CWSC National Town Hall Diversity In The 21st Century Pt. 1


Diversity on the Front Burner

NATIONAL – On American Muslim 360, the CWSC convenes a panel discussion: Diversity in the 21st Century American Muslim Intelligentsia for the first of the year National Community Conversations in a Straight to the Point Presentation.

This is Part 1. The day’s panelists included: Depretha Haadee of Muslim Women in Action; Qur’an Shakir, Principal Mohammed Schools Atlanta and AM360 Host of The Importance of Educating Our Own; Imam Karriem Hameed, Host of AM360’s Evolution of Revolutionary Thought and Created Purpose; Priscilla Al Uqdah, Muhammad Schools National Alumni Association; Imam Abdul-Hakim Abdullah, Programming Manager, AM360 Broadcasting and Host of Islam in America Movement; Mark Shahid, CWSC Public Affairs and AM360 Host of the RoundTable, et al.; Attorney Edward Ahmed Mitchell, Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) Georgia; and Ni’mat Shaheed, AM360 Host of Pearls of Women Qur’anic Mondays.

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