Eid Mubarak, CWSC Triad, New AM360 Show, and Prayers for the Sick

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Eid Greetings from CWSC


INTERNATIONALWe pray this Ramadan was our best ever and that our Lord will accept our sacrifices, prayers, charities and other special devotions performed out of love for Him and our fellow man. Thank you to all our team and listeners who brought the Qur’an live on air daily at American Muslim 360 and from the wonderful group intellect that engaged in sharing and discussing the daily reading…may you be rewarded greatly. May Allah (SWT) bless all the believers globally with Joyous Eid Celebrations. May this time be a healing benefiting all humanity, especially in lands dominated by sectarianism, violence, war and strife. May men and women of goodwill help restrain even those resigned to hatred, tumult and oppression, to allow Eid-ul-Fitr to be a true pause and cessation of hostilities, that peace may have a chance to bridge the divide. Eid-Sayeed Mubarak – The CWSC Team 

TRIAD gearing up to remake the world!

“Spotlight on AM360 Broadcasting, National Speakers Bureau and Think Tank”

NATIONAL – Ramadan proved a very productive month for the CWSC as Allah (SWT) blessed us to structure a major re-organization for the AM360 Broadcasting Network, while simultaneously gathering some impressive leadership to execute the blueprint, including CWSC TRIAD Directors Dr. Aisha Kareem, Chief Executive Officer for AM360, Lateefah Hameen, Director for the CWSC National Speakers Bureau and Attorney Aisha Nasir, Director for the CWSC National Think Tank.

Triad refers to the operational connection of three (3) major intelligentsia components, each with its own unique focus and capability, working jointly to facilitate an unprecedented emergence of our group intellect and voices into the four birds of Society.

The first component led by CEO Dr. Aisha Kareem, is American Muslim 360 and is already known as a major Islamic media, information and network center delivering digital broadcast content that informs, educates, stimulates and entertains according to the best of our model community aspirations. 

AM360 is also in fact, an electronic townhall for the American Muslim Community and beyond, and the official CWSC media center promoting CWSC’s mission, vision and agenda. The station facilitates access to a shared freedom space where one’s intellect is respected and voice protected, with the goal of providing the highest quality broadcasting medium, best programming and top qualified personnel. We help connect and encourage the widest group intellect to stay informed, exchange ideas and engage in intellectual exertion, while sharing the message of Al-Islam with the widest audience possible to address faith in the public square, extremism and Islamophobia. We discourage traditional passive listening and instead ask our audience to go beyond dialogue to the actual work of applying Qur’anic-based problem-solving across all societal issues and concerns, by registering as active consultants in the Model Communities National Resource Directory or MCNRD.

During Ramadan, Dr. Aisha led a major re-organization of AM360 including bringing on new leadership to manage the station’s increasing complexity and growth.

Hassan Shakir

Hassan Shakir

We’re pleased to announce Atlanta Georgia media and broadcasting entrepreneur Hassan Shakir will lead the AM360 operations department as Station General Manager.  Founder and CEO of media company Taqwa Productions of Atlanta, Georgia, Brother Hasan is a digital media production specialist with over 30 years in the broadcast and media industry, producing and delivering content including live streaming video technology, live call-in television programming, on-location mobile video setup, media distribution and sales, and much more. He has collaborated to promote authentic and historical footage on Al-Islam in America, including capturing many historical moments in the leadership of Imam W. Deen Mohammed (R). In addition to his extensive media experience, Shakir has trained students at Mohammed High School, Atlanta in television production and hosted media youth production summer camps. He coordinates live global 24/7 radio and television video streaming, including for one of America’s largest Islamic institutions, the Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam. We’re blessed to have a leader of his caliber join us with such exceptional industry experience and distinguished record of service to the community.

Inside the operations department, programming is at the forefront of what makes AM360 the #1 Islamic radio station in the nation. Over the last 13 months, executive producer and host Mustafa Mujahid steered the programming helm magnificently (see related story below). During Ramadan, Mustafa, CWSC’s final executive producer, turned over the helm to new Station Programming Manager, Imam Abdul-Hakim Abdullah.

Imam Abdullah

Imam Abdul-Hakim Abdullah

From faith-based civic and business operations, to military service, Imam Hakim brings a wealth of leadership and management experience to his new responsibility. Imam Hakim worked closely with Mustafa during Ramadan and officially assumed his duties June 15 to execute a seamless transition for AM360.

The station also underwent a major shift in departmental structuring and management as hosts took on operational leadership roles to increase service to the believers and help continue steering AM360 to be the premier professional broadcasting center and intelligentsia component ready to remake the world. Congratulations to the following: Professor Marlon Aldridge (Host Education & Development); Imam Nazim Pasha (Program Quality Assurance); Michael Hameen (New Host Welcome & Transition); Mahasin Abdul-Salaam (Internships); Imam Karriem Hameed (Share-Your-Jumah Program and Engineering Team); and Safiyyah Baldwin (Social Media).

Daily Broadcasting Crew Leaders were also assigned to help improve overall operations and communications. Imam Nazim Pasha (Sunday Crew); Imam Abdul Azeez (Monday Crew); Khalimah Rashada Azeez (Tuesday Team); Naimah Latif (Wednesday Team); Mahasin Abdul Salaam (Thursday Crew); Imam Michael Hameen (Friday Team); Imam Abdul Hakim Abdullah (Saturday Team). Click here to meet the entire AM360 Broadcasting Team.

We also wish to congratulate CWSC volunteers and AM360 loyal listeners Depretha Hadee-Beyah (new member on the Telethon and Ramadan Broadcasts Planning, Program Quality Assurance and New Host Welcome & Transition Teams) and Debbie Shankman (Telethon and Ramadan Broadcasts Planning and PSA Voice Teams).

The second of the CWSC Triad is led by Lateefah Hameen, Director of the National Speakers Bureau (NSB). Lateefah is an entrepreneur and AM360 host and Director of CWSC Human Relations Department. The Bureau connects the American Muslim intelligentsia with faith, media, business, government, education and cultural institutions. Sister Lateefah will be responsible for assembling articulate voices across all disciplines and experiences who can speak to issues from an American Muslim citizenry perspective and help the American people see the true image of Muslims in America and Al-Islam proper. NSB Extends AM360’s mission beyond the electronic signal to face-to-face opportunities to influence national and international dialogue on Islam.is geared to the broader American community and seeks to impact the national dialogue on broader issues such as healthcare, criminal justice reform, gun violence, business development, workplace diversity, housing and mortgage industry, or civility in public discourse, for example.

NSB will also support establishment of public speaking and proactive media outreach initiatives at the local level for faith-based institutions inside the MCNRD; it will also conduct training to help select participants become skilled media spokespersons and grant assistance with proactive media outreach initiatives and building  of local media relationships ahead of a critical national or international incidents. NSB will extend AM360’s mission beyond the digital signal to face-to-face opportunities for our group intellect to influence national and international dialogue and to help attract support for our model community’s vision and for the institutions working for that vision and serving traditionally disadvantaged communities of color. Click here to learn more about NSB and to get involved.

The third leg of the Triad is under the leadership of Aisha Nasir, a practicing attorney, civil rights advocate and constitutional law scholar. CWSC welcomed Sister Aisha aboard during Ramadan.

The National Think Tank or NTT is an intellectual clearing house of writers, bloggers, published authors, researchers, and statisticians, translating the group intellect’s thinking into Qur’anic-based problem solving and documents that inspire change and help improve the quality of life. NTT acts as a National Clearing House to help explore the practicality and feasibility of ideas and extracts from the group intellect Qur’anic-based solutions to community concerns or complex issues affecting broad segments of the society. It publishes copyrighted white, resolutions, and position papers, best practice guides, and related documents for community leaders and organizers, teachers, students, researchers, policy makers, and institutional administrators.

NTT protects, advances and defends CWSC’s intellectual products, via the AM360 Radio Network and Speakers Bureau intelligentsia components (IC).

Sister Aisha will help lead a team responsible for recruiting writers, bloggers, published authors, researchers, statisticians, and other SMEs to help produce intellectual products; call for papers and presentations; sponsor symposiums, forums, seminars and other events, for the production of intellectual solution-based publications, and to seek endorsements, republishing opportunities in journals, and other forms of collaboration with other national think tanks.

NTT desires to establish an in-house publishing division to help professionally publish books and serve as a cost effective solution for the group intellect’s authors publishing works that address non-fiction social and economic justice issues. NTT also seeks to establish monetary awards and other recognition programs to encourage publication from within our group intellect. Click here to read more about the National Think Tank and to get involved.

AM360, NSB, and NTT Triad will be the tip of the spear in bringing our intelligentsia to its full fruition as we continue identifying and bringing aboard expertise from our national group intellect. Each one of us has a chance to make history.

We thank Allah (SWT) for the vision and mission of a national intelligentsia that Imam W. Deen Mohammed shared with us and for AM360 and CWSC founder, Imam Thomas Abdul-Salaam’s boldness in helping to bring vision into reality.  We ask for your prayers for all our leaders and for the success of our national intelligentsia.

[AM360 also welcomes Sister Aisha Nasir to the network as talk show host for the new program, The Sidewalk Scholar premiering Friday,  July 7th at 9 p.m. eastern standard time. See related story below. CWSC also welcomes Sister Monica Powell to the Intelligentsia. Sister Monica is from the Jehovah’s Witness Community and we’re happy to have her aboard.]

Dr. Sulayman Nyang recovering

Prayers for special blessings for all those sick and shut-in…


Dr. Sulayman S. Nyang

NATIONAL – Our prayers go out to Dr. Sulayman Nyang and to his family. CWSC received a report via Dr. Hakim Rashed last week that our beloved brother and scholar, Dr. Sulayman Nyang is in good spirits, following his recovery from a recent massive stroke and ongoing rehabilitation.

One of Dr. Sulayman’s last public appearances was in the city of Jacksonville Florida, where he and fellow scholars were hosted by CWSC’s executive director. Dr. Nyang was in Jacksonville then promoting Islam’s contributions to humanity in global history. His landmark Jumah at the Islamic Center of Northeast Florida was carried live on AM360. Then and now, Muslim and broader communities continue to benefit from his scholarship and academic and community leadership

He is professor and former chairman of the African Studies Department at Washington, D.C.’s Howard University and also a former deputy ambassador and head of chancery of the Gambia Embassy in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; and a long-time friend of communities in association with the leadership of Imam W. Deen Mohammed (R) who ardently supported the Imam’s work and leadership.

Dr. Nyang is in good spirits and we ask all Believers during this blessed period and beyond to keep him and his family in our prayers and continue to pray that Allah’s Mercy and Blessings be upon him and his family. We also ask for your prayers for all our sick and shut in, including our brother Sheikh Zayd Khan, host of AM360’s The Bilalian Project. and we thank AM360 leaders, Mahasin Abdul-Salaam and Imam Abdul Azeez for their personal care, attention, and reporting on Brother Zayd. [Email get well greetings to Dr. Sulayman and Sheikh Zayd at info@cwsc.us] 

“The Sidewalk Scholar” coming to AM360

AM360 welcomes Attorney Aisha Nasir to the host seat…

[See the National Calendar of Events for Am360 lineup!]

Join lawyer, author and director of CWSC’s National Think Tank, Aisha Nasir for The Sidewalk Scholar each Friday evening beginning July 7 at 9 p.m. EST. Aisha will host a practical discussion on topics drawn from current news and other sources. You’re invited to join the conversation with special guests as she pulls concepts down from the “ivory towers” of complex rhetoric to “grassroots dialogue” to understand concepts, policies, and issues useful to community-based solutions! Tell a friend to tune in at the “College of Common Sense.” Together we CAN remake the world!

When she’s not in the host seat, the constitutional law scholar is an advocate working with individuals and organizations to facilitate legal resolutions in human and civil rights concerns. Raised on Chicago’s Southside, she is acutely aware of the socio-economic pitfalls plaguing inhabitants of under-served communities and works diligently with grassroots, corporate and governmental agencies to address social justice issues. The CEO of her company and a former US Army Intelligence Analyst, she also provides pro-bono assistance to military veterans entitled to service connected benefits. Welcome Aisha to our national intelligentsia and American Muslim 360! Listeners will be able to engage with the host in a variety of ways including messaging here on our website, at facebook, twitter, email info@cwsc.us, and via voice mail comments on the CWSC line at (910) 317-0297 which we may share with our listenership and of course, you can call in live to American Muslim 360 Radio at (515) 605-9891.

Mustafa Mujahid exec. producer emeritus

Fond farewell to Mustafa & Kim Mujahid, hosts of Clear Talk

Mustafa Mujahid

Mustafa Mujahid

On June 11, an era ended at AM360 with the completion of Mustafa Mujahid’s tenure as executive producer, a title once held by founder and first executive producer, the late Thomas Abdul Salaam (R). So it was both a sober moment and celebration as Mustafa and his business partner and co-host, Kim Mujahid, were roasted on-air by fellow hosts and CWSC personnel. Many from the AM360 listenership also called in to thank Kim and Mustafa for their years of dedicated service educating and informing, and sharing with a national and even international community.

In addition to serving as hosts on the weekly program Clear Talk, Mustafa and Kim worked behind the mic to help CWSC take AM360 to #1. Last year, AM360 graduated to a new level in PSA (public service announcement) production and integration, station identification and other special touches, that were due primarily to the creativity of our Brother Hassan Tareef and the support for new ideas by Mustafa.

While Clear Talk has ended, you can always listen in the AM360 Archives to all the Clear Talk shows. Kim and Mustafa’s presence will still be felt in the electronic hallways of CWSC. Both hosts received honors and recognition from Dr. Aisha Kareem, AM360’s CEO and Mukhtar Muhammad, CWSC’s executive director. In recognition of the tremendous work and responsibility Mustafa undertook as executive producer, he was named Executive Producer Emeritus in honor of the office of leadership first established by Brother Thomas; and with Mustafa’s departure, the executive producer role ended as AM360 has evolved to need an office more representative of the current responsibility of Programming Manager.  Mustafa will continue contributing as an advisor to the AM360 Strategic Planning Committee. All of us wish the Clear Talk duo the very best as they take on new business challenges…and they promised to keep us informed so we can share with you the news of their new business venture. Thank you Kim and Mustafa; may Allah (SWT) bless you and your family always.

National Radio-Telethon after Ramadan

Helping build the national intelligentsia is a responsibility shared by each of us

Support the National Radio-TelethonNATIONAL – Planners are getting ready to hold our scheduled mid-year National Radio-Telethon that was postponed in observance of Ramadan.

We’re especially grateful for the opportunity you’ve given us to serve you and all our institutions as a national intelligentsia. But we can’t do it alone.

Stay tuned to receive your invitation to help us continue the work that funds the #1 Islamic radio station in the nation and supports the infrastructure for all our intelligentsia divisions serving our group intellect and beyond. Click here to see our Annual Report on all our progress.

When the word goes out, please join in supporting this magnificent work. The CWSC–AM360 National Radio Telethon happens on air at AM360. Join hosts, the CEO of AM360, Dr. Aisha Kareem, members of the AM360 Governance Committee, and CWSC Board of Directors and of course our listenership, as we conduct a major fundraiser to help us sustain and continue expanding operations.

But you don’t have to wait until the Telethon. Enjoy the special blessings of Ramadan and Eid to make your tax deductible contribution online right here now. Just look for the blue donate button at the top right of our website to make a convenient, safe and secure contribution in whatever amount is comfortable for you.

You have the choice to make a one-time or a recurring contribution. A recurring donation means the monthly amount is automatically deducted from your designated account to CWSC. You can cancel your recurring donation anytime. We hope you’ll consider becoming one of our recurring contributors which helps us better forecast our operating revenues and know we have your support each month.

While we welcome the most generous donations, every contribution is a blessing. Our most popular recurring giving level is just $9.99 a month or 33 cents a day. It’s a small gift because it’s based on each of us doing our part so there’s no undue burden on any one of us. And although it’s a small amount, your 33 cents a day at CWSC goes a long way supporting scholarships and cultural historic preservation programs; the model communities national resources directory and volunteer resource network; internship and leadership development programs; the national think tank and speakers bureau; share your jumah and more than 30 other Islamic broadcasting programs and growing, all serving our entire community and beyond.

You can also call in and pledge by phone at (910) 317-0297 or email info@cwsc.us and tell us your name, telephone number and email and a representative will assist you with making your contribution.

Thank you for supporting us. Stay tuned for the Telethon and help us spread the word…together we can remake the world!


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Underwriting & Sponsorship Opportunities

American Muslim 360 to offer businesses, event organizers sponsorship opportunities to reach our 522,000+ listener level audience


CWSC Corporate via the office of the CEO will offer on a first come, first serve basis, limited opportunities as a sponsor and underwriter of the #1 Islamic radio station in the nation.  For profit and non-profits will have unique opportunities to reach an engaged listenership fast approaching the 1 million listening mark with the station deemed a major Muslim influencer. But hurry, these opportunities are broad-based to entities throughout America that are being invited to share their excellent products, services and events in a powerful way while being recognized as a good corporate citizen encouraging believer supported radio. Ready, set, send interest to info@cwsc.us.



Together we can remake the world

Help us continue bringing you quality programming and initiatives where your intellect is respected and your voice protected…Thank you for making a tax deductible contribution to help CWSC serve our communities! Our most popular giving level is $9.99/month, but give what is comfortable for you. Make a secure and convenient contribution online, or by U.S. Mail at: CWSC, 2620 Bragg Boulevard, Suite D, Fayetteville, North Carolina 28303.

Or phone in a pledge at (910) 317-0297. Your donation helps CWSC operations including AM360, and allows us to continue expanding our ability to do good. Jazak Allahu Khairan.





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When you purchase featured titles through our online store or through our partners, you help us fund our operations, promote the intellectual works representing our diverse intelligentsia and encourage greater scholarship for our own education and the broader society’s education. Check out this week’s featured title:

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CWSC National Events Calendar

See how CWSC is a favorite spot for all the family as we expand our site to include free sharing of national events and announcements and soon insha-Allah, the CWSC Business Plaza to connect merchants with customers…you’ll be able to find any of our businesses in the country right online. Got an announcement to share with the entire community…send program details and contact information to info@cwsc.us. Stay tuned!


“Education is the greatest tool for advancing the society.” We do want to advance our society, don’t we? Are you a part of a society or are you just a part of a Masjid?”―Imam W. Deen Mohammed (RA)

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