The WMP Scholarship

The Words Make People (WMP) Leadership & Community Service Scholarship―inspiring tomorrow’s leaders today...

Education makes a people easy to lead but difficult to drive…easy to govern, but impossible to enslave. (Brougham)

Building an intelligentsia is serious work requiring not only a plan for tackling current problems, but also a vision for shaping the future.

WMPStlSimilar to our internship programs, our scholarship programs help secure our intelligentsia today by encouraging and supporting the future intelligentsia leaders of tomorrow. CWSC believes that rewarding academic excellence, community service and faith-based leadership, are among the best investments we can make in building an intelligentsia now and for generations to come.

The Words Make People (WMP) Scholarship is established in honor of American Muslim Leader, the late Imam Dr. W. Deen Mohammed, who dedicated his life to building bridges of interfaith respect and racial harmony. The Imam’s mission and vision, emphasizing religious scholarship, education, economic development, and the promotion of universal human excellence live on and continue to transpose a legacy of leadership onto the world stage.

We face many challenges nationally and internationally, yet we also recognize the opportunities. We need leaders and visionaries who can think critically and then put pen to paper to inspire the highest level of introspection and performance into the 21st century and beyond…that’s what the Words Make People scholarship is all about…investing in tomorrow’s leaders today for a better community and society. Click here for Scholarship Requirements.


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