A broadcasting team remaking the world

Meet the AM360 Senior Management Team

Latifah Hameen  Martha Nailah Williams Dr. Aisha Kareem

L-R: Latifah Hameen (CEO); Imam Kariem Hasan (Station Manager); Khalidah Akbar Abdul Azeez (Programming Manager); Dr. Aisha Kareem (AM360 CEO Emeritus) 

Daily Broadcasting Crew Leaders

Imam Nazim Pasha  Imam Abdul Azeez  Mahasin Abdul-Salaam Imam Michael Hameen

Top L-R: Imam Nazim Pasha, Imam Abdul Azeez, Pending, Pending, Mahasin Abdul Salaam, and Michael Hameen

Department Managers

Imam Nazim Pasha  Prof. Marlon Aldridge   Mahasin Abdul-Salaam Imam Michael HameenImam Karriem Hameed

L-R: Imam Nazim Pasha, Prof. Marlon Aldridge, Pending, Mahasin Abdul Salaam, Michael Hameen, Imam Kareem Hameed

Distinguished Service & Emeriti

Imam Thomas Abdul-Salaam Dr. Aisha Kareem Mukhtar Muhammad William Kareem Mustafa Mujahid  

L-R: Imam Thomas Abdul-Salaam (R) – AM360 Founder & First 1st Executive Producer, CWSC 1st Executive Director (1953-2015); Dr. Aisha Kareem – AM360 CEO Emeritus and Co-Founder; Mukhtar Muhammad – CWSC Executive Director Emeritus; William Kareem – 2nd Executive Producer Emeritus; Mustafa Mujahid – 3rd Executive Producer Emeritus

Meet the AM360 Hosts

Kalimah Abdul-Rashid Pending Imam Hameem Habeeb Imam Dr. Askia Muhammad Attorney Edward Ahmed Mitchell

L-R: Kalimah Abdul-Rashid, Pending, Imam Hameem Hameeb, Imam Dr. Askia Muhammad, Edward A. Mitchell, Esq.

Pending Qur'an Shakir Imam Abdul Azeez Imam Adam K. Beyah

L-R: Pending, Pending, Qur’an Shakir, Imam Abdul Azeez, Imam Adam K. Beyah

Pending Karriem Hameed Alexis Easton Michael Hameen Munirah Habeel

L-R: Pending, Imam Karriem Hameed, Alexis Easton, Imam Michael Hameen, Munirah Habeel

Dr. Baiza Muhammad Marvin Muhammad Pending Marlon Aldridge Imam Dr. Abdel J. Nuriddin

L-R: Dr. Baiza Muhammad, Marvin Muhammad, Pending, Prof. Marlon Aldridge, Imam Dr. Abdel J. Nuriddin

Imam Nazim Pasha Imam Yusuf Ramadan Jamal Rasheed Mukhtar Muhammad

L-R: Imam Nazim Pasha, Imam Yusuf Ramadan, Jamal Rasheed, Mukhtar Muhammad, Pending

Ni'mat Shaheed Mark Shahid Mahasin Abdul-Salaam Martha Nailah Williams Pending

L-R: Ni’mat Shaheed, Mark Shahid, Mahasin Abdul-Salaam, Martha Nailah Williams, Pending

Dr. Ameena Ali Imam Abdul-Hakim Abdullah

 L-R: Dr. Ameena Ali, Imam Abdul-Hakim Abdullah

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