Include our organization as a signatory

Together we can remake the world.

[Note: You still have time to become an Endorsing Signatory, The Congressional Signature Version of The Letter has already been sent to Washington D.C. However, we will be sending a special delegation to Washington to deliver a 2nd iteration of The Letter with additional signatories signing, to demonstrate to law makers that we are not going to allow this issue to recede from the public square including among faith-based communities. Click here to see the first listing of Signatories.]

Yes, please include our organization as a signatory to Faith Institutions Letter in Support of Never Again to be delivered to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.  Organization name, city and state will appear as a signatory. Please note we may also share the letter with media and other entities. You are highly encouraged to share a brief thought or comment that we may publish online and/or in press releases to help inspire our children and the entire group intellect to stay the course. Individuals wishing to help this effort may do so by working through their local and/or national or even international faith-based organization and sharing this information with the organization’s leadership or administrators. 

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