announcement now!

Saturday’s Townhall will be the 2nd Straight to the Point Presentation of 2018, the first being on Diversity. Our live audience is our very special guest, so call in to express your views because Shuraa Baynahum is most effective to the degree the group intellect understands and employs this magnificent science that Allah (SWT) has given us for the administration, management, and leadership of communal affairs.

CWSC aims to provide a shared freedom space for the group intellect. Views expressed in panel discussions and other forums on-air and off do not necessarily reflect the policies and /or opinions of CWSC or AM360.

Welcoming Ramadan Returning to Innocence…

“The believers are but brethren, therefore make peace between your brethren and be careful of your duty to Allah that mercy may be had on you.” Al-Qur’an, 49:10

“And help one another in goodness and piety, and do not help one another in sin and aggression; and be careful of your duty to Allah; surely Allah is severe in requiting evil.” Al-Qur’an, 5:2

“Any who goes to make peace between persons, the angels of Allah send blessings upon him until he returns and he will be given the reward of the Night of Destiny (Laylat al-Qadr).” —The Prophet Muhammed (S)


The Blessed Month of Ramadan is upon us and CWSC is gearing up to provide one of its most treasured community services, Daily Qur’anic Reading followed by Group Intellect Discussion. First established by our founder Imam Thomas Abdul Salaam (R), the Daily Qur’an Reading has become one of CWSC’s signature charitable services. In addition to daily reading, CWSC also offers other reading services throughout the year to assist those unable to read or sight-challenged persons. 

In honor of the Blessed Month, CWSC has turned its attention to a national intrafaith focus following the successful Never Again International Interfaith Letter Campaign that placed the American Muslim Intelligentsia front and center in calling for responsible and comprehensive legislation to protect our children, families and communities nationwide.

Now the faith-based nonprofit is encouraging a Month of intrafaith unity marked by an unconditional positive regard and reconciliation among all Muslims in America.

Beginning the first day of Ramadan and throughout the entire Month, CWSC is encouraging A Return to Innocence – Sharing the Spirit of Ramadan, a campaign asking all American Muslim institutions and communities to include at least one intrafaith event with another Islamic organization in the same metropolitan area and preferably with an organization that represents a new or renewed relationship that may cross cultural, ethnic or language barriers.

In other words, all of us are being asked to share time with one another in a way we may never have done before. We’re asking all to mark the Blessed Month with an unprecedented demonstrated intrafaith unity, unconditional positive regard, and reconciliation. Download and Print Press Release.

Examples of joint events might be:

– Praying together on the occasion of Jumah or another congregational prayer.
– One Joint Iftar.
– A Masjid Movie Day.
– A Youth Appreciation Day.
– Joint Press Conference.
– Joint Resolution for your City Welcoming & Explaining Ramadan and Issuing an Invite to a Joint Open House.
– A Joint Day of Community Service or Outreach such as a neighborhood clean-up or food drive.
– And of course, the ultimate, a Joint Eid celebration!

The second part of the Return to Innocence Campaign is Reconciliation, and it applies to any circumstance in which independent local institutions in the same city have suffered a breach between their organizations as a result of a past grievance or misunderstanding; we’re asking leaders of those institutions to meet first in private with a commitment to heal the division, followed by action to bring their entire communities together for just one event during the Blessed Month.

Finally CWSC is asking you to share with us your events, success stories and photos so we can share them with the entire American Muslim Community including how events were successfully initiated and executed and what was achieved including any plans for follow-on actions to develop sustainable relationships. Email We may also feature your community’s intrafaith unity success story in a national interview on the #1 Islamic radio station in the nation, American Muslim 360!

Just imagine the power of all of us coming together as brothers and sisters solely for the sake of Allah (SWT) during Ramadan. Imagine what the Angels will say to our Lord and what Our Lord will say to us.

We believe the spirit of local communities and in turn the entire national community’s spirit can be raised and we respectfully invite and call on all Institutions in the United States to participate. Let the Angels take account and record our intentions and actions before our Lord that we may receive His Highest Favor.

The CWSC Public Affairs, Human Relations, and Ambassador Programs Departments will coordinate A Return to Innocence… Sharing the Spirit of Ramadan Campaign and can be reached at (910) 317-0297 or

According to the National Conveners of Imams–The Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, Ramadan is expected to arrive the eve of May 16 with the first day of the Fast being May 17. By tradition, however, Muslims around the world will be searching for the hilal starting Tuesday evening, May 15th. See more about the sighting at the National Conveners of Imams-IWDM.

We wish you, your family, and community a Blessed Ramadan 2018.

Never Again Letter Delivered on Muslim Advocacy Day…Organizations can still sign!

The U.S. Capitol building as seen Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011, in Washington. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

On May 7, Muslim organizations around the nation converged on the Nation’s Capitol to participate in the 4th Annual Muslim Advocacy Day. This year the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations hosted the event for hundreds of Muslim delegates from across the nation. According to USMCO, the two-day event is open to representatives of all national, state and local Muslim organizations and communities and is designed to connect national, regional and state Muslim organizations, community members with their elected representatives in Congress.

Imam Talib Dr. Shareef of Masjid Muhammad Washington, D.C. (the Nation’s Mosque) worked with the CWSC to coordinate delivery of the Never Again International Interfaith Letter to Congress. We’re grateful to Imam Shareef and Hamid Saahir for their stellar support. We’re also thankful to CWSC Ambassador Debbie Shankman of Silver Spring, Maryland for her wonderful support. Sister Debbie will join another special team to accompany the delivery of a subsequent version of the Letter to Capitol Hill that includes more endorsing signatories.

The unprecedented international and national support for the CWSC-led initiative showed what is possible with unity of purpose and a small kindness of simply responding to the call. Thank you to all our Signatories and all CWSC leaders, volunteers, and the larger Muslim and faith-based intelligentsia who got the word out. Together we can remake the world!

See the version of the Letter delivered to Washington with all Signatories shown as of the date of publishing. Organizations can still sign the Letter with a subsequent version scheduled for delivery to Congress in June.

Blessed Mother’s Day Greetings…

HMDCWSC wishes all our Mothers a Blessed Mother’s Day. Enjoy this day set aside to honor the one who deserves our greatest respect.

“And We have enjoined upon man kindness toward parents. His mother bears him with hardship and gave birth to him with hardship, and the bearing of him and the weaning of him is thirty months, till, when he attaineth full strength and reacheth forty years, he saith: My Lord! Arouse me that I may give thanks for the favor wherewith Thou hast favored me and my parents, and that I may do right acceptable unto Thee. And be gracious unto me in the matter of my seed. Lo! I have turned unto Thee repentant, and lo! I am of those who surrender unto Thee.” Al-Qur’an, 46:15

Muhammad Schools Atlanta Education Summit

This weekend the Mohammed Schools in Atlanta will host a national education summit. Click on the flier below. Three CWSC volunteers headline the speakers and presenters including Imam Amin Nathari, Dr. Zakiyyah Muhammad, and Dr. Qadir Abdus Sabur. Congratulations on helping to remake the world. We wish all safe journeys and a successful Summit!



CWSC’s Dr. Ameena Ali in Netflix Social Justice Movie 

DrAmeenaAliAM360 Host Dr. Ameena Ali is featured in the new Netflix soon to be released documentary, Because Black Lives Matter. The film chronicles the rise of the Black Lives national movement spurred on by questionable police enforcement, excessive force and shootings occurring in communities of color. Stay tuned for more information on the movie’s release. A 15-minute preview has been provided to CWSC; check it out below, but please use caution. Some of the material depicts true incidents of violence and is not suitable for children. The preview has an TV-MA rating.

Dr. Ali is a professional midwife, maternal educator, reproductive, birth and social justice activist and “lactivist,” is a certified doctor of naturopathic care and host of AM360’s The Birth of Women; she is founder-director of Atlanta-based A Mother’s Peace midwifery outreach attending to the maternal wellness needs of women in crises including indigent, homeless, undocumented, incarcerated, HIV, teen clientele and pregnant domestic violence and sexual assault victims. She is an advisor to CWSC on ethics and human relations. Read more of Dr. Ali’s profile as a Distinguished Lecturer in the CWSC Speakers Bureau. Congratulations Dr. Ali; CWSC is not surprised at all to see you out front helping to remake the world!


Honors for Two Community Contributors

Imam Thomas Abdul-Salaam (R)Two Believers recently received honors as outstanding contributors to our group intellect and ardent supporters of our National Intelligentsia; the first is the late Imam Thomas Abdul Salaam (R) and the second is Bilal Kareem Abdullah of New Orleans, Louisiana.

CWSC has set August 26 annually as its official date established to honor the life, contributions and legacy of Imam Thomas Abdul-Salaam, founder of Community Wide Shuraa Conference and American Muslim 360 Broadcasting.

August 26 was decided in consultation with and approval by Imam Thomas’ widow and fellow co-founder, Dr. Aisha Kareem, who explains that the birth of AM360 that led to the birth of CWSC is really Thomas’ birth as a national and even international community leader. It was on August 26, 2010, that Thomas courageously took the steps to officially turn an idea into a reality, to move from paper to people, and from thought to action. He would put his time, energy, intellect and personal funds in the service of Allah (SWT) to establish both a national intelligentsia and a national broadcasting network to connect our intellects and our work. And now by Allah (SWT) what began in one person’s mind has now grown to include all of us and is still growing crossing ethnic, religious, cultural and geographical boundaries.

CWSC will mark the Annual Celebration with remembrances, interviews, tributes and other appropriate recognitions of the sacrifice and commitment Thomas demonstrated till his last days of serving Allah (SWT) and his community. His motto of “If it is to be, it’s up to me” has now brought us to the bigger community vision of “If it is be, it’s up to we.”

We always ask for Allah’s (SWT) Mercy upon our first leader and mentor to many, and we ask that all join in helping share in the special tribute programming to take place in August and share your remembrances during CWSC Founder’s Day on Visit here to learn more about this extraordinary leader who was inspired and empowered by the Leadership of Imam W. Deen Mohammed (R) to help remake the world.

Another recent honor went to CWSC Volunteer Bilal Kareem Abdullah of New Orleans, Louisiana. AM360 CEO recently issued the following Proclamation:

NOW by all persons present, Dr. Aisha Kareem, the Chief Executive Officer of American Muslim 360 with the concurrence of the CWSC Board of Directors, do hereby appoint Bilal Kareem Abdullah of New Orleans Louisiana, American Muslim 360’s Poet Laureate, and we call on all believers to recognize his title of honor signifying his respect for the group intellect and the work of our national intelligentsia and his commitment thereto and our respect for his contributions…together we can remake the world. Done this 8th day of May, 2018 and at the approach of the Blessed Month of Ramadan.

AM360 and CWSC congratulate the family of Imam Thomas and Brother Bilal. Listen for the proclamation on air!

Dalilah Muhammad Pulls Out the Win!


CWSC is very pleased to share the news that the daughter of our very own Imam Dr. Askia Muhammad won the Women’s 400 Hurdles in the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Diamond League sports competition.
Dalilah Muhammad pulled out a nail-biting finish recently at the IAAF Diamond League circuit held on May 12 in Shanghai, China where top American and international athletes competed for valuable points and prize money. She’s the daughter of Imam Dr. Muhammad and Sister Nadirah Muhammad.
Olympic champ Dalilah Muhammad, who only ran 55.08 for 2nd in Drake, had the lead coming off the final turn but Jamaica’s Commonwealth Games champ Janieve Russell pulled upside her just before the final hurdle. Muhammad responded and got the narrow win in 53.77 to Russell’s 53.78, meaning Kentucky’s Sydney McLaughlin keeps her world-leading position (53.60). Former Arizona star Sage Watson was third in 55.23.
Dalilah admitted after the race she wasn’t sure she won. “I didn’t think I had taken the race and I was relieved to have won. To be honest, I wouldn’t have minded either way. I just wanted to go out and run well,” said Muhammad. “I am pleased to have run so quickly early in the season. I have lacked a little motivation during the training this season because there is no major championship.”
Dalilah Muhammad is a track and field athlete who specializes in the 400 meter hurdles. She has a personal record of 52.64 seconds set at the USATF 2017 national championship meet held at Sacramento State University. She was the 2013 and 2016 American national champion. At the 2016 Summer Olympics, she won gold in the 400 meter hurdles becoming the first US woman to win Olympic gold in 400m hurdles.
Proud Dad Imam Askia Muhammad, host of Interfaith Dialogue broke the news on air at  We congratulate Dalilah and her parents and wish her continued success as an Athletic Ambassador for the U.S. and in all her endeavors.

Community Buzz Debuting on new 24-Hour! New Listener Line to Connect…

Many are still discovering the new 24-hour streaming of American Muslim 360 featuring both live programming and the Best of the Best Podcasts. New opportunities are unfolding with the introduction of Night Owl and Early Bird Programming along with Mid-Day Intellectual Feasts instantly promoted to some 1 million+ potential listeners.

Round the clock Islamic Programming is a reflection of our service commitment to communities nationwide and even globally as listeners tune in from Bermuda, Great Britain, Canada and more. While most of our listeners world-wide stream us via on any internet connected device, there are those who prefer to call in. We have great news. You can now listen by phone 24 hours a day to live and podcast programming at (701) 719-4197! Make a note of the new number to connect. 

New programs introduced recently include Beating the Habit, a general counseling and discussion forum on drug abuse awareness, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation; We’re welcoming CAIR on Air: The Civil Rights Hour. The nation’s premier civil rights institution defending American Muslim civil liberties which in turn helps safeguard important liberties for all citizens, is coming to the airwaves of just after Ramadan! Criminal Justice Reform is now on to delve into why the U.S. has more people behind bars than any other country in the world…3 million+! We ask: Is our penal system effective? Why or why not? Is prison for punishment or rehabilitation or both? Is our criminal justice system, start to finish, fair? Muslims have a well-known track record in criminal justice reform. Now it’s time to get our swaggard back, so to speak, when it comes to our commitment and ability to help those who need a second chance.

We have responded to many who asked for a dedicated forum for community announcements and interviews on events happening nationwide. Calling in and interrupting a show’s subject matter to try and promote an event at the wrong time does no one any good.

We’re doing away with hour-long interviews and repetitive coverage of event interviews  on multiple AM360 shows which creates poor podcasting and an inefficient and duplicative use of our airways. We’ve heard you — our listenership.

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Community Buzz (CBuzz), a weekly magazine show that will feature community announcements, events & happenings and 15-minute segmented interviews with event planners, organizers or other event representatives. You can even call in and share your event during CBuzz.  The title Community Buzz will also have a companion page on the CWSC Website for sharing information on upcoming events. And our Calendar of Events will offer yet another opportunity for an organization to share information on its upcoming event. We also offer corporate and event advertising if you need additional event promotion. CBuzz is scheduled to launch Friday, May 18, 2018, 8 p.m. – 9 p.m. 

Click here to get an announcement on air (time permitting). And click here if you have a programming idea for AM360.orgClick here for our live and podcasting program schedule. And finally, if you like what you see at CWSC, see Making Connections below then become a part of the history making work. Everything you see happening is because of committed volunteers. Together we can remake the world. Ramadan Mubarak!

Make the Connection

CWSC has come quite a long way in a relatively short period of time and it’s because of the dedication of volunteers around the nation who like to make big things happen to help remake the world. Learn more about our work and throw in your hat, kufi, yarmulke, or whatever’s up there. We just need a good heart and mind. Continue below to hear our former CWSC executive director the late Imam Thomas Abdul-Salaam (R) aka the Twin Servant of Peace lead an important discussion following the historic 2014 CWSC Townhall held in St. Louis, MakingconnectionsMissouri that helped propelled CWSC into its national service role.

This special broadcast gives a powerful overview of the CWSC concept and helps educate communities on the national intelligentsia concept given to us by the late Imam Dr. W. Deen Mohammed (R) and how and why CWSC is working daily to help the entire community. Leave your comments on our listener comment line at (910) 317-0297, facebook us, tweet @CWShuraa or email Following this broadcast, individuals should register as a national resource for communities and institutions should register their organization to receive free consulting services from a national group intellect of believers committed to model community excellence and working to helping you improve local operations and services…together we can remake the world. We wish you a very blessed Salatul Jumuah! As-Salaam-Alaikum.

Note the CWSC Monthly 4th Sunday National Teleconference is cancelled for the month of May in observance of Ramadan.

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  • The Praise is due to The Almighty One. We are the human family and need to “talk” with each other and make some genuine common sensible decisions in reference to the “words” that have been misguiding the human family for years and are now just traditions”. We have the guts now to deliver the message that all of humanity have the same Creator and are to be serving as humble servants…..

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