AM360 Broadcasting SEO Assurance Review!

Dear Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Quality Assurance Reviewer: As-Salaam-Alaikum!

Thank you for conducting an SEO Quality Quality Assurance Review (SEOQAR) for an program. While CWSC and AM360 staff may conduct SEO or full assurance reviews, all hosts should conduct at a minimum an SEOQAR for his or her show each week. If you receive an email from AM360 or CWSC to conduct an SEOQAR, it means show creation errors are present and require correction. An SEOQAR request does not mean an entire show including contents were reviewed.

SEO focuses only on the accuracy of show creation entries in the AM360 Studio at Blog Talk Radio and includes the following elements: TITLE, SHORT PITCH, DESCRIPTION, TAGS, EPISODE #, and the AM360 INTRO.

The best preparation for show content is all for naught if SEO errors prevent searching for a show across the internet due to title misspellings, special characters that create coding errors, or grammar, spelling, syntax, and factual inaccuracies that affect the credibility and professionalism of a specific program and the entire Network’s image.

If you have questions on completing this Form, contact the Programming Manager. Attention Hosts and Engineers: Please see important show creation information below following this Form. Thank you for contributing to the mission and vision. Email comments on how to improve this Form or process to

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How to achieve 100% accuracy in show creation entries

It is very easy to achieve 100% accuracy by taking the following steps:

1. Each week, COPY & PASTE (do not rekey in) exactly as provided the standardized approved show creation entries for your programming or multiple show programming if creating multiple shows a multi-hour block of time. The approved entries have been proofed for coding, spelling, capitalization, syntax, grammar, or improper spacing. Each word has been carefully placed and is coordinated to go together with our branding across other shows for our entire network. Before changing a term or word, please provide the recommended change to the network first at for review. If you have any questions, please confer with the AM360 Programming Manager.

2. Adding specific episode topic or guest information in the description block. After pasting in approved standard entries, you should use a word processing program to spell and grammar check any specific episode information you wish to include in the description section. Then copy and paste in the episode specific information.

3. It is highly recommended to enter specific episodes special guests’ names in the TAGS section in addition to standard weekly tags.

4. Be certain to increase the episode # by one digit any time any show is created. it is not necessary to know or track the prior episode #.

5. Lastly, select the approved INTRO opening for the show.

Note SEO is an abbreviated form of quality assurance and only checks for show creation accuracy. Click here to conduct a full Quality Assurance Review that includes both program content and SEO review.

At a minimum each week, a host should conduct an SEO review just after creating the show and just before broadcasting to make sure entries are accurate. If you have any questions, please confer with the AM360 Programming Manager.

Thank you for helping the Network achieve the highest level of operational excellence.

A note on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for podcasting: Every broadcast automatically within minutes of ending becomes a podcast and must conform to internet wide industry standards for best podcasting results across multiple apps and platforms.

Title must be consistent in exact appearance each week and use only numbers and letters and not have any special characters except the dash (-).

Description reflects approved weekly descriptions and any specific and also proofed episode information you wish to include.

Short Pitch shall be short, catchy one liner with specific key words that inform the audience on the content without repeating any information already included in the title or description.

Tags shall consist of key words that are search terms that cannot be too broad, but are associated with the topic so it can be found not by human eyes, but by internet algorithms across the internet during searches. Avoid repeating the exact same words already used in show creation data entry blocks.

Use regular grammatical sentence case for all show creation blocks. Note never place a period after the title of the show.

[Click here for the CWSC AM360 Host Handbook]



Off-Air Host Performance and Team Support

1. Host uses following tools to promote segment before and/or after the broadcast:
Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Email, AM360 PSA, Other


2. Radio Schedule and National Events Calendar at show accurate programming information.


3. Episode online general description clear and well written.


4. Episode online specific description and other show creation entries displays episode topic or theme, and featured guests with 100% accuracy in facts, spelling, grammar, syntax, etc.


5. Schedule of specific episodes for upcoming shows including topics and/or guests are published/promoted for at least 2 shows in advance.


6. Host has provided a headshot for Team Broadcasting Page.


7. Host has provided a personal or business landing URL for Team Broadcasting Page.


8. Host demonstrates an understanding of and works within the policies of the Host Handbook.


9. Host regularly participates in Host Education and Development.


10. Host participates in Engineering Classes.

11. Host participates in Programming Manager’s meetings for hosts.


12.  Host notifies Programming Manager and/or DCL in advance of a planned absence at Programming Manager’s Meeting for all hosts.


13. Host attends meetings for assigned AM360 Department.


14. Host helps fellow team members in assigned Department.


15. Host contributes ideas for continuous improvement.